Pro Tip from Creative Pros: Abdullah Quick on Models in Fuse & Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

October 12, 2019

– My name’s Abdullah Quick. I’m gonna show you how to create your own human model in Adobe Fuse. We’re gonna start off with picking a head. There are many heads here, and I’m gonna pick this one right here. Same with the torso. At this point we’re creating the basic human figure to start off with. Just gonna add some arms
on here and some legs. Now that this is here, we’ve got the body. To customize the actual
aspects of the body, you’re gonna want to go to customize, and you’re gonna want to change every aspect of it individually. This counts for the head,
face, arms, legs, whole body. If you want you can always tap and drag on different aspects of it to make that part of the body larger or smaller. Once you’ve gotten the character that you’re happy with, you can change clothing. So for clothing I’m gonna go with a un-tucked dress shirt. For bottoms we’re gonna
go with firefighter pants. And of course we have to have some, well why don’t I go with a mask. Once you have a character that you like, you can export it through
export, model as OBJ. Once you’re here you can
keep everything the same. Great, now it’s been exported and we can open up something like Cinema 4D. So here it is in Cinema 4D, and you can just drag and
drop any kind of text on it. You can render it out in an environment or with lighting setup. Then from Cinema 4D you can open up into a composition like this in Photoshop. I have one already made here, but it’s created in Photoshop, and textured in Cinema 4D
with some lighting as well, and various elements
from Illustrator added. So this is an example of the kind of composition you can make
with Fuse and Photoshop. Alright I just showed you guys how to create your own customizable 3D model, a human figure. It really helped me because I had a hard time figuring out how to find high quality human models
online free to download. So this software is just a great software. It helped me and I hope it
helps you as much as it did me.

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