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Quick Edit #45 – Dreamy Pink Peony – Flower Photo Edit in Lightroom Classic CC & Photoshop

August 4, 2019

How to edit photos. Lightroom Tutorial. hello welcome today’s quick at it today
I am working on an image of a peony that is kind of a dreamy looking image I’m
used by a sony a7r 3 with the 90 millimeter 2.8 G macro lens I set this
up with I had a bunch of different lights I’ve talked about my mic that I
use it’s just an LED light but it’s this one has shoved in a beauty dish
reflector with the diffuser but it’s a regular 100 watt equivalent white LED
light like you buy at any store do you put in your lamp and it’s the diffuser
it makes a really nice light but then I have I have to look I had took up the
heavy scenes picture and I’m probably do a story on Instagram with them I used
several lights and kind of I was balancing things weird I have glitter
paper about a foot a half maybe two feet behind this image and I was using the
different lights to reflect and get bounce light off the glitter paper to
make the kind of dreamy bokeh effect going on here so let’s go ahead and
start working on the photo so I’m gonna bring this in an Adobe color it’s gonna
bring a bit richer color that’s a newer color profile from Adobe up my exposure
just turn on my clipping warnings just to be a pretty bright photo I’m not that
bright bring that to about there and even though it’s dreamy dreamy look I am
gonna bring my contrast up just a little bit to bring a little dab more
definition between the petals in the area of focus so highlights I think I’m
gonna have to be careful I thought I was look there’s no clipping when I take it
all all the way over to the right just bring those up a bit shadows as well
it’s not let anything in the back clip because we don’t want it to be
distracting yeah do that actually bring the blacks up no
clarity or D haze that would go against the whole point of the whole dreamy look
let’s bring the vibrance up a little bit see what happens when we bring the
saturation up new that’s bad I’m actually bring the saturation down just
a tiny bit and before I do anything else it’s out of order I actually want to
reduce the yellow saturation look there’s this yellow around here I’ll see
if I can get rid of that before I do any more editing yep just brought the yellow
saturation all the way down and that just took care of that I can also fix it
down here in the calibration let’s see bring the green yeah it’s gonna be in
the green so I’m gonna bring the green down a little bit and make my red
primary redder usually kind of work my way straight down the list and order but
something like that is distracting and I need to make sure I take care of it
before I go further on during my shadows I’m a calibration a little bit thinker
too so that I know that it’s not a negative that’s gonna ruin the photo I
mean if I can’t fix it I need to move on to a different photo but in this case I
can so also let’s bring me cue it’s not going to affect it much now except my
saturation of yells all the way down but it’s bringing orange saturation down a
little bit – there’s oranges in the middle there that I don’t really want to
lose though but I don’t like them on the edge so that’s good alright let’s go
back up to the tone curves now that I’ve fixed my color yeah like bringing some
more highlights in there and the lights don’t help turning them down a little
bit helps darks up shadows up a little bit your luminance I bring my magenta
luminance that’s too much up a little bit increase the glow of the flower not
gonna do any split toning or anything like that so for sharpening let’s see if
masking will give me enough of a mask or if I need to go in here and do this with
a brush because I only want the center of the flower but it looks it looks
getting a little bit in the glitter around it but I think I think that is
gonna be okay there’s no need for noise reduction or anything like that I shot
this it iso 100 and so I I keep forgetting to show you before and after
so I’m gonna remember to do it today before is on the left and the after is
on the right so that is it for today’s photo I will see you tomorrow thank you
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  • Reply Terry McClary July 26, 2018 at 2:13 am

    In today's Quick Edit Video I show you how I edit a dreamy pink peony macro photo in Lightroom Classic.

  • Reply Rose C January 23, 2019 at 8:55 am

    Absolutely love your edit. Beautiful flower.

  • Reply Terry McClary April 4, 2019 at 12:37 am

    Thank you for watching! Please subscribe: and let me know in the comments if you want more Quick Edits in Lightroom Classic or if you want to see some in Lightroom CC (or web or mobile) or Photoshop CC.

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