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Q2ID Catalina and InDesign CC 2020 Support

November 15, 2019

Hi, everybody. David Dilling for Markzware
here and, on behalf of Markzware, we’re very happy to introduce a new version of
Markzware’s Q2ID, the QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign conversion filter.
Markzware’s Q2ID is now out, with a new version for Adobe InDesign CC 2020.
The new version of Q2ID will also work in the macOS latest version 10.15, or
Catalina. As always, Markzware’s Q2ID still has plug-in installers for many
versions of InDesign from CC 2020, 2019, and so forth, right down to CS6, even CS5
and 5.5. Be warned CS6 and lower will no longer work on macOS Catalina. Q2ID
is also available for Windows. Existing users or subscribers of Markzware’s Q2ID
just have to revisit their unique download URL, which they would have
received, at the time of purchase, likely in the email from 2Checkout or from
their reseller. If you can’t find that email, there is a provision on our web page,
to help you find back your license. For potential new users of Markzware’s
Q2ID, it’s extremely simple to use and very valuable. With just a click, you can
convert your QuarkXPress files, right into Adobe InDesign. It converts
everything, colors, fonts, images, styles, even tables. Q2ID converts all
versions of QuarkXPress, from version 4 right up to the latest version. We do the
File>Open. In Q2ID, you can convert, not only one, but you can select multiple
files or convert at one time. Markzware’s Q2ID also has QuarkXPress 2019 support,
meaning it will convert the latest QuarkXPress files. For users that are
switching back and forth between the two, some minor touching up might be
needed, at some times. However, the conversion is very good. Just check out
some of these fantastic customer quotes, recent ones, too. As you can see, Q2ID
does what it says on the tin and does it very well. To get more information on
Markzware’s Q2ID, cruise on over to our web page on There,
you can find more information on Q2ID and see how we can help you save
a lot of time and money on converting your old Quark content, over into
InDesign. Thank you. David Dilling, for Markzware,
wishing you a fantastic day!

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