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Quick Edit #46 – Sunflower Macro Photo – Flower Macro Photography – Lightroom Classic CC Photo Edit

March 12, 2020

How to edit photos in Lightroom. Lightroom tutorial. hello and welcome to today’s quick edit
today I am gonna be working on a image of a sunflower this one is going to be a
side image where I’m focused on me tips of the petals closest to me I shot this
with my a7 are three sony i and the sony 90 millimeter 2.8 g macro lens the
lighting is similar to what i’ve used in a lot of other flower photos i have a
LED white LED one heard wat equivalent regular lightbulb in a ena just work
light base kind of shoved into a beauty light diffuser with a diffuser stock on
it it’s a type of beauty light diffuser that’s made to put a speed light in i
can’t link it down in the description because i don’t seem to sell the one i
have anymore i can’t seem to find a replacement but i know they still make
that i’m gonna keep looking for an equivalent to put in the list so you can
see what i’m talking about it’s a really inexpensive great lighting solution and
behind here less inexpensive solution but still really good what I’m lighting
the background with aperture f7 light I think might be an aperture f9 I’m gonna
have to go look at my behind the scenes pictures or take better notes or
something the background is a mottled gradiated
gray background that’s purchased I will put a link down below and I don’t think
I was shooting at a tripod even though I’m shooting at 150th of a second I
should probably go to the picture so you can actually see it even though I’m
shooting at 150th of a second here I think I was still handheld so let’s go
ahead and start working on the photo oh wait it stopped
I can do it I can use a mouse really bring him in an Adobe color now I’ve
worked at other images of the sunflower and found that Adobe color was bringing
them into bright but why do you think I’m gonna try Adobe color this time and
mmm maybe not no I’m gonna go back to Adobe standard I just like how it’s
handling the colors in this one better so I’m only going to bring my you know
what I like my contrast just where it is for my exposure contrast again I’m going
to keep it at zero clipping has already turned on so I don’t I will just wanna
bring my highlights up a little bit and that definitely brings light onto those
front petals and my shadows absolutely went up a little bit don’t want any pure
whites in there so I’m not gonna bring the lights up too bad but just a little
bit and we’re gonna bring my blacks down just so I can start to see a little bit
of the clipping warnings down in the green so I bring my clarity up a tiny
bit to emphasize those front petals no D hazing bring the vibrance up just a
couple in my saturation or leave at zero shame I might put the pirates back at
zero yeah alright down in the tone curve that’s no I do not like what it is it
happens when I may just highlight there again MIFA tones came out pretty good in
this so I’m gonna bring that dark down just a tiny bit shadows
just a tiny bit but that’s the only adjustment I’m making there let’s go
down to the saturation let’s reduce the green saturation just a little bit not
too much because sometimes I like to reduce the green saturation so that it
is less competitive for the colors of the petals this time and you know what
I’m not gonna reduce it at all this time or any of the other ones I like all my
hues here okay just a tiny bit of yellow luminance in there to make it a little
bit more glow on those I turn off my clipping I’m just sharpening and I
really want to mask it a lot so that we’re just getting those front petals
and the little tips of the green is exactly what I want all right and again
I was holding down the alt button while I adjusted those to see the detail view
there’s no need for any noise reduction it built-in lens profiles already
applied doesn’t it makes it a little bit brighter when I do click on it sometimes
there’s no change sometimes there’s a little bit but the built-in lens
profiles are applied I’m always choose remove chromatic aberration let’s see
I’m not sure if I won’t bring in yeah just not very much tiny bit of highlight
adjust the midpoint and make it less round and all right look at the before
and after before on the left after on the right all right so I am done
today’s photo thank you for joining me for this quick end and I’ll see you
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