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Remove Pimples from Peoples Face in Lightroom Classic

September 2, 2019

Welcome to today’s video, today’s video I’m
going to be teaching you guys how to get rid of something on a subjects face in
Adobe Lightroom classic . Now this is a third part of a three-part series on
here on my youtube channel so you can check out yesterday and day before that
Monday/Tuesday are the other times I uploaded a video on similar programs but
Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop so if you want to check out those make sure to
check those out if you’re wondering how to do that in those programs but now
let’s jump into Lightroom classic, to learn how to do this effect. Alright now
that we are in Adobe Lightroom classic I’m gonna teach you guys how you can
actually move this little spot over here on my face so pressing on the second
button here the spot removal tool or pressing Q on your keyboard you can see
you have options of size, feather, and opacity of the effect that we’re doing.
So right here I’m just gonna paint over it and Adobe’s gonna do their magic and
they are going to find a place on my face that will replace the little marks
that I had before so now if we get rid of that. Now as you can see it’s
not there you can see the before after it’s barely noticeable that it’s there
the Adobe did such a great magic tool thing that they do with their programs
that they have so that you’d barely– you don’t even notice the change if he never
knew is there you wouldn’t even notice that the change is there. So hope you
guys enjoyed how to clean up someone’s face in Adobe Lightroom classic and I
hope you guys use this tool to fix up your subjects and make them look great.
Hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a like down below comment down below hit
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videos from me.

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