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Purchase and Read Magazines and Newspapers in Newsstand

September 11, 2019

If you ever wanted to read magazines on your
iPad then this lesson shows you how to do that. We’ re going to take a look at Newsstand,
which is the app for searching for and subscribing to magazines and newspapers. Newsstand comes
with your iPad; its a pre-installed app and if I open mine, there are some magazines here
and a newspaper that I have downloaded. I have yet to subscribe to them. Let’s look
first at how a magazine looks in Newsstand. Let’s take a look at TechLife. When I open
TechLife, it takes me to the Store. TechLife is a part of another store and I can go and
buy individual editions of TechLife and that money will come out of your iTunes credit,
or in this case, because I didn’t want to subscribe to it, in the library I’ve downloaded
the Free issue. Some of them will have free preview issues. Some of them will only be
a free issue once you have subscribed. I’m just going to read this one; it’s being downloaded
and once you download a magazine, it will sit there within the TechLife app and take
up storage until you delete it. I’m looking at this in the Landscape mode but I’ve found
the Portrait mode is best for reading magazines. As it opens, this is the cover and I can scroll
along the bottom here and open this at any page that I like. I don’t have to start at
Page 1. Let’s open up that page and then turn it back to portrait because it’s just easier
to see one page at a time. In navigating through the magazine, you’re just swiping left to
right and from page to page. The writing is pretty small; very hard to even see on this
screen. You’ll also see that anything with a link is also clickable. If I want  to read
it, I can pinch and zoom so I can see that text a little easier as it is quite small.
Any links there are; If I tap that link, it’s going to open that page in
Safari if I tap that button. It’s interactive and then I can close and go back to where
I was. Any of these magazines are all now interactive. Many of them will have some video
or some sort of multimedia as well. I’m just scrolling backwards and forwards. If you want
to skip to a specific page, you just tap the screen and you can pick any page you like.
If I go back to landscape view, you can see the two pages as you would a normal magazine.
It’s just really hard to read and you’re forever pinching and zooming to try and read that.
Each magazine will have its own set of icons. For this one, if I tap home, I’m going back
to the Home page of the library. This button, at the top lets you select a specific page.
That’s the same as having that page along the bottom. When you’re done with that magazine,
you need to press the home button  which will get you back to your collection. This
is a newspaper, the Herald Sun in Melbourne. In the Herald sun it gives you the complete
newspaper, but I would have to purchase that edition in order to look at it. This is Mondays
and if I want to read it, it asks me to subscribe. Many of the newspapers have actual apps for
their iPad. There is a Herald Sun app specifically for that paper. Let’s look at how you find
magazines. Go back into Newsstand, back to Landscape and in the Newsstand app, at the
bottom right, you’ll see Store. This will take you to the App Store where newspapers
and magazines are located. At the top is a scrolling list of current  magazines or current
specials; things that might catch your attention. Magazines for under $40, free trials on Newsstand,
subscribe and get first issue free. This means that you have to actually subscribe before
you get anything free. If I downloaded Recipes Plus magazine. Just tap the Get, tap Install,
and once it’s downloaded, you can either open it if you’re still in the store or you can
go back. Tap the Home button and go back into Newsstand and there’s Recipes Plus. You don’t
get any issue for free until you subscribe. You’ll also get the first time you download
a magazine this message that the particular app would like to send you notifications.
It could be that every time there is a new edition of that magazine, you get a notification
in the Notification Center. You can either Allow or not allow it. If you don’t allow
it, you can go back later and change your mind. For December, I need to buy that issue.
I can get a one month subscription, or two months or 12 month subscription. There’s nothing
I can do there until I actually subscribe to it and pay for it. I’m only getting the
first four pages just so I can see what it looks like. You could restore your purchases
if you subscribed to this magazine some time ago and forgotten about it. Tap the Home button
to go back to Newsstand.  If I don’t want that one any more, just tap and hold and Delete.
 A word of advice then. Every thing you have to pay for; there is very little that is free.
Tap the Home button to stop. Go back to the Store. If you’ve got a specific magazine that
you’d like to search for. You can search for it. up to Search, put a new search in and
I’m looking for Dog Training. It’s going to come up with; make sure that I don’t want
Apps. This is giving me Apps. I want to go into All Categories and I want Newsstand.
Dog Magazines or Dog News and then I can go through and look at each one. For example,
this one, Caesar’s Way, the iPad Edition. As with all of the apps or media on the iPad,
you get the same structure here. You get Details so you can go through and look at some of
the previous editions. Reviews. You can see if there are any reviews and in this case,
there isn’t any. You could write your own review. Any related magazines similar to this
one. You’ve got a Description and a link to expand that description. If you subscribe,
you can get one year of six issues for $10, automatically renewed until you cancel it.
You need to be aware of that. If you subscribe, and then you forget about it, in the next
year, you’ll get slugged another subscription. There’s information to give you an idea about
the compatibility. What do you need to actually use it. Its rating. How big is it? In App
Purchases. Here’s the price for each issue. Say No. Now I will buy one. Go back to the
Store. You’ve also got Top Charts. If you’re looking for the top free magazines, the top
grossing magazines. You go into Categories and then select Newsstand. You’ve got different
areas, Genres. I’m going to go for a Computing and Internet. Download iCreate. Install it.
Go back to Newsstand. It takes a while for it to download all the thumbnails and all
the editions. This one cost $6.49 for an edition, I think. There’s a free sample. Some of them
will have free samples. You can look through each one of these and see if there is any
individual issues that you’d like to buy rather than subscribe, particularly if there are
back issues. If I want this one. This is the latest edition, then I’m going to buy it.
Again, put your password in, and Buy. Now I’m only buying one issue; I haven’t subscribed.
Just buying one. That will download. Purchase was successful, and now it starts to download
that issue which could take some time depending on how big it is. Go to the Settings. There
is a link there to Subscriptions. I haven’t done a subscription yet, I’m just taking one
month and you can see that is downloading. It will cost me $42 for one year. $22.99 for
6 months. You can subscribe. Once you buy one, you might find it’s worth it so you subscribe.
You could redeem a code if you’ve been given a Gift Card. They are the only settings there.
Reader. Any time there is a link in the magazine, you do want to open that link in Safari. Say
Yes, because you might want to save some bookmarks or you could share things to other apps. So
turn that on. Any Support on the subscriptions. Some Frequently Asked Questions on specific
issues about what you do. Once it’s downloaded, you go to your Library and see the issue there.
Tap that and I can open that issue as it’s downloaded. Again, turn it back to Portrait
so I can see a little easier. Tap the screen. You’ve got all the pages along the bottom.
You have some brightness controls up the top there. Search for something up there. Search
within the issue. Add a favourite page, and actually go to a specific page. If I want
to know how to to create my own loops in Garageband, I can go straight to that. Page and then I
could Favourite that page. Add that page as a Favourite so you can come back to it. It
has some pretty good filtering and organisational tools within the issue. Go back to the Library.
If I want to delete it, Tap Edit. There is a cross up there and I can delete that one.
You can see your issues sitting there and then I can move them around; put them in a
different order. I might delete this TechLife one. So just tap the cross and delete it.
The Home button to stop that. Notifications. I have mentioned that a couple of times. Go
into Settings. Notifications. There will be a notification for that particular magazine.
Scroll down the list of notifications that I’ve allowed access to. At the bottom, you
can see the last three: A Dog’s Life. Caesar’s Way that I’ve said Yes – you can send me notifications.
Go back in and take that permission away. With iCreate, I can allow notifications. With
Notifications, if you swipe down from where the time is, you’ll see all your notifications
and they will appear in the Notifications View. You can see a couple of notifications
that I have there. This is what you’re allowing access to. It’s a bit of an inconvenience
initially because something will come up on the top of the screen but it disappears within
seconds. If you miss it, you can grab it back by going into the Notifications Center. If
you have subscribed, then you need to manage your subscriptions. You do that within the
actual application. Within Newsstand, inside the app. If I’ve got a subscription, I can
go back to the Store. In this case, it’s Settings. Look for a setting where the subscriptions
are and you should be able to cancel your subscription. In this lesson, we took a look
at Newsstand which is the app to purchase and download magazines.

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