Read Books and pdfs using iBooks on the iPad

October 8, 2019

In this lesson we’re going to look at the
app IBooks and how you can search for and purchase a book and organize your books and
use the editing and markup tools. So you may already have IBooks installed on your IPad.
If you don’t go to the App store and search for it and  download it. There are a number
of tabs across the bottom there.  My Books. If you tap that will give you all of the books
that you’ve purchased from the IBooks Store and you can arrange them by title, by author,
by category. So I’ve got computer books, operating systems etc. If the book has been purchased
but is not downloaded to your IPad, then you’ll see a Cloud. For example the iPad User Guide
has been purchased but it’s not on the iPad and if you want to hide those, you go to the
menu up here and you can ‘Hide iPad Books’, so the only books I now see are the ones that
are physically there. Now if you want to search for and purchase a book, then go into a number
of tabs. You go into ‘ Feature’ and this looks similar to a lot of the other apps, the ITunes
Store and the Apps Store where they have books that are new or featured in certain
categories so you can browse through romance books and the biographies and memoirs and
it’s simply a browsing operation. If you’re looking for a specific book, then you’re better
off searching for it up here. If I was looking for Molly Meldrum and his biography, I could
search just for that specific book. Tap that to get an indication of what the book was
about. A description, information, what the requirements are, so what devices and operating
systems. Reviews of the book, or I could do one myself. Any related books. Similar. You
can get a sample as well. I can download a sample of that book to my iPad. If I want
to buy it, I simply tap the ‘Price’, and then buy the book. I can read it and it will open
that sample in iBooks. Go back to the library and back to Featured. If you’re looking for
a particular category, so I can go into Categories and I just might just want to be browsing.
I’m not searching specifically, but I might want to browse biographies and memoirs and
again it’s new ones, recent ones and then it goes into a couple of genres. Arts and
entertainment. There’s audio books there as well. So there are a number of different categories
there that might make that browsing experience a bit easier and these are generally new books,
newish books in the featured top charts, and again you’ve got Categories so you can look
for the Top Paid and the Top Free in certain categories. This is the top 150 free books
and paid books. If I want to look for a particular category, so I again go back to biographies
and memoirs, and I’m going to get the top free and paid 150 biographies and memoirs.
And if I want to see them all, instead of scrolling down through all of them, when I
get to the bottom of the first 40, you can tap ‘See All’ and you can see all of them.
They’ll just load. Then you go back to the top charts and you can just do the same with
paid. Any top charts in any genre, computing and internet, for example, I want to download
the iPhone and iPad User Guide for IOS 8.1. This is the latest one, so I’m going to download
that one, going to get that book. Then you have to put in your Apple password and that
book will now download and I can read it in iBooks. Top Authors. If you have a specific
author that you’re searching for, they’re listed in alphabetical order. Instead of scrolling
up and down, you need an author who is in the ‘W’s’, you can just tap the ‘W’ over on
the right there and that will take you straight to that list of ‘W’s’. They’re not all going
to be there. If you’re looking for another author that isn’t in the top authors, then
just search for that author. If I’m looking for an author called, Rosie Lewis, who is
not in the top authors and if I go into the search, type in her name and search, then
I’ll find all the books by her. So you’re not just limited to what it says there. The
‘Purchased’ tab is all of the books that you have purchased through the iBooks Store. Even
if you delete one from your iPad, it’s still going to be sitting in your accounts and all
the books I’ve purchased are listed there along with a Cloud to indicate they’re still
sitting up in my account. Anything that doesn’t have one will say Downloaded, which means
it’s sitting there waiting for me to read it in my library. So when you go into your
library, go into ‘My Books’ which is where all my books are. I’ve gone into the menu
up here and I’ve hidden the iCloud books because we only want to look at the books that are
actually sitting in the iPad using up the storage. So looking at books. You can also
download and read PDFs, which we’ll look at in a minute. This is the sample book that
I downloaded before and when you tap to open it, the sample in this case is giving me the
first 109 pages, so just so you can see if you like the book and you’re going to buy
it. If you are going to buy it, then there’s a link there to actually go and buy the book.
Some of the controls here. Up in the top right. When you tap that, you can change the brightness
and this is separate from the brightness of the iPad, so I can make it darker or lighter,
brightness for reading. I could also change it from white to Sepia or if I’m reading at
night so it doesn’t dazzle you with the white background, you can have that dark background.
You can change the font, so first of all let’s change the page. You’re just changing a page
by swiping and it’s showing you two pages just like you’re reading a real book. You’ve
got the contents which are clickable. It should open up into that place in the book. Go back
to this one. If I change the font.  I’m on Seravek at the moment, so I can change it
to a different font; maybe Charter and that changes the font. The size, so every time
you tap that ‘A’, the small ‘A’, you’re shrinking the size of the print. Every time you tap
the capital ‘A’, the larger ‘A’ it’s increasing the font. The scrolling view. If you turn
that on, it turns it from a book so that you’re not actually when you get to the end of the
page, you’re not actually swiping to go to a different page. The scrolling view. Just
tap to turn that off, just goes up and down, so it’s a sort of never ending page and the
other way you can find where you are. On the right hand side there, when you tap that,
you can see where you are. When I let go, or when I tap the screen to start reading
again, it disappears. When I tap on the right hand side, then you get your position in the
book. You also get what page you’re up to. You can see how many pages are left in the
chapter and what page you can go back to. You can move up and down so you can see as
I drag that up and down, that’s how I navigate through scrolling view. You might prefer that
because you’ve got the whole width of the iPad to read the page rather than go back
into the settings and turn that off, you’ve now got it on two pages. So there are all
your settings. You can also get your book spoken to you. If I tap and hold this paragraph
and then I can tap and hold it and then tap Speak. (Audio: Molly always listen to the
music he was presented with and was often the first one to call to say) You can get
it to read to you. In order to get that to work, you’d need to set that up in ‘Accessibility’,
so go out of books, then into ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Accessibility’, ‘Speak Selection’,
and this is the speaking rate. It was a bit quick so I might make it a bit slower. Highlight
the content so as the words are spoken, it will actually highlight the word and then
you can change the voice. If you’d like it spoken to you in a different accent you can
pick that and because I’ve ticked it, that’s the voice that will be spoken in. And then
you go back to books. To get anything spoken, you have to select what you want to speak,
so you just tap and hold where you’ll see a couple of blue dots. Just drag them for
how long you want it to be spoken and speak (Audio Playing) You can also highlight words,
so if I wanted to just tap and hold this word ‘Stubborn’, I could highlight that word in
yellow… just because I might want to come back to it later or I could do a little note
next to it and you can see over on the left there, there’s  a little note that goes with
that. So anytime I’m looking for words, I might want to type a word or a page number,
so I maybe want to go to page nine. Copyright page. You can go to a specific page by searching
for the page. I can make a page a favourite by tapping it in that little bookmark, and
if I want to find all of these things, I tap these horizontal lines. First of all I get
the table of contents, so I can actually go directly to a, specific part of the book and
it’s greyed out because this is only a sample, so I’m only getting the first two chapters.
I can look for my bookmarks and I can look for my notes. You can markup and annotate
your book, you can get it read it to you- just tap Resume to get back. You can get a
word defined, so if I tap and hold that word, I want that word defined, then I can get a
definition of a word, or I can go in here and manage and download a different dictionary.
I’ve downloaded the British English dictionary and you go back to your library. If I want
to delete any books from the iPad, they will go back and be stored up in my account and
be able to be accessed from the ‘Purchased’ tab. You go back to your book shelf and then
to delete something, I can swipe to the right and that will delete that book. The other
way you can view your book shelf, top left here. You can look at it via thumbnails, so
it’s looking like it’s actually on a shelf or you can look at it in a list and then organize
it again by title, by author. I organized it by author and I can then still look at
it in the thumbnail view. You can also view PDFs, so if I was in Safari, go to a website
where I know there are PDFs. I’m going to tap a PDF and that will load that PDF into
Safari. Now I don’t want to read it there even though I could, I could just read it
there but I can’t do any annotations or mark up. All I can do is read it. I certainly can’t
keep it unless I keep it as a bookmark. What I can do when I tap the screen, is open it
in iBooks, and what that will do is open iBooks and open that PDF and you can see each page
and go to each page separately. Go back to Library. To switch between them, up in the
top here, you can view your books, you can view your PDFs, books, PDFS. Now if you start
getting a big collection of books or a big collection of PDF, you can organize them.
I’ve got a lot of technology books here, so there are four books that are technology books
here and one is on Photography. If i wanted to start organizing them because the more
you get, the harder it is to find them. When you go into the menu here, you can create
a Collection. So I’m going to create a collection that’s called Photography and any books that
I buy, tap Done in photography. I want to put it into that section and I can organize
it in that way. When I tap ‘Select’, and tap the book that I want to put into that collection
at the top you’ll see ‘Move’ and I want to move that book into the ‘Photography Collection’.
When I look at the top there, go back in the menu, I can see all of my books here and all
of the PDFs, so that’s absolutely everything I’ve got loaded on the iBooks that I can see
on my long list or I can now look at ‘Books’ and you’ll notice that the book on photography
is not there anymore because I’ve put it into a collection called ‘Photography’. Now if
you want to get it out of Photography, just tap ‘Select’ and tap the tick and then move
it back to ‘Books’. Don’t tap Delete or you’ll delete it out of your system. From this lesson,
we took a look at how to use iBooks to not only download and purchase a book from the
iBook store, as well as downloading a PDF.

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