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Removing Cables and Signs | Photoshop Tutorials | Infinity Imaginations | English / Hindi Subtitles

September 21, 2019

I was very surprised that on my pages many people were asking me tell us how to clean up the signs the cables from the background I had so many lessons on cleaning up the images clean up the portraits and I was really shocked that someone come up with this question so here we are I’m going to make this lesson and it will be not complicated at all first of all let’s analyze this image this image was taken around two years ago I would say with my girlfriend and yes we are still very happy together and it was the time we’re living in UK and we just decided to go out for a short walk take some portraits and here it is here is the portrait and I have this weird cable tower whatever it’s called on the background which doesn’t really match because it looks like it’s coming out of her head so if you see this on your image well it doesn’t look necessarily right you would like to do something about this isn’t it so I’m going to do something about this let’s zoom in this is the first very simple step zoom in in some of you might ask me question how I’m doing this zooming in and out the stuffs so fast well the key is to press zet on your keyboard so you automatically enable the tool and then I’m just dragging in a mount using my Wacom tablet you can also press Z and plus and min plus and well well sorry command and plus and minus I barely use it actually I barely use my keyboard that way so command or control + to zoom in – to zoom out I still prefer my Wacom tablet which I highly recommend to you so what we do first of all I’m choosing Healing Brush tool and it’s the major tool I’m using for any cleaning up so remember this is the tool you going to use a lot few things that you need to be aware of you want to keep hard-headed brush so harness hundred percent size you adjusting for your own needs current below and then what is happening we press in other option next to the spot we want to clean so then you should see the round weave the cross in the middle when you release you should see your tool ones back if you don’t see this in my screen it means just recording software is freaking out so we press in get in the sample of the texture and then put in this to the area where we want to clean and the color is automatically adjusted how great is this how clever is Photoshop that each and just everything automatically I’m really really excited by the something like this exists it makes our job easy have a look we just trying to make it simple well it’s very nearly perfect probably would have to pay a little bit more attention to do this better but it looks good enough so then I’m making this even bigger because I want to remove this let’s call it stick I’m removing this the same way till the lever like hat till this point why I’m not going more with it because well it’s not so easy when you be getting close to the edges you see I’m going to show you when we go close to the edges will receive something like that why we receive something right and because Healing Brush tool works regrade but copying detection adjusting color to everything around so when you go close to the edge which has different color it copied the texture well but it will undress the color that exists around which means it’s also going to copy the color from the head so her hair color is dark the sky is blue so it doesn’t really match in this case we’re going to choose clone stamp tool and this time we need soft edged brush so hardness zero and we will be a little more focused this time let’s copy and once the difference between clone stamp well it’s not harm Lee copied the texture but it also copy the color so thanks to this we don’t have to be worried about adjusting the color and softly let’s just do it and here we are some magic then we don’t have this weird design we can also use this clone stamp tool to fix some stuff on the background and how is it probably better I guess it’s better we can make it slightly bigger clean the background and maybe from the distance a little before after how about the sky well it doesn’t look better great is it so how about we just try to do something with it what do you think I think it would be idea that is not bad something like that slightly better I like this image now and nothing bothers me on the background so let’s jump into the next lesson

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