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Remove Unwanted Parts and Photobombers From Photo | Snapseed Healing Tool

January 7, 2020

I’m going to show you how this is done. First of all open the snapseed app. Now, select the picture you want to edit. Now, go to TOOLS option. In this you’ll see various options. Search for an option called HEALING. What this healing tool does is, it will remove
unwanted spots from your picture. Mostly, this tool is used to remove the photo
bombers from the pictures. When we select some part of the picture
using the healing tool it will remove that part of the picture and replace it with some other,
similar image elements. Let’s see how does it work. As you can see the part of the picture that I had selected, is been replaced by some another picture element. and now.. the unwanted parts of the picture
are removed. Now, let’s try to remove this man which you can see at the back of the picture. As you see, because of the big size of the
brush the image is being distorted. Let’s try to fix this. Now, because there is no option to set the
brush size, we will zoom into the picture which will result in reducing the brush size
of the tool. As you can see, the man is now removed from
the back. Let’s try to remove some other parts too.

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