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Remove background from image without Photoshop

September 26, 2019

– So, you’ve got a
photograph and you want to remove a person from that
photograph so you can place them over another
background or a flat colour. How do you remove them
from the photograph? Well, normally you would
use a piece of software like Adobe Photoshop, but not
everyone has a copy of that, or they may just not have the skill level to use an equivalent piece of software. Well, luckily for you,
I found a great website that let’s you remove the
background from photographs in just five seconds. Let’s go take a look on the computer. Hey folks, so here we are, here’s the website I
want to show you today and it’s called,
and the web address for that is, so,
really simple to find. Okay, so this website, as
I say, is absolutely free and it claims that it will automatically remove the background from your image in five seconds without a single click. So let’s have a look down the page. There’s an example here with
half the background removed, and some little bits about the app itself, and here we’ve got some demo images, left hand side are the originals, and then over on the right hand side, they’re dropping in different backgrounds to the image, where
they’ve removed the person, so you can put a new background in there. Some of these are looking quite intricate, so it’s up to us to test that out, then see how well it does. So, what I’ve done is
I’ve got three images that I’m going to use
today, featuring me in them. First one is quite a plain
background, fairly even, so it should do an okay job on that. Then I have another one where I’ve got, again, it’s a light
background but I’ve got a really dark sort of square
in this lower left hand side it’s very close to my shirt colour, so we’ll see how it does with that one. The third one features
me and my friend Ross, and the background is
a lot more intricate, brick wall, paint, some
exposed bricks and things, so we’ll see how we do with that one. So, if we jump back to the website, it’s really simple, all you need to do is you just drag the image you want over on to the web page and let go. It does its thing and
within five seconds, boom, it’s given us an image with
the background removed. It looks pretty good to me. Now, couple of things here. First one is the maximum file size of image that you can drag
in to is 5 MB. So, anything larger than that and it will just give you an error message telling you that the image is too large. So, your images must be smaller than 5 MB. The resulting file, this one here, with the download button underneath, is a maximum of 500 pixels in size, and so, that could be a limitation. If you were looking to put this onto a background and print it out, then the quality’s not going to be great. You’d probably be okay at a small size, but anything large, A4, A3, it’s not going to be any use for that. What it would be good for
are YouTube thumbnails, social media graphics
and things like that, so, it’s still a very useful tool, it’s just not going to
be great for printing. Okay, so, what I’ll do is
I’ll download that image, just click download and it
downloads it to your computer, and then I’m going to
take that into Photoshop. So, let’s jump over to Photoshop, and have a look at the image. We can see here this is 100% size, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to drop just a white background there, so that we can look at it better, ’cause with the checkerboard,
it’s quite difficult to see. So, I’m going to zoom in,
so let’s zoom in to 300% and have a look at the edges. Now, it’s going to look blurred because we’re zoomed in to 300%, but I’m just looking to see if it’s left any of the background. I can see a little bit here,
sort of around my beard, and the top of my shoulder
but it’s not too bad. But, the rest of it all
looks pretty darned clean. Zoom back out to 100%,
that looks pretty good. So, let’s go back to the software again, and let’s drag in the
one with the dark square down in the lower left. That’s looking pretty good as well. So, we’ll download that one, and if you go over to the Photoshop, view where I’ve put it into Photoshop now, and let’s switch on this white background ’til we can have a closer
look, zoom in again. It’s all looking pretty good. Oh, there’s just a tiny bit
down here in the lower left, and it’s just in that
little bit in the arm there, but that’s not bad at
all, and if you wanted to, you could kind of crop the image so that you don’t have
that bit in the bottom, but if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t see it at all, really. So, I’m really impressed
that it’s managed to differentiate between the
really dark bit and my shirt. If we just jump back to the
browser to remind ourselves what that’s done, that’s good, that’s done a really good job. You can see here, as
well, it keeps a record, I suppose you could call it, of the image you’ve already done so you can still download them before
you close your browser. Let’s drag over the image
with myself and Ross. Okay, it’s put us upside down, but we’re the right way up on this side. Okay, I can spot a little bit already, but, let’s jump back over to Photoshop and let’s go to that image,
and let’s put a white layer, you can see a bit
clearer now if I zoom in. It’s missed a little bit
here around Ross’ glasses. There’s a little bit down
in between our arms, but, other than that, again, there’s
a little bit down there, that looks pretty good,
considering the background, and we’re upside down, as well, but that’s quite an intricate background, and it’s done quite a good job there. What you can do if you do have Photoshop, you can obviously just go in there and it’ll take you two
seconds to just quickly go around Ross’ glasses and just remove the bits that it
hasn’t done amazingly well. And, that’s it. But again, for anyone who’s not
going to be a perfectionist, is that going to bother you too much? I don’t think it would. I think as professional designer,
then that would bug you, and you would want to fix it, and you would have the skills to do that, but the time that the
software has saved you in removing most of the
background automatically is pretty good. One other thing to say is that other than the file size limits
that I mentioned earlier, if you have a lot of
images that you want to process through in one session, you will get after about the
4th or 5th image in a row, a reCAPTCHA window will appear, One those windows where it
asks you to click on all of the images that has a person
in it or has a car in it. That’s just to stop any automated software from using this website. It’s a little inconvenient, but considering that the website is free, then I think it’s worth taking the time to just complete that reCAPTCHA window. But, other than that, I think is a really, really useful tool, and it definitely gets
a thumbs up from me. So, there you have it, there’s I hope you find that
piece of software useful. As I said earlier on,
there are some limitations, but it should be suitable for anyone who’s just looking to create some graphics to use online rather than printing. If you’ve enjoyed the
video and find it useful please give her a thumbs up. If you haven’t yet,
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time, stay creative, folks!

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