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Remove Drone Shadow with After Effects Content Aware Fill

October 20, 2019

what’s up guys this is Danny from my flying
eyes and here’s another little tutorial on how to remove the drone
shadow but this time using the content-aware feature from After Effects
which makes it much easier than with Premiere Pro so here we have a perfect
example of a great shot getting ruined by the drone shadow so we’re going to
fix this using the after effects as a plugin of the Premiere Pro so we’re
going to start on Premiere Pro let’s import the clip to the timeline and
first of all we’re going to find out where the drone shadow appears on the
clip and we’re going to go back to that frame let’s go back a little bit there
it is it’s a drone shadow a little bit before that a little bit more
there it is and we’re going to pick the razor tool and we’re going to cut the
clip right there then we’re going to scroll forward until we find the exact
point that the drone shadow is out of the clip out of the picture right there
and we’re going to cut it again so that is the clip in the middle that we’re
going to work with so we’re going to right click on the clip and we’re going
to select replace with After Effects composition so After Effects is going to
open automatically when we do that and then it’s going to ask us to save the
project so we’re going to give it a name remove drone shadow and we’re going to
click Save so right now we have that clip that we cut on After Effects and
we’re going to start removing the drone shadow
so first let’s find a moment where we can clearly see the drone shadow there
it is and we’re going to zoom a little bit because the drone shadow on this
clip it’s pretty small looks pretty small so we go to the Sun and we’re
going to choose 200% that’s pretty nice now we are going to grab the hand and
move the screen until we have the drone shadow in the center pretty big and
clear now we’re going to create a mask so let’s grab the mask tool that has a
different shapes which you can change them by pressing the Q on your keyboard
so you go through the different shapes that we have available and we’re going
to choose this oval so we draw the mask around the drone shadow and once you are
happy with the shape you go back and pick up the arrow in order to move the
mask and reposition it so next we’re going to open the mask menu right here
and we are going to choose none for now sorry none now I don’t like yellow for
the edges of the mask so we’re going to click on that icon and we’re going to
change the color another color that is going to work better with the background
that we have so probably red so yeah definitely
red is better so right now we have to move the mask along with this drawing
shadow so we’re going to open the mask menu and activate mask pad so we’re
going to start generating keyframes following the drawn shadow pack so we
move the clip and we move the mask following the drawn shadow now we grab
the hand and move the screen a little bit then we pick up the arrow again and
we keep moving the clip and the mask following the Tron shadow every time we
move the mask we’re creating another keyframe so we go back until the drawn
shadow disappeared let’s generate another one yeah let’s
just put another keyframe to be safe so right now we have the mask following the
drone shadow from the beginning of the click until where we started generating
keyframes so right now we have to do the same on the other direction until we get
to the end of the clip so again we move to the timeline and then we get the mask
following the drone shadow pad once again this is pretty annoying
probably but believe me is way better than how we used to do it in Premiere
Pro well actually this is pretty much the same as in Premiere Pro so we keep
creating keyframes we grab the hand and we move the screen a little bit and then
we grab the arrow and we keep moving the mask okay Baltimore almost down one more then we move the screen again and we’re
gonna drive it again oops what have oh when that happened is
because we have to make sure yeah we’re instead of moving the math we’re
changing the mask shape so we have to make sure that we have selected mask pad
yeah there we go so we keep following the drone shadow one more almost done
and then we follow the drone shadow until disappears completely so one last keyframe and we are done
so now let’s double check that the mask is following the drone shadow along the
clip so let’s go back to full screen and there it is select the mask cool so right now we’re going to open
the mask menu again and choose subtract and we just took off the drone shadow so
next step is to fill what on the background so here’s where After Effects
magic stars we go to content-aware fill which is the new feature and we have
these options object surface or edge blend and anti duration or work area and
if witches work area is going to only affect what’s contained into the work
area so for now we’re going to leave it at object and entire duration and we
just click on generate fill layer and now the software is going to do its
magic creating a background where we used to have the drawn shadow now this
takes a while so I advise you to go and do something else while the machine is
working now I fast forward it to make it faster so that’s it right now
we check out that it looks perfect apparently it works awesome we’re not
seeing the drone shadow we can see that playback is a little bit slow remember
that we have the two software’s open but here is how we fix that without closing
After Effects we go back to Premiere Pro and we’re going to render the red
section to get a smooth playback so we move the in and out position which you
can do it also by pressing the I and O key and we go up to the main menu and
we’re going to open sequence and which is render in two out now it’s rendering
it’s going to take a little while also here I fast forward it so that’s it now
we can enjoy this amazing view without the drone shadow it’s pretty amazing so
thank you so much for watching I hope that you find this tutorial helpful
don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel and feel free to share this
video on your social media have a good fine day and I’ll see you on my next
video bye bye


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    great tutorial !

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  • Reply Exacto Signage August 17, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    Buenisimo ! El mejor tutorial que he visto para corregir manchas o quitar intromisiones no deseadas en una grabación .

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    Excelente tutorial!

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