Pro Tips from Creative Pros: Vladimir Petkovic on Artboards in Dimension | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 27, 2019

– My name is Vladimir Petkovic. I work as an art director
for Adobe Systems. Let’s see how we can use
Artboards in Adobe Illustrator in order to add several
textures to our material, in Dimension 2.0, using the same file. So, as you can see over here, I actually have four art boards, which I’m going to use in
order to texture my asset. Alright, so I’m going back to Dimension. And I’m going to bring in this file. And now, since I have several art boards, I can actually pick which
one I want to choose for all of the parameters. So let’s do the same thing for roughness. So from the dropdown menu, I can now choose a different art board. So I’m going to pick the third one. Finally let’s repeat the process
for the metallic channel. And this time, I’m going
to select the second one. In Dimension 2.0, there’s a live link between Dimension and Illustrator. So if I want to change the
base color, for instance, I can simply click on the edit icon, which is going to take me to Illustrator. And here I can fine tune my texture. I’m going to change the
background color to white. As soon as I save, the changes are going to
be reflected in Dimension. This feature has helped
me be more creative and efficient, and I’m hoping
it’s going to help you too.

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