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Pro Tips from Creative Pros: Jill DaSilva on Going from Illustrator to XD | Adobe Creative Cloud

November 1, 2019

– Hi, my name’s Jill DaSilva, and the Pro Tip that I’m
gonna be showing today is how to open different file
types inside of Adobe XD. I’m gonna now open up a Illustrator file. So I’m gonna go to my folder, I’m gonna open with Adobe XD. And as you can see, it opens
up the layers perfectly, with all of the editable
objects available, as well as the symbols and assets. And one of the great things about this is that everything is still editable. As you see, I can go back
in, and I can edit text. I’m gonna now open up the
Photoshop file, open with XD. And I’m going to copy and paste
this into my existing file. And I can be in prototyping, and building out the rest of the screens, all in one location, in one file type. And now, I’m ready to
share with my developers. Instead of having
developers having to have Photoshop, Illustrator, and
all these other design tools, I can now share with one
published design spec, all of the downloadable assets that the developers will need
to build this product. Being able to open different
file types inside Adobe XD has really helped me be able
to streamline my workflow, and make sharing with
developers that much easier, and I hope it helps you, too.

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