Professional Twerker: Jessica Vanessa, Vine’s Most Famous Booty Shaker

October 29, 2019

START 00:03
COMM: Jessica Vanessa is the number one twerker in the world, with 2 million social media
followers. 00:09
MAN: I give her a ten out of ten. 00:10
COMM: And the 22-year-old makes a sex figure salary from her online appearances. 00:16
JESSICA: What I make in six seconds would take me like four months to make as a pre-k
teacher at work. 00:22
WOMAN: It’s just because boys are perverted. 00:24
JESSICA: I don’t necessarily want to say my income, but I can tell you this I bought a
new car, paid in off in full, and I was able to get out of debt, from my school that I
graduated from. 00:35
MAN: She should come out to this part of the beach more often. 00:40
COMM: Jessica used to work as a kindergarten teacher but took a huge risk by quitting her
job, to focus on making her videos. 00:48
JESSICA: Either I make money on the internet, I make money doing these videos, or I’m gonna
be broke and jobless and once I quit, thank God all these opportunities out of nowhere
for some reason just rammed into my face like hey we want you here, we want you there, come
travel here, come travel there. We’re gonna offer you this much money and this much money
and it’s was like woah, woah, woah, it was like so much to take in. 01:08
COMM: However social media sensation Jessica wasn’t always this outgoing. 01:12
JESSICA: When I was younger I was very shy, I didn’t like dancing in front of anybody,
I didn’t talk unless I was spoken to, I started to hang out with a different crowd, that crowd
was more outgoing and I guess that’ what brought out a different side of me. 01:29
JESSICA: And I’ve always had it within me, the energetic side, the real outgoing, the
dancing the twerking. I guess I didn’t really break out of it until my middle school years,
and then once I hit high school it was a wrap from there, everyone from high school knew
me as the party girl. 01:44
COMM: And despite her online popularity she’s faced criticisms so harsh that she’s thought
about giving up. 01:51
JESSICA: People like to define twerking as just a type of dance, that’s it, if you were
open minded you would understand that. I do get plenty of comments, rude comments, mean
comments, I’ve had two breakdowns where I just wanted to delete all my social networks
at one point I was just getting hate after hate after hate after hate. And it really
really got to me and I remember I cried in my room and I just kind of like closed the
door and y’know like I didn’t have anybody to go to so I was just really like to myself,
I felt alone, like how can I have 1.9 million followers and feel this alone. 02:39
COMM: However she can rely on the support of her family. 02:43
JESSICA: When it comes to my twerking they’re very open minded people, they don’t look at
it as degrading, they don’t look at it in disgust, they’re very supportive, whatever
I like doing, whatever I feel like doing, yeah go ahead and do it is what they would
say. 02:55
COMM: Her brother Joshua is her cameraman and Jessica says even her grandmother would
approve. 03:00
JESSICA: She’s wild and crazy like me, so if I were too show her she’d probably get
excited and do it with me, so I could twerk in front of my grandma and she’d be like like
“Oh go ahead girl” like she’d be excited for it. 03:12
COMM: Jessica’s Dad Rafael does have some reservations though. 03:15
RAFAEL: I do worry, I think the twerking videos y’know most people might consider it sexual,
not something I really want my daughter’s name with but I know it goes with the territory,
I look at it from a different light, I look at it as she’s just having fun and if that’s
what she likes to do and that’s what she wants to do the I’m gonna support her 100%. 03:36
RAFAEL: I even joked around with her one time telling her I wanted to do one with her, y’know
I don’t think I will. 03:41
COMM: So with her lucrative online career based on twerking videos and comedy skits
firmly established does she ever think about returning to work as a teacher? 03:52
JESSICA: I don’t necessarily miss being a pre-k teacher, I do miss the people that I
used to work with as well as my old kids but I never enjoyed working 9 to 5, I always wanted
to be somebody big, I always wanted to entertain people. END

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