Remove Background From Photos FREE No Software Required 2019 (English Subtitles)

October 12, 2019

Welcome to my new video. You all might have guessed on what’s in today’s video after seeing the thumbnail So, without a software or even without an application, you can remove the background of photos for free, I will share here how you can do that. For that, I have added a small tutorial with this video. So, those who haven’t yet subscribed to my channel, please do that by clicking the subscribe button as well as the bell icon near it so that; you don’t miss my updates. Let’s move to the video. In the first method , I will show you can use Pixlr Editor to remove a photo’s or an image background. I’ve included the website’s link the description and you can check that out. The website’s interface is like this and you can see those options like create a new image, Open image from computer as well as Open image from URL. Choose and select CREATE A NEW IMAGE Option. In this screen, you can see that we are asked to select the image’s width as well as the height you can enter those values that you wish to, or select from the presets and do check that box saying Transparent and then click OK. Now a transparent background will be visible to us to this ,add the image that you wish to remove the background and then open it as a layer and for that choose the option named Layer and select Open image as a layer from the dropdown. In this screen, you can select and add the image to remove the background. I choose and select here an image that doesn’t have much background details, or simply just a plain background so, just open it. The image whose background is to be removed is already opened here and then select Wand tool from the side menu This tool actually helps to select multiple portions of the image, that is the multiple portions of the background and for that press and hold Shift in the Keyboard. Choose multiple portions this way by press and holding Shift key and selecting it one by one after selecting the required portions to remove press the Delete Key Now, you can see that the background is completely removed and so you can save this image now since the background is transparent now, it would be good to save this image in the PNG format. I’ve selected an other image as well here now you can see that the image has got plenty of background details so in this situation, lets see how the background eraser tool or Wand tool works. So now using Wand tool I select all those portions to remove but you can see that while selecting, the area that I don’t wish to remove gets selected as well So, when I press Delete the portions that I really need gets deleted as well. So, when the background is a bit complex or contains too much details, the Wand tool is not that effective to remove the background, that is; in these cases it is difficult to erase the background. In order to remove such complex backgrounds that is image containing a lot of details in the background we can use the other method In this method even if we have lots of details in the background we still can remove them with ease, so I’ll show how you can do that. I’ve included the website’s link in the description and you can check that out. This is the website’s interface and in this choose the option ‘Select a Photo’. Then select the image to remove its background and just click open. To process the image it takes around 5 to 10 seconds and you can see that this process of background removal is done 100 percentage automatically. Since it takes around 5 to 10 seconds to complete the background erasing process so I will just fast forward the entire process for now. Now you can see the original image as well as the image without background, so we have now a clear and clean image without the background and now you can click the download button and it will get downloaded easily and we get the image in the PNG format by default. So,if the background is complex or busy or have so many details, you can use this particular method and it is much effective as well. I’ve shared the two methods that I usually follow while creating thumbnails for my videos. If you know these kinds of free tools please feel free to share in the comment box of this video. I hope this content will be much useful to youtubers in here. With an other topic, I will meet you all in my next video till then, Keep Sharing and Keep Supporting

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