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Radhika | Chai Bisket Originals | Ft. Suhas, Sri Vidya

September 7, 2019

– I don’t know, mom. These days, every thing is in it’s place. The mess from when you’d walk through these rooms, now feels like home. I don’t understand if he doesn’t have the time or he is incapable and you only support him all the time. Why is it so dark in here anyway? You could’ve switched on the lights. – It was harsh on my eyes, so he got them removed. – I’m not here by your side during this time.. living separately. You must be upset with me. You won’t be able to write anything if you’re here with me. If you live away at least, you’ll be able to come up with something. That’s good enough for me. – But I don’t like this at all, mom. I feel very guilty. And I feel helpless. – If it’s that hard, you can always come back.. – I’m not sure, mom. But I know this, I have lived with you, more than I have with Dad. If I come l live with you, this bond will only grow stronger. And when it breaks, the grief that follows will be harder. Today we can share the love we have between us, when the grief comes for me, I won’t have you to share it with. Who can I talk to? That’s why I’m staying away. In a sense, I’m afraid of loving you You and I, we think the same way. And that’s why I don’t want to insist. Okay, forget it. How’s your writing going? Have you written anything new? – I’m trying.. but nothing’s working out. Well.. where is he? How long is he going to be on the phone? – He’s always on the phone these days. Must be a big case. – Okay. Hold on, I’ll call him and come. We’ll eat. Did you take your medicines? – I will. – Okay then, I’ll go call him. – Yeah just wait.. nothing will happen. I said I’m coming anyway. I’ll be there to take care of everything, Radhika. Don’t worry about these things. Didn’t I say I’m coming? Yeah yeah! Yes! Exactly! The paperwork for the bail is ready. You won’t have to worry about anything, okay? I’ll sort everything out once I reach. I’m coming right now. See you. – When did you come? – It’s been sometime. – Okay. Have food and go. I’m going to the office. It’ll be late by the time I return. Do stay with Mom until Lakshmi comes. – Mom? Can I ask you something? – What? In these past months, Didn’t you ever feel Dad’s behaviour was suspicious? – Suspicious? No.. – I mean, Dad looks good, right? What if there’s someone el- – Never! What are you saying? Don’t ever say such things again. Don’t think of your father on those lines. It cannot be. This isn’t a movie for you to say that. But to me, he is the hero. Only I know what I’m putting him through. But has he ever called you? – No. – He won’t. And I know that. Because he never thought of me as a burden. Don’t let these thoughts creep into your mind and worry needlessly. Go.. go and have something. – Hi What happened? Why are you like that? Here. Is Aunty not..? – Nothing like that. – Then? – I just came to know something about Daddy. I don’t know how to explain.. – You’re making me nervous. What is it? – Daddy’s having an affair. – What? Are you serious? How do you know? – I was near Dad’s balcony this morning. He was on a call with someone. He changed the topic abruptly when he noticed me. He began talking about some court work and diverted the subject. Suddenly, he said he had to go to work and left. – How are you sure if it involved someone? – Tone, Leela. You can make it out, when they talk like that right? Even so, I asked Harsha to follow him. As expected, he saw them meeting at a hotel. – Don’t jump to conclusions Aravind. It could have really been about a case. – No, Leela. This isn’t the first time. I’ve had my doubts for a while now. They’ve been confirmed today. – When did you first feel suspicious? – When I was young, we got letters from a certain Radhika. Whenever they came, the expression in his eyes would change. Whenever his phone beeped, he’d become alert. In fact, the names would keep changing. – Do you have her number? – I even called her a couple of times. Even she spoke to me. But.. I wasn’t going to ask her about why she was talking to my Dad is, like a child. – But.. you can warn her? – It wasn’t really clear, Leela. And I couldn’t question it, because I never had any solid proof. All of a sudden he invited her home to dinner. He introduced her as a client of his. That day, I saw a spark in his eyes. – Shit! I don’t know what to say to this. – Even I don’t understand. I can’t see him the same way anymore. – But somehow I feel, you’re overreacting to this Aravind. – I’ve seen their conversations and saying this Leela. Leave it. – How much time did the doctors say Aunty has? – Another three months, at most. – At this stage, will you tell Aunty abut it? – Do you think I should? – Sometimes, thinking about what is necessary and unecessary becomes more important than what is right and wrong. Don’t tell her.. It’s better that way. And don’t think too much. You can’t change what happened. It’s done now. In any case, Uncle never neglected you in any way. He’s always loved you Aravind. Everyone makes mistakes. – I can’t tell what the mistake is here.. Having an affair or.. loving us in spite of having an affair. – That’s why I’m telling you don’t think too much.. let’s go to bed. – What’s up Mr Writer? Writing first thing in the morning after a while! – I’m onto the next subject. – Wow! What’s it about? – About the things I can’t ask my father. – Oh. What’s the title going to be? “Daddy”? Once upon a time, there was a river. In the river, a fish was born. The fish played, roamed and grew there. And finally died there. On the banks of that very river stands a pyre. The sticks over the pyre, ready to burn. A father lying within. The son standing by to set it ablaze. He walks over, and lights it. The pyre burns. Life leaves and only ashes remain. He wipes his tears and walks away. A few days later, he began living a girl. They shared a lot between them. Life. Joy. Sadness. And a lot more. 25 years passed. And then, one day she died. Given everything I have told you, I have one question. When death comes, How much did the fish know about the water? The pyre, about the fire? How much did she know about him? Did she have to know at all? Love became a responsibility for him, Radhika. And he’s not old enough to take the responsibility yet. Raghav, don’t let her know that I gave it to you. If I die, get married once again. For me. “When Mom was alive, our relationship was like the tide, Dad. Falling at times and rising other times. But now, she’s not here. Your Radhika came. And the tide has turned into a waterfall. The only way now is downward, Dad. And there is no hope of ever rising upward.”, was what I wanted to say but the anger he harboured for his father was what stopped him. – Hi. Hey! – Hey! How was your day? – It was alright. And yours? Did you finish it? I haven’t been able to sleep since two days. Finally, I completed it today. – Congratulations, man. I’m so happy for you Aravind. – It took me 5 months. It’s the first time I’ve written something in such a short span. – Day after tomorrow is Mom and Dad’s Anniversary. And I wanted to finish it before that. Finally… – And you finally did it. We have to celebrate today! – Hello? – Hello. How are you? It’s been long since you came home to visit. – Why are you calling now? You remember what day the day-after-tomorrow is? – I remember. – Okay. I’ve come to a decision I wanted to talk to you about it. – What is it? – Not now. Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow. I’ll tell you then. – About what? – Yeah.. can you come or no? – Fine. I’ll come. Even I need to ask you something. – Good. Okay then, I’ll find a good place and tell you. – How have you been? – Fine. – You’re not going to ask me? I don’t feel like. – How far has your story come? – Still needs some working on. It’s almost done. – Oh. Good. – Ok. Eat. This dish is a specialty of theirs. – I already ate. – Oh you’ve eaten. – Life after your mom’s passing has been difficult to come to terms with. – Yeah. I’m sure its been very difficult. – Didn’t you say you wanted to ask me something? – You said you wanted to tell me something? You go first. – I’ve taken a decision. I asked you to come, so I could tell you about it. – What is it? – There is this woman, Radhika. I want to marry her. – By Radhika you mean.. that client of yours? – Yes. You remember? – That’s what I wanted to ask you about too. – You knew about her? – I did. – Don’t misunderstand me, for asking so soon after your mother’s passing. – Why wait even these 5 months when you had decided already? – Honestly, I don’t know. – How many times did you want to tell me in these 5 months? – About three times. But I couldn’t.. – If I knew, that you knew about Radhika, perhaps I would have. – Dad, can I ask you something? – What is it? Ask me. – Did you come to this decision when Mom was alive or after she passed away? – How could you think that I’d marry another woman while she was still alive? – You could love another woman, couldn’t you? – What do you mean? – I knew that you were having an affair, before itself.. way before any of this. And frankly, even though I knew about the affair between you, I didn’t think I needed to ask you. Until the day she died, she only saw you as a loyal man. In fact, you seemed to love her genuinely, or at least, that’s what it looked like. But the impression she had of you, is wrong. You are not genuine. She loved you for 25 years and she died before fully knowing about him what meaning do those 25 years hold? That’s all. That’s my only question. I have nothing to gain or lose whether or not you get married. But.. Mom’s perception of you.. I couldn’t change that, and that just… – Aravind can I ask you something? – Go ahead. For some reason I feel very angry. And I don’t know if its looking at you that’s making me angry or listening to you speak. – You cared so much for your mother. Why? Why didn’t you simply tell her? – I’m leaving, Dad. – Aravind! Hey! You worried about what would happen to her, and chose not to. And so did I. – Hello? Who is this? – Didn’t you think it was wrong to get involved with him? – Oh. Aravind? Is that you? – It’s me. Don’t you think it was wrong? – He told you? – He told me long after I came to know. – What can I say, Aravind. It just happened. Why’d you do it? Mom never knew about it. I understood before she died. I didn’t know whether or not to tell her. I was scared of what it would do to her. I kept it all inside me and didn’t know what to do. I’m unable to accept my father. And everyone is happy, even Daddy. Even you! Did you think it wouldn’t hurt me just because I’m not his son by blood. And what did I do to deserve this agony? If you two live together, why should it bother me? Again.. This is all your fault. – What is your problem Aravind? – What? – What is the problem? That he had an affair with me? That your mother had to die? Or that you father could find happiness even after your mother’s death? What is the mat- – I shouldn’t have gone at all, Leela. – Why? What happened? – He spoke exactly what I wanted to ask about. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t even know how to respond. – Did Aravind object to it? – No.. nothing like that. – He wants to marry Radhika. – Oh. – When? – I don’t know. – Then what’s the matter? – I can only think of Madhavi, Radhika. – Then what is still bothering you? Daddy has moved on. The past is past. Let it go, Aravind. – If I had an affair with someone, would you? – That’s different Aravind! And Aunty isn’t here to tell you that. – She may not be here in the flesh, but the thought of mother is still with me.. – I’m not sad because Aravind found out but because he thinks I didn’t love his mother. Not everyone can understand love when they see it. He only saw it as cheating. – Don’t you think that is what we did? – Even you Radhika? It happened, that’s it.. I don’t know the reason. In any case, he was offended that I kept this from her. Would he be happy if I had told her about it all? – Relax, Raghav. Think about what to do now. Should I try and talk to him? – I don’t need to convince him! I just thought he’d understand. But.. he didn’t. – So what have you thought? – I don’t know, Leela. – You have to face Uncle sometime? Do you think you can bear to see them together? – Maybe I can. – But it will take time. More than accepting them as a couple I think it’ll be hard to accept him like I did before.


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