RAW FILE TO FINISHED FILE – Lightroom Editing Tutorial with YOUR Photos – Dog Photo Editing 101

February 28, 2020

Oh hello there everybody! Today we’re
going to edit this picture right here and we’re gonna make it look like this…. yes so that’s what we’re gonna do and we’re
gonna do it in lightroom only – no other tools will be used with this picture. I did
not take it myself this picture is one of Claire Firths – this particular image
was from a product shoot for the makers of this collar and this coat and we’re
basically going to take this flat image because of the lighting conditions at
the time and we’re gonna make it go wow that’s kind of it I’m going to move right on over into the
develop module right now so we’re in the develop section as you can see
I’ve done nothing to this picture and I’m just going to edit this like how I
would normally edit it now as it’s a product shot usually they’re going to be
on an online gallery so generally the image aspect ratio will be square. For
the purposes of this actual tutorial though I’m just going to use a 10 by 8
landscape – so to switch between landscape and portrait just press X on your
keyboard – and the reason why I’ve gone with that basically is because that
still has this most of the coat in. I mean the main detail on the coat is this
area so I’m probably just gonna go in like that so okey dokey I’m
gonna go ahead and just start working on some little things – so very very flat so
I need desperately need to add some punch back into this image now I could
do that with the tone curve or I could just go ahead and start using my sliders
so we could drop the blacks down because there wasn’t any I mean let’s be
honest that’s grey so if you look there’s nothing in the black
section of that histogram we’re gonna give some blacks back – so that’s bringing
the blacks in and we’re gonna also bring down the highlights because what that
does, that I’ll move the histogram over and I’ll bring back some of this sky I’m
also gonna bring some of the shadows down a little bit the mid-tone area you
know I’m not too fussed about at the moment you could lift it though if you
really wanted to but I’m only gonna go back and add more over it. For this image
we probably would want to not knock texture out of it so in my normal work I
probably would just reduce the texture on that so I’m going to leave that going
to go into detail so I’m gonna zoom in again big screen so I’m gonna go in to
200% I’m gonna up the sharpening on the whole image quite a bit I’m gonna
increase the radius by holding down my Alt key I’m just getting to the point
where I’m quite happy with that the detail will probably bring out the noise
yup so we can just go ahead and bin it off halfway – noise reduction yes I want
to assess some of this situation happening here so I’m going to increase
my luminance and then I’m gonna hold down my Alt key use the detail tab to
bring in some detail and then the contrast to bring in some contrast how
are we going okay I’m happy with that that’s good that’s good I’m gonna add
more sharpening though – beautiful that’s nice that’s nice. Going to add a vignette,
slight negative vignette, just around the edge like so… before and after
what are we like a few minutes into the whole image? We don’t want to mess with
the color too much but I’m gonna make it warmer because people like warm pictures
and it makes them feel happy I don’t know if that’s scientifically proven but
I’m pretty sure it should be and we’re gonna start working on the background so
in Lightroom we want to go ahead to the radial filter – I’m gonna bang that
over the subjects head which is right here and I’m gonna drop these the highlights
again a little bit more we need to move that in a bit – we just want
to really leave this dog’s face alone like so totally different – I’m gonna bring
that back a little bit exposure because it’s not needed that much I’m gonna just
draw the texture everything outside it just a little bit not too much I’m gonna
go and get the brush tool nice big brush nice big brush just
while I know what I’m looking at on my just got exposure quite low just so that
I know what I’m looking at I’m gonna go over the areas of the image which are
far brighter than the subject which is about there the before-and-after on
I’m just gonna remove it off the ear so I’m gonna go erase – I’m just gonna
erase – I have absolutely no idea why I’m singing I’m really sorry about this
because I don’t usually sing like ever I’m just happy – I’m gonna put that brush
back on using my square brackets to change the size of the brush I’m just
gonna go back to closer to the edges there perfect – new brush we’re gonna go
with sharpen eyes brush – I really need to save that preset and I’m gonna
save this preset now – there is a video I will link to it above with a preset for this
I’m just gonna make a preset right now so bear with me two secs looking good I want more contrast like I
just feel there’s not enough going on for me here in this picture I’m gonna go
ahead and use the tone curve before and after – this is looking really
nice we’re really nice as this is a product shot probably would just go
ahead and up the texture and clarity on the product because it’s like leather
sort of effect I’m really happy with that like I would
just stop now to be honest because do you need to do anything else? It would be
nice to take the edge of that collar off as this was a product shoot there should
really be a product stylist on the shoot ideally you would just rubber band that
to the neck at the other side – I might go back to the background brush
that I made and I’m just gonna play a little bit
about softening off the background even more than I already have done because
why not – when you drop the clarity it also drops the contrast so just keep
that in mind and when you increase the contrast that increases the saturation
so also keep that in mind I’m just gonna go ahead and do a little
bit of contouring on the dog and I’m just going to raise the eye a
little bit more and there’s still a bit of blue coming
through the coat so I’m just gonna tweak that color level again to be slightly
warmer’ – yeah right stop – beautiful so before and after on that
let’s go with a split shot amazing amazing now I hope you’ve enjoyed this
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