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Random Photoshop Tool Drawing Challenge 2

August 30, 2019

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take your dumb ideas– – [Nathan] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Jacob.
– I’m Nathan. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – And guys–
– I’m excited! (laughing) I’m excited to be on this one. – [Jacob] Nathan’s
excited to be on this one, It’s Nuesday. And it’s not just Nuesday. We’re doing a challenge
that Nathan wasn’t here for. – It’s Redosday.
– It’s Redosday. – [Nathan] I said, I came, I said, you gotta do it again with me. – [Jacob] You gotta do it again with me. – [Julia] It’s like a partial Redosday. – Yeah.
– Yeah, it’s new for me. – [Jacob] It’s Part Twosday. – [Julia] It’s a true Nuesday for Nathan. – [Jacob] It’s Nuesday Part
Twosday, colon, Redosday, colon, this one’s for Nathan. – [Nathan] This one’s for me, hi. – [Jacob] We’re doing
another no control challenge, it was Julia’s wonderful idea
that made an episode that we had such a good time making. I think was very funny.
– I had such a delight watching it.
– And we wanna do it again, but we wanna have Nathan here too. – [Nathan] I wanted to be in it. – [Jacob] So we’re just gonna do it again. – Do it again.
– We’re just gonna do– – [Nathan] Do it again but with me. – [Jacob] Do it again but with Nathan. – Yeah.
– It’s kinda like, you know when they release Street Fighter, and then they release
the Super Street Fighter? – [Nathan] And then they
release Street Fighter with me. – [Jacob] Then they release
Street Fighter 2 Turbo with Nathan.
– I’m there. – [Jacob] Yeah. I’m gonna go first.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] And Julia’s
gonna give me my character, and control me.
– Yes. – In all things.
– Yes. – [Nathan] Do we both get to control you, or is it only one?
– It’s one. One to one.
– Okay. – One for for.
– I think it would get too complicated otherwise.
– Okay. – Yeah.
– Okay. – One for one.
– So this is good, ’cause I’ll get to warm
up by watching you guys so I can remember all the fun tricks and stuff you do.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Yes, yes. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– So do you wanna hit me with my character, Julia? – [Julia] I want you to draw Squidward. ♪ Squidward ♪ ♪ Squidward ♪ ♪ Squidward ♪ – [Jacob] Yeah, I can do a Squidward. – [Julia] Please draw Squidward. – Julia decided to take–
– I know he’s got the nose. – [Julia] I want you to stop. (laughing) – [Jacob] Okay. – [Julia] Go to your brushes. – Okay.
– I want you to go to your brushes.
– Okay. – [Julia] Please use the pastel palooza. – [Jacob] The pastel palooza. – [Julia] Use the pastel palooza, please. – [Jacob] The ultimate pastel palooza. – Yeah.
– For Squidward. – [Jacob] For Squidward. Okay.
– It’s gonna be a pastel palooza of Squidward. – [Jacob] Well I was
gonna do his eyes next. – [Julia] You know what,
I want you to stop. Make a new layer. – [Jacob] What is happening? I haven’t even done.
– You have no control. – [Julia] Hold on, okay. – [Nathan] Jacob, you have no control. – [Julia] Go to the gradient tool for me, on this new layer, okay. Now, just go over diagonally. First of all, choose a
rainbow gradient, please, in that menu. Now I want you to go from the top left. – I’m having a good time.
– Of the, the top left corner,
really tuck it in there. – All the way up?
– Yup, and then go to the bottom right.
– All the way down? – [Julia] Yup. Now make that a mask.
– It’s Squidward. It’s Squidward. Clipping mask?
– So we’re gonna have rainbow Squidward.
– We’re gonna have a rainbow Squidward.
– Rainbow pastel Squidward. – And I’m–
– Now continue to draw. – [Jacob] I’m back now with this pastel. Which I will use to make Squidward’s eyes. Oh my god. (laughing) Squidward’s normal eyes.
– It’s just like. It’s like staticky. Oh my gosh.
– Can I switch colors, or just to a white. – [Julia] Why would you
wanna go to a white? – [Jacob] So I could give him pupils. – [Julia] So you would want to erase, is what you wanna do.
– You want to erase, because white won’t do shit for you because of that clipping mask.
– Fine, all right. Let’s get Squidward’s head in here. – [Nathan] You have to
do the pastel until Julia says you can do, yup.
– There he is. – [Julia] Great, yup. – [Nathan] What is? (laughing) – [Julia] This is Squidward adjacent. I don’t know if it’s Squidward. – This is–
– he has a long body. – [Nathan] This is like a
nightmare creature already. This is, oh this is Mr. Burns
when he turns into the alien. – [Julia] Oh you’re right. – In that Treehouse of Horror episode. – [Jacob] ‘Cause Squidward’s
feet are tentacles. – [Nathan] Uh-huh, but he wears pants. – [Jacob] Yeah, but he wears pants, so I’ll get to that. – [Julia] I think this Wobbuffet. – [Jacob] I think this Wobbuffet. – [Julia] I think this Wobbuffet. – [Jacob] Excuse me sir. – I think this Wobbuffet.
– I think this Wobbuffet. (laughing) – [Nathan] I like that
we’re in this sort of blues greens purples area. – [Julia] It’s kind of
soothing for Squidward. – [Jacob] It looks like he’s
wearing a suit and tie now. – [Julia] Yeah. That’s what he does. – [Jacob] All right,
we’ll give him a jacket. – [Julia] I don’t know what
to do from here, you know? I feel like I’ve come out swinging. I’ve come out real strong here, you now. – [Nathan] You know, you
gave Jacob the parameters, now he’s gotta figure it out. – [Julia] That’s true. – [Nathan] He’s lost the control, and so now he’s just
trying to draw Squidward. – [Jacob] I mean, are you
gonna stop me at any point, or do I just continue
drawing Squidward forever with this rainbow brush? – [Nathan] This is Squidward. – [Julia] It’s Squidward,
all right I want you to stop. – [Nathan] This is how all art should be. – [Julia] Oh I need to make a new layer. Underneath the line work layer. – [Jacob] Underneath the line work layer. – [Julia] Yeah. Now I want you to go to your brushes. – [Jacob] Okay, brushes, got it. I mean I got it. Where’s the? – [Nathan] He’s so unhappy to be here. Gonna use one of those dot matrix brushes. – [Julia] Yeah, you know
what, pick a screen tone. I want you to add some
dimension to the Squidward. – [Jacob] All right. – [Julia] Now you’re
probably gonna have to pick another color, because I didn’t let you– – [Jacob] Do you want me
to pick another color? – [Julia] Yeah, pick a color. Pick whatever color you’d like. You know what, I want hot pink. – Okay.
– You were too slow. You had the opportunity and you blew it. – I guess I’m just gonna–
– You squandered it. – [Jacob] Let’s attempt some shading. – [Julia] Squidward
looks a little drunk now. – [Jacob] This is fucking
Vaporwave Squidward. – [Nathan] Yeah, this is
like some shit you’d see on an Adult Swim between commercials. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. And it wouldn’t explain
itself to you at all. – [Nathan] But I’d be like, dang, I’m watching it, I’m really– – [Jacob] Dang, but it sure is cool. – [Nathan] It sure is past my bedtime. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is how
I know I should be asleep. – [Nathan] I do like this
dot matrix brush though. – [Jacob] It’s pretty
neat, it’s pretty cool. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] You’ve, yeah. – [Julia] I like it. – [Jacob] Those are his pants, I guess. – [Nathan] It just looks
like it’s casting a shadow. Like his suit is a
little maybe puffed out. – [Julia] Now, you can go back
to using your normal brush if you would like and go
back to that line layer. – [Jacob] My normal brush. – Your normal brush.
– Yeah, if you would like to– – [Jacob] The pastel brush
or the original brush? – [Julia] The original brush. – [Nathan] The nose brush. – [Jacob] The nose brush
that I got to do one– – [Nathan] One little swoopy. – [Jacob] One beautiful line of. – [Nathan] Oh man. – [Jacob] I forget where it is. – [Nathan] I’m gonna be driving the bus for the final one, huh? – [Julia] Yeah, you are. Don’t worry, Jacob and I will
give you plenty of ideas. – [Jacob] All right, I
guess I’ll just keep drawing Squidward then.
– Yeah, do you have any other. – [Nathan] I mean you’ve drawn Squidward. No one could mistake this for
anything other than Squidward. – [Jacob] Yeah, oh I almost
undid, I can’t do that. – [Julia] You can’t undo. – [Nathan] This looks like that guy, he’s not Squidward. What’s that show, Flapjack? – Oh yeah–
– This looks like a Flap. – He is a little Flapjack.
– This looks like a Flapjack. This looks like a Vaporwave Flapjack. – [Jacob] Vaporwave Flapjack. Captain K’nuckles, perhaps.
– Oh yeah, maybe it’s Captain K’nuckles. Well he’s got sort of–
– Very good. – [Jacob] Little tentacle Squidward arms. – Okay.
– With the little grabbers – [Julia] Great, I want you to stop. – Okay.
– I want you to take, I want you to go to a new layer. – [Jacob] Oh my god, you and your layers.
– Underneath it all. – Underneath it all?
– Underneath it all. – [Nathan] Julia’s got
some layer play going. – [Julia] Now, take the magic want. – Take it.
– Take it. – Take it in hand.
– Take the magic want. – It’s yours.
– Simple all layers. Now click the outside of the Squidward. Yes.
– Yes. – [Julia] Now go to the gradient again. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Julia] Now go to the gradients. – Okay.
– Choose that blue and brown one. – [Jacob] Blue and brown? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] This one? – The one on the second row–
– This one? – [Julia] All the way at the end. – This one?
– Yes. – [Nathan] Sort of like a metallic. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Like a golden.
– Now do with it what you will. Do it in any direction you would like. – Can I?
– No. – [Jacob] I can’t, okay. I guess I wanna go opposite rainbow. Opposite rainbow gradient. Oh my god. – [Nathan] Huh. – [Jacob] It looks now like he’s flying through a dessert, rotating. This is the sand over here and this is the sky and he’s flying at you.
– The camera’s following him and he’s just like, he’s falling out of a plane. – [Julia] Okay now deselect. – Yeah, I did.
– Okay. – [Jacob] Oh SpongeBob, how
did you talk me into this? – [Julia] Now, for the final thing. – Uh-huh.
– I want you to take the line layer, the
rainbow layer, and the dot layer and merge them all together. – Okay.
– Okay. Merge ’em.
– I’m gonna need to use my right click.
– Merge ’em. – Merge layers.
– Okay. – [Nathan] Squidward’s on a vision quest. – [Julia] Now to to filter, distort, wave. – [Jacob] Wave is what we did last time.
– Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, I want a wave in this guy, and that’s up to you to determine. – [Jacob] It’s really hard for me to see what’s gonna happen to him. – [Julia] I know, it’s
a mystery to us all. – [Nathan] I think if
you move that amplitude the tiniest bit, it just wrecks him. – [Jacob] Yeah, it does seem that way. What if I do type square? – [Julia] I would still
like to see the Squidward. – [Jacob] Okay yeah, oh
here we go, here we go. Here we go.
– Uh huh, uh huh. – Yes!
– Wow. – [Jacob] The white behind him. – [Nathan] Right, because that white is the select from the. – [Julia] No, that screen
tilt looks like a beard. It’s like he has a five o’clock shadow. – [Jacob] I’m gonna find
some stock Vaporwave music to play underneath this. – [Julia] I love the ghost of
his previous form behind him. – [Jacob] I used to be
so solid, SpongeBob. – [Julia] Oh my god. – [Jacob] I think this is done. – [Julia] Yeah this is done. – That’s real good.
– I don’t know what else I could possibly do to
Vaporwave Squidward. He’s perfect, he’s perfect as he is. – [Julia] Great. – All right.
– I wanna lose control. – [Jacob] Nathan, are you
ready to lose control? – [Nathan] I’m ready to have no control. – [Jacob] All right buddy, get in here. All right, Nathan, are you ready? – [Nathan] Yeah! – [Jacob] Okay, I have a
character for you to draw. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] I would like
for you to draw Hank Hill. – [Nathan] Oh good. Okay.
– Hank Hill from memory. – [Nathan] Hank Hill from memory. – [Jacob] I’m sure you can do
better than Julia has done. – [Nathan] He’s got sort of– – [Julia] I think a blind man could do better than me.
– He’s got sort of an oblong head. He’s got sort of a tall head. – [Jacob] Yup, yup, yup. – [Nathan] And he’s
got the square glasses. This is before you’ve even given me anything.
– Stop. – [Julia] Oh. – [Jacob] We’re off to
a good start, I think. – [Nathan] Uh-huh. – [Jacob] But here’s what I would like. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] I want you
to take the shape tool and you can do whatever shape you want, but I need a shape in here. I need a shape in here to
be part of Hank Hill’s body. – [Nathan] Okay let’s get a custom shape. See what kind of shapes we got. – [Jacob] Let’s get a custom shape. – [Nathan] See what kind of shapes we got. – [Julia] Oh good. Oh good. – [Nathan] Is this? – [Julia] No. – [Nathan] Oh I don’t get to. – [Jacob] You can move
it, if you’d like to. If you wanna get it in a certain place. – [Julia] Oh my god,
ah-cha-cha, I’m Hank Hill. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Bobby? He looks like he spilled some
propane on his shirt there a little bit. All right you can go back
to brush and keep drawing. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Okay we got some eyes coming in. – [Nathan] He’s always kind of concerned. That’s his–
– Yeah. – [Nathan] He’s got a little nose and a–
– All right, stop. I’m gonna need you to erase something and replace it with something else. – [Nathan] Oh thank God. These eyes are bad. – [Jacob] But you can’t make it better. – [Julia] You have to make it worse. – [Jacob] You have to make it worse. It has to just be different. – [Nathan] Okay. (laughing) – [Jacob] Bobby-san. (laughing) Oh that’s wonderful I’m kinda getting Peggy vibes. – [Julia] A little bit. – [Nathan] They’re very similar. – [Jacob] This is like
Hank and Peggy fusion. – [Nathan] Yeah. Can I keep drawing? – [Jacob] Yeah you can keep drawing. – [Julia] Little chin, some cheek bones. – [Nathan] Ears, his hair’s like this. – [Julia] What? – [Jacob] Stop. I want you to lasso something. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] You get to pick what you lasso. Oh that’s a part, that’s a part to lasso. – [Nathan] Okay lassoed it. What do you want me to do with it? – [Jacob] I want you to, I think it just needs to be bigger. I think it’s too small. Yeah, that should do. You could put it wherever you want now, but it has to be this size. (laughing) – [Nathan] Yeah, I think that’s good. (laughing) – [Julia] Bobby-chan,
what has happened to me? (laughing) – [Jacob] Yeah that’s looking good. You can keep going. – [Nathan] Okay, so he’s sort of. So this is.
– This isn’t even my final form, Bobby-chan. – [Julia] Oh my god. – [Jacob] So is he? (laughing) Oh, stop. I want you to use the smudge tool, and I want you to just– – What is?
– Let’s– – [Nathan] This is the
brush for the smudge tool? – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s the
brush for the smudge tool. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] I want you to make it bigger, and what is finger painting? What does that option mean? Click finger painting. Turn that on. All right, do something with that. – [Julia] Oh. (laughing) Oh, you’ve given him a beard. – [Jacob] Oh no, what is
happening to you, Hank? – [Julia] He’s getting
some dramatic shading, is what’s happening. (laughing) – [Jacob] Oh my god. – [Julia] Oh he’s beautiful. – [Jacob] Oh no, no, no, stop. Back to brush, back to brush. – [Julia] I’m turning
into a ghost, Bobby-chan. (laughing) – [Jacob] I used the last of my power. I’m becoming incorporeal. – I don’t know what to do.
– Stop. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Lasso a feature. All right.
– Boring. – [Jacob] Control + C, or
Command + C, I should say, and Command + V, and again,
and again, and again. All right let’s get all those somewhere. Let’s get all those in some places. (laughing) – [Julia] Oh he’s so sweaty now. – [Jacob] Yeah he just looks really wet. (laughing) – [Julia] He’s so drippy. – [Nathan] Nose become wet. – [Jacob] This is a clever
usage of these noses. He just has wet slime arms. (laughing) – [Julia] It’s all the
propane, Bobby-chan. (laughing) – [Nathan] I’m having such a good time. Oh this is everything
I’d hoped it would be. – [Jacob] Let’s go to the brush menu. What’s that concept brush there at the top on the left? Concept brushes, get that one. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And make the color red. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And let’s continue with that. – [Nathan] Can I make a new layer? – No.
– Okay, so just on this nose layer?
– Yeah, just on that one nose layer is fine.
– All right, let’s see what we can do. – [Julia] Oh it’s a smudgy. – [Jacob] Oh it appears to do nothing. – [Julia] It appears to smudge. Yeah, there it goes. – [Nathan] Well one of
those noses is gone. – [Jacob] You smudged
it clean off his face. – [Nathan] It’s gone. – [Jacob] Okay wait, bring that nose back. Merge all your layers,
and then fuck with this. ‘Cause now I wanna see what it’s gonna do. Oh it’s another–
– Oh he’s turning into a ghost again.
– He’s ghosting again. Everything I do to Hank Hill
makes him turn into a ghost. It looks like he doesn’t feel so good. – [Nathan] Yeah this is what. This is what happened in Arlen when Thanos snapped his fingers. – [Jacob] I don’t feel
so good, Bobby-chan. (laughing) – Oh my god.
– I like this. – [Nathan] Mr. Strickland,
I don’t feel so good. – [Jacob] Okay, stop. (laughing) – [Julia] There’s dust in the wind. – [Jacob] Make a new layer. – [Nathan] Uh-huh. (laughing) – [Jacob] And then make that a mask over your existing layer, and then I want you to
get maybe a yellow color. Actually, let’s go with a blue, and then I want you to set
the layer style to soft light, and I want you to get a
big, round, soft brush. – [Nathan] Okay, big, round, soft brush. – [Jacob] Yeah, soft
like pressure opacity. That one should be good.
– Okay. – [Jacob] And then just make it real big. Actually, let’s change the, I want pressure opacity,
not pressure size. – [Nathan] Oh, okay, okay. – [Jacob] And then change
the mode to dissolve. – Okay.
– And then make it really big, and let’s just play
with that a little bit. Let’s just run that over some of this and see where we get. – I don’t think soft light–
– the answer might be nowhere. Let’s go hard light. – [Julia] There it is. Oh he’s a Final Fantasy cover. (laughing) Final Fantasy 16 and King of the Hill. – [Jacob] Bobby, I’ve become
the king of the final hill. Okay, switch to an orange. Let’s get some of that in there too. Oh boy. Oh that’s cool. That’s actually cool.
– Yeah. (laughing) Okay. – [Jacob] Okay, stop. (laughing) – [Julia] He looks like
a weird sea creature. – [Jacob] He looks like he’s
been spray painted on now. He got graffitied. All right, I want one more part. I think I’d like you to
highlight that right arm. His right arm.
– His right arm, okay. – [Jacob] And yeah, go
back to that shape layer, and let’s go to the Filter menu. One of my faves.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] What’s under stylize? – [Nathan] Diffuse, emboss,
oil paint, solarize, tiles, wind.
– What is wind? What does wind do? – Blast.
– Okay. – Stagger.
– Let’s put it on blast. – [Nathan] Put him on blast. – [Julia] Oh it scratches him out. – [Nathan] Oh it’s gonna rub him out. Oh my boy. – Yeah you can’t change this.
– Let’s try, let’s do that. – [Nathan] That’s wind. – Now let’s take.
– That’s wind all right. – [Jacob] Let’s take his other arm, and we’re gonna do
something with that one too. We’re gonna go back to Filters. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Go to Pixilate. What’s mezzotint? I just kinda wanna know
what a lot of these are. – [Nathan] Fine dots, medium dots, grainy dots, coarse dots, short lines, medium lines.
– You can pick. Pick your fave. – Grainy dots.
– Tag yourself. I’m grainy dots.
– I’m grainy dots. Yeah look at that.
– That looks fun. – [Nathan] Look at those dots. – [Jacob] Let’s grainy dots him. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Oh my god. – [Julia] What happened? – [Jacob] This is a movement. This is an art movement. – [Julia] I think we’ve created
two new art movements today. – [Nathan] This is the propane movement. Propane and suffering. – [Jacob] I have one
more thing I wanna see. – Okay.
– And it’s sort of similar to what Julia did.
– Uh-huh. – [Jacob] Do you think you could close off some of your lines so you can highlight the space around him? What happens if you try
to lasso it right now or magic wand it? It gets everything, it
just gets in that other arm a little bit. – [Nathan] Just gets in that. That’s okay. – [Jacob] All right,
let’s go to your brushes, and I want one of the splatter brushes. I think they’re down in special effects. – Splatter brushes.
– Yeah, supreme splatter, supreme whatever, that one’s good. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And I think let’s just get a red spatter behind him. Just a big red spatter. Just an artistically,
like you finished your. – [Julia] Oh. (laughing) – [Jacob] Oh my god. That’s so much more brutal. – [Julia] This is the
scene where Hank Hill gets fuckin’ murdered. – [Nathan] This is the scene
where Hank Hill bursts out of someone’s chest. This is a Hank Hill chest burster. – It’s perfect.
– Oh my god. – [Jacob] It’s perfect, it’s done. This is an art piece, it’s finished. You gotta know when something’s finished, and that’s this. – [Julia] Beautiful. – [Nathan] When you
play the game of Hills, you either King or you chest burster. – As the old saying goes.
– As the old saying goes. – [Julia] Amazing. – [Jacob] Nathan, this is incredible. Excellent work.
– Thank you. – [Jacob] So glad to
have you on the program. – [Nathan] I had such a good time. – [Jacob] And now you get to give Julia. – [Julia] It’s my turn to draw. – Her things.
– I will give Julia her things.
– All right. I can’t even pick my tool yet. – [Nathan] Start with your regular pencil. – Okay.
– I’m gonna ease you into it. – [Julia] Okay. – Okay, Julia.
– Yes. – [Nathan] I would like you
to draw Wood from Toy Story. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] He’s a cowboy – He’s a cowboy.
– He’s a fun cowboy. – [Nathan] He’s a fun cowboy. – [Jacob] Toy Story 4 story’s
coming out at some point. Might already be out. – Yeah.
– Let us know in the comments. – [Nathan] We never know. Wow, this already sucks. (laughing) – [Julia] I mean, yeah. – [Nathan] Yeah, okay, stop. – [Jacob] This looks like
a fucking Cathy cartoon. (laughing) – [Nathan] Yeah we’re
gonna need you to use a different brush now. Yeah go to brushes.
– Okay. – [Nathan] Just sort of wiggle the slider up and down for a bit. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Faster. Stop, this one. – This guy?
– Yeah. – [Julia] Can I make it smaller? – [Nathan] You can make
it a little smaller, yeah. – [Jacob] I think it would have to be. – [Nathan] Okay, continue. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] Hard round pressure opacity. That’s still pretty fat. Okay, okay.
– Okay, yeah. – [Jacob] Okay. (laughing) Essence of Woody. (laughing) This is a Woody gesture drawing. His body is so far left of his head. (laughing) Yee-ha mother fuckers. – [Nathan] All right, go back to pencil. You can try and clean
this up a little bit. – [Jacob] Essence of Woody. There’s a snake in my boot. He looks like a model. (laughing) – [Nathan] You know he’s
like a cowboy, right? He wears a–
– Yeah he has– – He’s got a, okay.
– He’s got a sheriff’s star. – Okay stop.
– Okay. – I want you to–
– I can’t get to that head. – [Nathan] I want you to erase
one of his facial features and do it again. It can be better. It doesn’t have to be, but you’re allowed. – [Julia] But see, here’s the thing. I don’t know what in this Woody is wrong, so I don’t know what to change. – [Nathan] Okay, well then
just make it different. Just make one of them, the eyes, the nose, or the mouth different than what you have. Oh yeah, that’s all the same layer, huh? – [Julia] Yeah it is. (laughing) – [Nathan] Oh yeah. Good.
– You come around here often partner? It’s me, sheriff Woody. – [Julia] Okay I’m gonna
get to his hat now. – [Jacob] There’s a new sheriff in town. – [Nathan] This is the man
with the big yellow hat. Okay stop. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Select the hat. – [Julia] I didn’t draw
much of a hat, but yeah. – [Nathan] Yeah, select it. – Okay.
– Make it real small. – [Julia] Make it real small, okay. – [Jacob] Oh you got most of his eyes. Okay.
– Sorry, sorry, sorry. Like this small?
– Yeah, that’s good. Continue. – [Julia] Okay, great. – [Jacob] Now you’re not
looking at my tiny hat, are ya? Don’t take kindly to
that around these parts. – [Nathan] This is what
Toy Story 4 is about. Is Woody gets a tiny hat, and it makes him just real fucky. – [Jacob] Yeah. (laughing) This looks like a Wallace and Gromit. (laughing) – [Julia] Yeah. Okay.
– I’m trying to think of what are the other. Okay stop.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Go to the pen tool. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Use the pen
tool for a little bit. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] Julia’s the only one who knows how to use the pen tool, so it’s good that you gave that to her. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause if it were given to me, I would just not know what to do. Now he looks like half cybernetic. – I think.
– Ah yeah, give him that buff shoulder. – [Julia] Okay, and then there we go. – [Nathan] Nice. – [Jacob] Wow, this is very artsy. – [Nathan] It’s pretty good. – [Julia] This is a New Yorker cartoon. – [Jacob] Yeah, it really is. – [Nathan] Okay, go to
the spot healing brush. – [Jacob] We gotta heal some spots. – [Nathan] Use that for a little bit. Do you need to merge your layers? – [Julia] My layers are
merged, is the deal. – [Nathan] Okay there you go. – [Julia] What is happening here? – [Jacob] Are you even on
the spot healing brush? – [Julia] Yeah. Oh.
– Oh. – [Nathan] You have to leave it. – [Jacob] No longer a sheriff. – [Nathan] You have to leave that. – [Jacob] I’m off duty. – [Julia] Oh whoops. Oh whoops.
– Oh no. – [Jacob] This wound ain’t so bad. I’ve had worse. – [Julia] Who am I drawing? – [Jacob] I don’t know who this is. It’s just drawing, it’s just a brush. – [Nathan] It’s just a
brush, that’s nothing. Okay go to image, hue saturation. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Click colorize. – Yup.
– And then– – I’ll need to up this.
– Up the saturation and the lightness a little bit. – [Jacob] Oh boy. – [Nathan] Yeah, just take that hue slider and start sliding it to the right until I tell you to stop. – There he goes.
– Goodbye. – [Julia] There goes my sheriff. – [Nathan] Yeah that’s good. – [Julia] This blue, this teal? – [Nathan] Yeah, lower the
lightness a little bit. Yeah.
– Okay. – [Jacob] We’re really making
some art gallery bullshit. – [Julia] Yeah we are. – [Nathan] Okay, make a new layer. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Put it behind this layer. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Take the fill bucket and just fill it any color. – [Julia] This is gonna be a travesty. This is going to be a travesty. Nathan.
– I recommend a lighter color. – [Julia] I don’t think
you know what you’ve done. (laughing) – [Nathan] Okay merge those layers. (laughing) – Are you serious?
– He knew exactly what he had done. – [Nathan] Merge those layers. – [Julia] Yeah, done. – [Nathan] Go to image, adjustments, and go ahead and invert. – [Jacob] Oh boy. – [Nathan] Oh. – Oh.
– That’s interesting. That’s fine, I guess. That’s an interesting. – [Julia] I’ve made a, what was those polo shirts
that I’m thinking of? The little alligator or the crocodile. – [Jacob] Lacoste. – [Julia] Yeah, Lacoste. I’ve made a Lacoste.
– All right, I’m gonna let you just keep drawing however you want for a little bit. – Cool.
– We need some more stuff to work with.
– Can I use this color? – [Nathan] Yeah, use whatever you want. – [Julia] Okay cool. God, how do I make this Woody, huh? – [Jacob] Woody has a vest. – Yeah he does.
– He has a leather cowboy vest.
– It’s got sort of a cow color patterning on it, right? – [Jacob] I think his shirt does and then his vest is–
– Oh and then his vest is just leather.
– A brown leather. – I’ve gotten a bunch–
– I thought he’d a plaid shirt. No, it’s leather, it’s half leather half cow, his vest. – [Jacob] I think you’re right, yeah. I think you’re right. – [Nathan] Also Squidward
doesn’t wear pants. I said Squidward wore pants,
but he doesn’t wear pants. – [Jacob] That’s the one
thing he doesn’t wear. – [Nathan] He wears a shirt and no pants, but he walks like his tentacles are legs. – [Jerome] Yes, that’s
true, that’s a fact. – [Julia] Okay, he also has a belt, the belt buckle. – [Jacob] This pose
looks like you’re playing a weird free dating RPG that you found in the depths of Steam. – Yeah.
– And this is one of the guys you can date. – [Nathan] Okay, stop. – [Julia] Uh-huh. – [Nathan] Make a duplicate layer. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Lower the opacity
on that layer to 50%. – [Julia] Okay, yup. – [Nathan] Go to blur, go to radial blur. Yeah that’s good. – [Julia] Can I do a zoom,
or are we doing a spin? – [Nathan] Let’s try, yeah, do zoom. Zoom sounds pretty good. – [Julia] Okay. Oh.
– Oh, it made him fuzzy. – [Julia] Oh it made him weird. – [Jacob] It made him really weird. – Huh.
– He looks dirty. – [Julia] Can I up the opacity just so we can see it?
– Yeah up the opacity to see what happened. – [All] Oh! – [Nathan] Huh. – [Julia] The heart of Woody. – [Nathan] Go back to, invert it back. Go back to layer–
– Just this one? – [Nathan] Yeah, invert, yeah. Keep it.
– And then redo that. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Nathan] Image, adjustments. – [Julia] Let me redo. – [Nathan] Image. – [Julia] Yeah, you
just want me to do that. – [Nathan] And now, go to
layer style, and do overlay. – Oh my god.
– No. Just scroll through them until we find one that looks fun.
– Okay I’m gonna start from the beginning. – Yeah.
– Oh god. – [Julia] Oh, he’s covered in nats. – [Nathan] Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – [Jacob] Oh these are sinister. Whoa! – [Nathan] Yeah, okay, sure. Yeah.
– All right, okay. – Yeah, that one.
– Oh god. Are you sure? (laughing) – [Julia] You’re dying, you look up, there’s a light. Don’t go towards it, Woody’s there. – [Jacob] Woody’s there. Don’t focus too hard on him. – [Julia] Don’t look too hard at Woody. He’s trying to seduce you. – [Jacob] I feel like this is begging for some text of some kind. – [Nathan] Yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] I want it to have
a way to be random somehow. – [Julia] Is there a
generator we can pull up? – [Jacob] So I pulled up a
random sentence generator, and the sentence it gave me is, I will never be this young again, ever. – [Nathan] Yeah, okay, write that. (laughing) – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] It looks like a
fucking lifestyle brand now. – [Nathan] Oh man. – [Julia] Okay, I’m
gonna make it really big. I think it already is really big. What was the sentence? – [Jacob] I will never be this
young again, period, ever. Oh it’s. – [Nathan] Yeah, no,
leave it the way it was. I like the text running into itself. – [Julia] I think it was 800 or something. Oh no it wasn’t.
– Not that much. – [Nathan] Okay put the text, rasterize the text. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Go to layer styles. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Let’s scroll through those. See if any of those. Yeah, that one. That one. Merge the layers. – All of them?
– Can I move the text down, or are we keeping it here? – [Nathan] No, keep it there. – [Julia] Okay, I’m merging it? – [Nathan] Yeah, merge all the layers. – [Julia] Oh. – Whoa.
– Merged them all at the same time, I think. – [Julia] Yeah, okay, hold on. – [Jacob] Is the answer. – Kind of.
– Why does it do that? – [Jacob] That’s weird. – [Nathan] That’s cool. I’m into that. (laughing) One final thing. Just make a selection. – Of my choice?
– Of your choice, yeah. Select any amount of stuff. – [Julia] I can’t select anything. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think
that’s part of the point. I think you need to get
some Woody, some test, a little bit of everything. – [Julia] You know what,
I’m gonna close my eyes. – [Nathan] Okay, go to Filter,
go to Pixelate, go to Mosaic. Yeah, make those nice and big. Yup, yup, perfect. Yup, and that’s. (laughing) – [Julia] You can’t even see
the original Woody, really. – [Nathan] It’s Woody. – [Jacob] This is maybe
the most artistic thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Call the fucking Whitney, or whoever. What museum would take this? MoMa, get in here, Tate
Modern, get in here. – [Julia] I’m just, you know what I want? I just wanna see this for myself. – Okay.
– You have to remove it though.
– Yeah I will, I will, I will.
– Unless it’s good, and then you can keep it. – [Julia] I just want to see. – Oh yeah that one.
– Oh Jesus. – [Nathan] No the light one, yeah. – [Julia] Oh. – [Jacob] Jesus God. – Yeah, that’s pretty good.
– Wow, wow, wow. That’s pretty good. (laughing) – All right.
– Holy shit. – [Julia] This looks
like a deep fried meme. – This is art.
– This is art. We’ve made art.
– We made some arts. – [Jacob] This is actual art. Fuckin’ don’t at us,
we’re real artists now and we don’t respond to fans anymore. If you write us on Twitter, we’ll just say, fe. – Fe.
– Fe. – [Jacob] Yeah. – Oh.
– Great job everybody. – [Julia] I hate looking at this. – [Jacob] This turned out so good. – [Nathan] This is Jon Arbuckle. (laughing) You can’t convince me
this is not Jon Arbuckle. – [Jacob] Thank you guys
for doing this, again. Nathan, so glad you could join. Look at what we’ve made.
– Oh I’m so happy. I’m so happy I got to be part of this. – [Jacob] This is wonderful. – [Nathan] Julia’s just running her finger along the screen.
– The part Under his hand where it’s just dissolving into sand. It’s so good.
– It’s really good. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see more of these. I definitely wanna do more. – Yeah.
– I wanna get Karina in on it. I wanna do one with everyone that I know. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] But yeah, this was a lot of fun. Thank you guys for watching, and as always, we’re sorry. – Sorry.
– Sorry.


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