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#ProjectModelMorph: Adobe MAX 2018 (Sneak Peek) | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 6, 2019

We’re going to dive
into 3D modeling! Might scare you a little bit,
I get it. 3D modeling, pulling vectors
can be very complex for designers, I get it. But this next sneak
makes it intuitive and easy. Please welcome Giorgio Gori
with Project Model Morph. -Welcome!
-Hey! (applause) Hello, everyone! So, I was asked
to design a scene with a trophy for our host. I found a model in stock
that I like, so let’s bring it
into Dimension. It’s missing a part,
but we can add that as an image to the model,
and I have one ready. Yeah! I like that! Unfortunately,
there’s not enough room. Now, with the current tools,
this is a problem. I can try scaling the model
on the vertical axis, but this results in distortion, so it is not really an option. The traditional workflow
is to open this trophy into 3D modeling software and then add it
essentially vertex by vertex, and it looks
something like this. So I would go down here
and select the vertex and drag it down. Now, I need to do the whole row, so let’s start from the bottom. And select the vertex
and another one and another one. Now, there are over
30,000 vertices in this model, so this will take a while, and also we have to make sure
to maintain all the symmetry as well while doing this. Now, I can select multiple
vertices at the same time, but even selection itself
can be tedious and tricky. So, overall, this would be
a slow process, and there has to be
a better way to do this. We present Project Model Morph, a new, intuitive approach
to geometry modeling. For now, it is a separate tool, but imagine it’s gonna be part
of a Dimension workflow. We extract salient features and we use those
to edit the model at a higher level rather than using
mesh primitives. Okay. So, first of all,
let’s make room for our graphic. I can select
those two handles down here and translate them down,
making space. (applause) And then let me show you what other interesting edits
we could do. So maybe I want to change
the center part, so I can select those
and maybe scale it. And maybe this whole
top part is too large. I can select everything here
and translate it down, compressing it. Note that doing this manually
will involve a lot of effort into editing
all of those vertices here. And finally,
I want to edit the handles, and, of course, I want
to maintain the symmetry. Model Morph
automatically detects and preserves symmetries for me. (applause) And with that, now,
let me export this and we can show it back
into Dimension. So, as you saw,
I edited this model in under a minute, and this is only
one possibility. We can really create any number of quality assets
to choose from, and those are some examples. Paul, which one should we use? Give Tiffany the big one! Yeah, the biggest one! -All right, you got it!
-The biggest one you got. So let me set the scene. First clear this. (indistinct remarks) I don’t know
what’s gonna happen next. You gonna put me on the trophy? Oh, shoot! (laughter) Do it, let’s see what you do! And then I can add the trophy. And the plaque. Now… And then I can
place it on the table. Now, I should render this, but it would take
a couple of minutes, and I’m getting
kicked off the stage, so I did it already. And so then we open
the render in Photoshop, we play with the layers a bit, and here’s the final result. -Thank you.
-Oh! Thank you, Giorgio! (applause)


  • Reply HECMAR JAYAM October 17, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    Lots of potential with this one. Feels very intuitive and simple.

  • Reply Andrew Coleman October 18, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    I feel like this misrepresents the actual difficulty of manipulating vertices by making it seem much harder than it is. It seems equivalent to selecting an edge loop and transforming with a distance falloff. But it is cool how it auto-detects important edge loops, and the drag-and-drop textures are still cool.

  • Reply Georg E. October 27, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    Adobe Dimension renderer is waaaaaaay tooooo sloooooow…….

  • Reply carla93763 December 17, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    the tool seems to simple, I feel there is no freedom of choice, but it's in a research form for now so we'll see

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