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September 14, 2019

Hi, everybody. I have the latest
version of Adobe InDesign CC. I’m up to date, but now I need to get
all of my Quark files into InDesign. How can I do that? Well, that’s,
of course, with Markzware’s Q2ID. Q2ID’s been on the market for many years, and now, we just came out
with a Q2ID CC version. Once we purchase that here, and, by the way, good news: there’s now a
30-day demo version you can try, as well. And I’ll highlight what that
means in a moment here for you. Markzware’s Q2ID for CC InDesign
Macintosh or Windows. This is Mac, but the Windows
process is very similar. Now, we’re in InDesign ICC with the
new dark, or black, interface. Basically, it’s the same way that Q2ID
has worked since CS4, or whatever it was, where, up top in the menu item
of InDesign, you’ll get the Markzware menu item and, under that,
you’ll get Q2ID; and there you can choose Convert QuarkXPress Document.
It’s that easy to use Markzware’s Q2ID for CC of InDesign. You’ll then get an Open dialog where you can
select the QuarkXPress file you’d like to open, and we can go in and choose one of the Quark files we want to open, for
instance, this FlightCheck sales guide in the German language.
We see it converts the file in mere seconds, and we now have everything from that file
converted right over into InDesign. You’ll see that any
missing images show up with a little question mark; and to
find those, just like always in InDesign, you have
to go in and select one. You can then update all found images… And if we select that one and we hit open, some missing fonts. So, now you see we’ve
relinked 14 missing images, and you see the question marks
go away, and all the images flow in. So, Q2ID gets everything over.
You will have to relink the images, if the image links have been
broken in Quark, or if the folder structure has changed, but
you see that’s quite an easy process. So, the conversion is
complete, hassle-free, and, virtually, you have to do almost
nothing to have a perfect conversion. Now, we can go
in and change version 6.90 and we can go in and edit and change
things that we want to update, or whatever we need to do with
this file. Now, you see the file with all images, fonts, stylization.
Everything comes right on over. And we can then go ahead
and save this file, and it’s a regular InDesign file.
That’s how easy Q2ID is to use. Q2ID is a fabulous plugin
for Adobe InDesign. It has a tremendous return
on investment and let me show you what I mean by that. And this
was done by an independent third-party, and what
you’ll see is that the… what you’ll read and see is that the ROI,
return on investment, is well over 1000% with the description model. The same applies
per year, that every year, you’re gonna get a return on your investment, literally time and time and time again,
because, if you’re just converting 5 documents, you know, that would cost x number,
you know, x amount of time and money to work on, individually, the total amount of the costs would be fully outweighed, and you
would totally justify the price of Q2ID’s 199 Euros, or dollars, per year under the new
subscription model, not to mention, you’re getting Mac and/or Win
for the same user and/or for the same user, CS6, CS5 CS5.5, or, of course, as you just saw, the latest InDesign
CC version. And it will convert everything: colors, fonts, styles, the whole layout structure, as you saw, images, images links, and it’s
quite simple and easy to use. For more information on Markzware’s Q2ID,
cruise on over to today and, under Products, choose Q2ID. We even have, as I mentioned,
a Q2ID demo version, which you can click here to
obtain a 30-day demo version. You just fill in this form. What’s important
to note is that the demo download will scramble text and picture paths and watermark the images. In other words,
you’ll get an idea how it will work, but you will get scrambled text that will be totally lost,
not like you saw, we could correct them, if it’s just a broken link. It will be totally
lost, and the images will be watermarked, so, effectively, useless; but
you’ll get an idea how it works. For years, we had no demo of
Q2ID, and people still bought it, left, right, and center.
It’s a very popular plugin. So, you can try a demo version,
you can buy the full version here, and also note our other products, like FlightCheck,
which we mentioned will pre-flight and package products, or PDF2DTP for getting PDF files right back into InDesign.
Really, really handy. Alright, everybody. This has been David Dilling
from Markzware on Markzware’s new Q2ID yearly subscription for InDesign CC.
Thank you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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