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Q&A of a Freelancer living alone

February 21, 2020

Hi, it’s me, Sueddu It’s a Q&A video, today As a freelancer living alone, I’m gonna answer questions about my work, life and home Let me have a milk tea first I’m really into this ‘Honey black tea’ these days With milk and the tea bag, it becomes sweet milk tea (Refrigerating it overnight makes it best, but just to show the tea…) Then, let’s see what questions I’ve got (So many people left questions in comment, thank you all) Part 1 Living alone Q1. Is it worth to live alone? A. Yes, my life completely changed when I started living alone. Have more time to focus on myself and as a result, I got to know myself better Having my own place is like having a reliable friend who I can tell everything about myself Q2. What’s good and bad about living alone? A. Can’t say enough about good things. Lifestyle, the interior and location of my place, etc I can do anything in my way Many people worry that living alone is lonely, but I don’t really feel lonely, probably because of Bebe But, when shopping groceries, I have to buy more than one serving, which makes it hard to deal with the remains Q3. Don’t you long for living with your family? A. No, I don’t It was too harsh for me to live with them I think it’s better to be living apart from people not congenial to me rather than living with them just b’cause we are family. Q4. Does living alone include the life without dating? A. Not really. I may date with someone if I find a nice person Won’t lose anything from relationship as long as I don’t lose myself Q5. I wonder about your thoughts and values in marriage and family A. I won’t get married I reckon women lose too much from marriage Hate that they are forced to be connected to partners or children Q6. what items are helpful for living alone? A. Robotic vacuum cleaner! Part2 Living as a freelancer Q7. How did you overcome when lonely and exhausted? I just let go of everything when I’m weary Pausing everything, crying on friends’ shoulders on the phone, drinking with them…and taking a good rest make everything alright Q8. When you’re broke without work, how did you overcome? A. I did keep looking for anything I can sell When I had no money before, I was wondering what I could sell and decided to give a private tutoring in Photoshop Back then, people thought they could only learn Photoshop from books or institute, but there were quite many demands for it that I was really busy Q9. How do you manage your time? A. I write all my events on the calendar. It’s a schedule and a to-do list at the same time. It’s got all records from a few years ago Looking at those old records, I praise myself that I’ve been living life to the full. Q10. I wonder how you first started as a freelancer. A. There’s no clear start point. I started working part-time when I was 14 Had a few tutorings a day while in university and I did the same work after graduation Rather than thinking of having a specific job, I just did what I was good at for its time. Then started Youtube as a hobby, and now I do some work related to videos I have no idea when I’ll be moving onto another field. Q11. Have you ever had a hard time because you didn’t belong? A. In fact, I hate group activities and I don’t like meeting people, so I love working alone Still, it would be nice to have friends who can share YouTubers’ difficulties. Q12. I guess you are satisfied with many parts of your life, do you sometimes think you are chosen or living a special life? A. I’ve always wanted to talk about this, but not at all. I want people not think in that way from watching me. I’ve always lived fiercely and have complained a lot about things I was not born with. Mainly thoughts about family and money. There was a time when I was depressed every day. After hard work, I’m happy to have a more stable life, but as I started from zero, I believe anyone can do what I do Part 3 Financial management Q13. How do you manage your assets with inconstant income as a freelancer? I always save it as soon as I get money. Keeping the money in a bank account I can’t withdraw, I get along one way or other no matter how much I have Save some money, then transfer it to the deposit, and splitting accounts helps me a lot too. Both A and B have $50, A paid $10 for a movie ticket and B just kept $50 thinking of getting a ticket at the theater. When A lost the ticket and B got $10 robbed, Only B would go see a movie even if they both had $40. B thinks he lost only 20% out of the amount, but A suffered 100% loss from the movie ticket. That’s the reason why we need to split bank accounts. Q14. What kind of work do you do? A. Probably many of you believe most of my income comes from Youtube, but 45% of my income is from shooting commercials and videos of brands Another 45% comes from online classes. And the remaining 10% is the revenue from YouTube views Probably less than the starting salary of a small business. Q15. How much do you spend on Bebe? A. About $100 a month on average Q16. What have you done financially from your first home to the new one? A. The first place was $500 per month with $5,000 of deposit for rent I ran out of the house, so the deposit was what I saved for a tuition. Saving for two years, I made it $470 a month with $10,000 of deposit Then I realized if I get a loan, I can make a lease with less money than I thought, so I got a loan for it about 70% of the amount. Part 4 Others Q17. Why did you move to a place where you have no connection? A. Maybe I just wanted to refresh myself. I felt it was time for a new stimulus. Q18. What would you recommend to cook at home? A. Kimchi jjim! It seems to be hard to make it tasty, but it’s really simple. Please refer to the recipe in my old clip Q19. You seem diligent, have you been always like that? A. I’m not that diligent It seems to be beelike with my daily life in videos, and probably it’s because I like working. I’m super lazy unless I’m working Q20. What are you proud of the most among your achievements? A. That I published books It was on my bucket list since I was little, So proud to have already published three books Q21. You are versatile in many fields, have you learned them for work or originally liked them? A. I haven’t learned. The ones I liked as hobbies became my jobs. Q22. What was your major? I majored in fashion design. I threw away all the unnecessary stuff pursuing minimalism, but I still have the graduation works. One of the four clothes I made. Sketches I did at that time Q23. how do you pronounce sueddu correctly? The end of Q&A! Behind the scene, Wanted to answer Japanese questions in Japanese, but I don’t like the handwriting… Bebe’s busy looking for a treat Nah, not $10… The pencil ain’t rolling in my way I set the camera and didn’t know it’d be out of focus… Even the park in distance looks clearly…


  • Reply 슛뚜sueddu February 14, 2020 at 3:00 am

    ✨Time line ✨
    Part 1 혼자 사는 삶
    Part 1 Living alone
    Part 1 一人暮らし

    혼자 사는 것, 가치 있나요?
    Is it worth to live alone?

    가족과 함께하는 생활이 그립진 않으신가요?

    Don't you long for living with your family?

    슛뚜님의 결혼 및 가정에 대한 생각이나 가치관이 궁금해요
    I wonder about your thoughts and values in marriage and family.

    Part2 프리랜서로서의 삶

    Part2 Living as a freelancer
    Part2 フリーランスとしての生き方

    일이 없어서 경제적으로 힘들었을 때는 어떻게 극복하셨나요?

    When you're broke without work, how did you overcome?

    프리랜서로서 어떻게 처음 시작하셨는지가 궁금해요.
    I wonder how you first started as a freelancer.

    가끔 본인이 선택받았거나 특별한 삶을 살고있다고 생각하시나요?

    do you sometimes think you are chosen or living a special life?

    Part 3 재정관리

    Part 3 Financial management
    Part 3 財政管理

    첫 집에서 최근 이사하신 집까지 경제적으로 어떻게 해오셨나요?

    What have you done financially from your first home to the new one?

    Part 4 그 외

    Part 4 Others
    Part 4 その他

    전공은 뭔가요?

    What was your major?

    Sueddu를 정확히 어떻게 발음하나요?
    how do you pronounce Sueddu correctly?

    Behind the scene

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    Sueddu said f*** men period

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    솔직한의견 덕분에 위로받고 공감받은 기분이예요 ! 배경음악정보는 알수없을까요 ?

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    Thank you so much. How can I purchase your books through a U.S. shipping company? I am unable to understand purchase through the website links.

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    슛뚜님 Q&A영상 잘 봤습니다. 정말 숨 죽여서 봤어요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ저도 지난 달 말까지 직장생활을 하고 글도 쓰고 그림도 그리고 번역도 하는 혼자의 삶을 이제 시작하게 되어 특히 슛뚜님 이번 영상이 마음에 와닿아 눈팅만 하다가 처음으로 댓글을 남겨 봅니다. 항상 기분 좋은 영상 감사합니다.

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    Wow, loved this because I could relate so much. I also don't like being around people and prefer working alone. Glad there are people like me!

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    저는 중국사람이라서 혹시 틀린 표현이 있으면 양해를 바래요. 많이 공감이 생기니까 이 댓글을 남겼어요. 저희에게 항상 힐링 되주셔서 너무 감사해요.🧡

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    Im still shocked…only 10% from youtube? With that many subscribers?

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    I respect your decision to live alone , no family or otherwise, but i wish people would be more like you, where you just do your own thing, and don't worry about "converting" others to a specific way of life because it works for you.

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    영상 보는 내내 슛뚜 님에 대해 더 잘 알게되서 너무 좋았어요 👏💓
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    어쩌다가 이름(?)을 슛뚜라고 지으셨나요 ??

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    너무 공감되서 영상보다가 댓글남겨요 이제 다시 영상보러 가야징

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    이렇게 정성스럽고 예쁜 Q&A 답변 영상이라니~~~ 역시 슛뚜님!! 일하시는 걸 좋아하신다니 그점이 정말 좋은것같아요! 감기조심하세용

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    지각 댓글이에요 ^^;;

    하고 싶은 말은 많지만…

    저도 슛뚜 님의 책 3권을 갖게된 게 뿌듯합니다요 ㅎㅋ

    슛뚜 발음하실 때 쉬크하게 슛.뚜

    크게 웃어버렸음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    언제쯤 구독자 분들과 슛뚜 님과 베베 띠를
    뵐 수 있을 까 했는데 언젠간 뵐 날이
    있겠다 하기로 맘을 먹었어요! 🙂

    새로운 곳에서 베베 띠와 행복한 비상을

    P.S: 요즘 저에게 아주 아주 신기하고
    이상하고 뭐라 형언할 수 없는 일들이
    계속 생겨 정신이 없어요;;

    1월 초에 이어 그저께도 병원에 갔다가
    의쌤의 권유로 또 링거를 맞고 왔다능;;;
    밥 맛도 없고요~

    그 와중에 제 평생 찾던 완죤 제 스타일의
    노래를 유튜브에서 자동 추천으로 알게
    되어 온종일 그 노래만 들으며 하루를
    보내게 되었어요 ㅎㅋ

    나중에 슛뚜 님의 영역이 더욱 더 크고
    넓어지더라도 우리 구독자 분들과
    알게 된 여기 유튜브 브이로그는
    계속 해주셨으면 하는 쪼매난 소망이

    그럼 See ya 입니다!

  • Reply Egregia 2020 February 19, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    You gave me some courage about family issues, work(I've been unemployed for 10 months), money and feeling ok with not being extroverted, not loving crowds, groups, people and preferring to be alone. Thank you! I feel less lonely now.

  • Reply 고경아 February 19, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    참 사람들 오지랍도 넓네요. 어딜 봐서 저 분이 외로워 보이나요. 연예인 걱정이 제일 쓸데없는 걱정이라고 하지요. 다 쓸데없는 오지랍이에요.

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    I really want to read your books, but I don't understand Korean. Any plans on translating it into English or Chinese? 🙂

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  • Reply Violet May February 19, 2020 at 5:35 pm

    Thank you for your video, I really enjoyed it as someone who lives alone. Jesus loves you and died for the sins of the world!

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    ❤️gracias!!! Me encantó conocerte más

  • Reply Девочка из Чайника February 19, 2020 at 9:36 pm

    Okay, come on, you'll just be my older sister. We have the same outlook on life and opinion. I want to live in peace and enjoy it, but not all of this! ❤️
    Can you please tell us how to work as a freelancer? I want to do this too

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    One question I have is did you teach yourself video editing? Also, for those who wants to edit like you for instance, what are some tips you wanna give out? I really like your style, it sends a cozy vibe that really calms people down. I hope you continue living a content life, love your works.

  • Reply ivie. February 20, 2020 at 6:42 pm

    Living alone can really bring the maturity out of someone, in most cases. You get to deal with things you wouldn't necessarily deal with if you were, per se, living with family. Just like you said, one can also understand oneself better this way as well.

  • Reply Miriam Marcos February 20, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    Podría traducir por favor gracias

  • Reply Odzer February 20, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    Loved this video of yours. You come across as a very leve-headed person who clearly knows what she wants, and how to go about it. That is such a great strength of character. Also, I got very interested in your books. What do you write about? Will they be translated into English any time?

  • Reply RENATO 14 February 21, 2020 at 4:29 am

    De alguna forma es reconfortante saber que hay personas que coinciden con tu manera de ser, y es genial sentir ese calorsito en el pecho después de ver a una mujer así, que literal me encantaría conocer pero como no salgo ni conozco gente no creo que pase jajaja I really love this video THANK YOU! sueddu

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    wow just discovered your channel. from reading your answers, you seem like you are a lovely woman who knows what she wants i really respect that! not to mention this is EXACTLY how i want to live just like your videos! very relaxing and soft thanks for inspiring me 🙂 also Bebe is the cutest <3

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    Why is this video so aesthetically beautiful and well directed? Great job!

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    유튜브에서 이런 적이 있었나. 싶은 생각이 들 정도로. 놀라운 순간입니다.
    유튜브는 늘 10분 정도의 시간동안 온 정신을 쏙 빼놓을만큼 도망가지 못하도록
    생각을 주입하고 말합니다. 마치 맵고 짜고 달게 말이죠.

    아주 깔끔하게 차려진 저염식의 건강한 음식을 맛있게 먹은 느낌입니다.
    잘 먹었습니다. 잘 봤습니다.

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