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Présentation de la chaîne Guillaume Astuces (Chaîne de tutos pour apprendre à faire des vidéos)

November 18, 2019

Hi this is Guillaume, You also want to make videos without any costs, but you don’t know how to do. How to start ? Which software will you use ? Don’t panic, my channel is made for you. Welcome to : GUILLAUME ASTUCES. In my channel, we will find 4 main parts. 1st part, which is the most important, You will find videos that teach you how to make videos, how to edit, sound record, screen record, etc… most of the time with free softwares. 2nd part of my channel. We will find videos dedicate to tricks on Youtube, for example : how to add subscribe link, how to find your subscriber list, or how to plan your video release. 3rd part. This part will be focus on cinema, I’ll teach you some technics and visual effects, like the Timelapse, the Vertigo effect, even, how to clone yourself on a video. All of this with easy explanations, and lots of details. And then, in the 4th and final part of my Youtube channel, you will find gameplay with commentaries, in which I filmed myself playing video games I liked, in order to share with you my feelings, for your pleasure ! Then, I hope you’ll like my Youtube channel, don’t hesitate to subscribe if it’s not already done, don’t hesitate to share it, So, see you soon on my videos. Ciao !


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    +1 Abonner

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    Je suis fan

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    Je suis tomber sur ta chaîne par hasard je cherchais comment mettre le logo s'abonner et tu m'as beaucoup aider tu mérites beaucoup plus d'abonnés je te ferais de la pub partout!

  • Reply zia bel la vie et la natureالحياة والطبيعة February 3, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    bonjour votre chaîne est magnifique ….bon dimanche👍

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