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PODCAST: Spill the Beans with The Juicy Vlog!

November 7, 2019

hi everyone welcome to spirit of its
podcast my name is Lester and today hold up yours it’s already all tagalog thank
you for very okay alright so today is alright thank you guys thank you ma’am
we keepers in the future subscribers and we’re very lucky this week we’ve been
having a lot of guests and we’ve been this is the second couple that we’ve had
right Lester I think just a few days ago we had a Chris and Christina of Mackin
teens so memory keepers and future subscribers today we have a another
special couple they’ve been around for for some time I think the the channels
been around since 2014 yeah I’m 14 so guys I’ll just ask you to
look at camera five lawanda by the wall and then you just introduce yourselves so where the juicy vlog George and Lucy
a lot of people don’t realize that the name actually comes from our names
George and Lucy juicy one of the most common questions we get asked weird why
the juicy vlog why the name yeah there you go if you don’t know or if you don’t
know who we are yeah we’ve been making videos for around
four years we’ve been making travel content for about one year yeah fell in love with the Philippines
last year and all of this year spent a lot of time here thanks for having us on
Wow Wow I didn’t know well I didn’t know the the it was George and Lucy on the so
when you guys started immediately was it the juicy vlog or you really had that
name it was we had like three videos from our holiday mhm and we kind of film
for ourselves we thought we want to upload them somewhere so we can see then
we can share them the family on Facebook and stuff and yeah we just uploaded them
then when we started to do like more YouTube style videos mhm and try and
sort of build a bit of an audience or something with a GC blog so maybe like
three videos in like a con it was like we kind of fell into YouTube
accidentally yeah but then after a few videos we decided we want to it was
around the time of in the UK anyway a lot of challenge videos sit down in
front of the camera like talk about topic or silly challenges and stuff like
that so a lot okay let’s try and lessen start making a few of these and then it
just went then we started kind of creating daily vlog style videos but we
both worked full-time jobs back in the UK before so we were trying to vlog
around our jobs on weekends and stuff like that two or three uploads a week
and then in the last year about a year ago we went full-time completely with it
oh that was just last year yeah alright but that first video was that just a
random trip that you guys decided we remember yeah sorry it had so many
elements to it it had to put that together because we took we took the
catio is your old camera yeah I mean and Lucy just died filming stuff well okay
let’s just put a little video together at this trip you fat
somehow figured out how to edit yeah I don’t know what we were using at
time some old Windows laptop or something
iMovie no the wind Windows Movie Maker together you’ve managed to get some
music in there and the old camera was like it was it was manual focus this is
like half press for the folks you can hear it throughout the whole thing in
our first but I remember those alright so through to spill the beads
fashion is that we usually watch the first video are you guys okay we’ve
never deleted a video we’re very you know we like to see the whole story of
where we’ve calm and everything so absolutely fine alright can you walk us
through the the first video once we pull it up yeah oh you’ve been to bag you yes you have 655 uploads I think this is
like it’s crazy because this is just our life yeah I find that so fascinating
with vloggers that in 50 years they’ll be able to go and look imagine if we
could see what our parents are doing in high-definition in their 20s and never
side that way yeah our kids and grandkids will be so where did you get
it edit this at your mom’s house just where you’re living with our parents
yeah one boy and one girl out on an adventure in England it’s not glamorous are the
music well your voice is really good I just you know doing the narrative
campaign I’m just gonna sit back and watch I know and I saw this a while ago
I was like wow alright wearing a hat as well love the music choice what’s that
effect I’ve just agreed yeah let’s make this edgy this make it
look like VHS onto us like yeah this is right nice fade I didn’t fancy filled my
whole face I’m fake sound effects yep I’m sorry guys I’m sure I’m just gonna
take this in there I just enjoy it how many of you 3,000 views see when we
uploaded this it got about 20 views so these views are from people more
recently see before we even knew what copyright was yeah yeah so this was five
years ago yeah five years ago and you know what we we just went back to this
place a few weeks ago in the UK yeah same place with our family as a small
vacation alright what was the biggest challenge on your first video nothing
because we didn’t know we were making a film we didn’t know we were gonna put
this on all on YouTube yeah we were just kind of making it for ourselves
yeah there was no structure there was no planning new she would just like when
I’m putting up the tent at least he would just grab the cup to be fair
though that’s what we do now yeah there’s very little planning or
structure to our daily vlogs now we just pick up the camera and go about our day
really yeah that’s that’s the when I was watching your channel trailer and then
you guys were talking about on how he started and then how it was so organic
and on how everything began especially with this video definitely right and yes
it looks like such a journey going through one video to another right but
as I asked Chris and Christina is there any tension when you’re working as a
couple especially when you guys are just starting out think of it that way
obviously we film our whole lives together we live together we work
together we edit together we are a couple anyway most couples go off to
work separately and evening yeah everything’s together business partners
but if anything it’s like made us stronger
we both love it we both enjoy it and it’s our passion together yeah then it
just works yeah I mean I think people come together because they have
similarities mhm and it was never like neither of us vlogged or anything
separately from from each other so we together so it just it just has felt
natural now that it’s been four or five years
it just feels incredibly natural what we do we’ve got a common goals we’ve got
common mindsets we are very still very different in some ways we are different
people naturally yeah like but we kind of balance each other out and it yeah
somehow works it is unusual what we do I think it’s normal for us because it’s
our daily life every single day every other copy if you have little arguments
we’re not like these humans yeah it does work we get through it and we enjoy it
yeah George we just have to ask for the memory keepers and the future
subscribers yeah you have such a good voice is there any background to that
where you we did the only thing I’ve done which this set up really reminded
me of with the mics and the mixing desk is student radio so I did I spy did a
media degree at university in the UK and that specialised in radio production so
I did student radio shows with a bunch of friends and a lot of the projects
were recording your own voice and stuff but I never liked my own voice this was
never liked it at all when I listened back to radio shows and even vlogs
starting out I don’t care now it’s very soothing really it is have you
heard of a was ASMR in the UK is a huge thing people like eat or like tap their
nails on the microphone and make noises with their mouths and like whisper knows
this like it’s it’s odd yeah but people love it it’s just like a seething thing
yeah anyway yes so that that’s the only real background I’ve had in that so it
really just adds to the vlog with you guys being there and and the
relationship is so genuine specially I watched something where you guys went to
a beach I know you’ve been to a lot of beaches
I can’t remember the name it’s Raavan or Lester help me out no I think the the
thumbnail was like 48 hours can you pull it up straight and I don’t know once we
once we see the thumbnail that’s where I found out about your newsletter in the
Philippines just go down ah Cambodia yes there you go okay thank you
thank you thank you so you could really see the the dynamics of your
relationship how relaxed you guys are around each other yeah because a lot of
people trying to fake it I’ve seen some a couple vloggers who who really look
like they’re trying their best to get along really sense some awkwardness I
think when we meet people they often say that we are exactly how we are on camera
yes how we want to be we don’t want to put we’re not actors we don’t want to
put on this image of someone we’re not we are just how we are and we film it
it’s like that way around instead of that’s true yeah we say that if someone
had a camera and they were following us around in the day and edited a video
together it would look similar to the vlog that’s is so surreal when you guys
walked in when you put your life on the internet you’re how accountable for
things you do and things you say so it is real yeah obviously we have editing
and stuff like that but it is just us living living yes that’s all it is it’s
quite basic really what we do Wow I just want to listen to George I’m
getting low I’m getting relaxed all right sorry lastly I think it wasn’t in
Cambodia you guys were saying okay if you go to the Cambodia playlist just
there just oh no sorry okay it will be there yeah just scroll down and there
was just there that playlist 655 uploads I try to do my best I think
I’ve watched about I’ll be honest I think it was about 23 oh wow yeah I try
my best to do research yeah yes do come in we get messages from people saying
I’ve just discovered your channel and I’ve spent the last two weeks watching
every single video watching just watching us yeah but at 655 it’s gonna
take it was like Game of Thrones we hadn’t watched any of it and then
recently we like watched the whole thing so if you watched my maths is terrible
if you watched one a day that would take you years to watch a video yeah yeah I
like how you guys are able to the guests that you had was she a subscriber on
your most recent video yeah she was she came to a couple of our meetups and she
actually what stood out about her to us was that she watched our videos the road
trip vlogs going through the Philippines and she wrote a list of every restaurant
we went to every coffee shop every hotel everything we visited in a list and she
kept this like diary of what we were doing showed us at a meet-up
we’re like can you send that to us cuz that’s actually really really helpful so
that was so some of the audience really really get into what we do and that’s a
huge thing that we love about that’s probably the most what we love about it
the community the two-way thing yeah with the audience and you guys were very
generous and at least it was very enlightening that you guys were saying
that I think she said she only had like 10 to 50 views on the first blog right
and then you guys were saying if there were 50 people here it would it would be
pretty cramped yeah right exactly exactly I mean that’s a big thing to do
at least if you hear those encouraging words to someone who’s just starting I
think because we’ve our channel kind of blew up earlier this year so we’re still
very much in the mindset of where we were before we were happy we’ve never
got upset about views or subscriber numbers
we did we’d have stopped this two or three years ago we would have done
because for the first four years three or four years we’re getting 500 views on
a video 700 views if it got to a thousand that was amazing yeah yeah
totally happy with that we always wanted it to become more but we were completely
happy with where we were mm-hmm so I think now we’re still in that mindset
that we just grateful just purely great flavor anyone who watches watches
something takes time out of their day easy we all are someone who takes 10 to
20 minutes out of their day to watch us live our day yeah that’s amazing you
have to be grateful you have to give back to the community interact we I try
reply to every DM on Instagram Wow we try many comments on YouTube as we
possibly can how many hours does that take you
several whenever we’ve just got a spare five minutes we’re going through
audience and we probably both doing over an hour a day each on report just
replying to stuff Wow Wow I mean we’d get an average of I think 200 to 300
comments and I can only a lot about three hours per workday and start even
enough and yeah exactly it’s really really hard to reply but again that’s
humbling and that’s so so grateful that there are that many comments and it’s
something that I think is very important if you’re if you’re vlogging if you’re
starting an online you know content creation if you’re putting something out
online to respond to the people who are who are responding with you yeah that’s
very good and let’s pull up that that most recent video Lester so this is
what’s her name again sorry Leo Leo all right and then she had a set quite as
she was really prepared yeah her cousin she was 11 she was 11 I remember you
were you were saying that you were trying to remind her of when you were 11
or something exactly all right so the that one right there so this was just a
few days ago right yeah maybe three or four days ago and
this is your new place no no it’s nice this is the air B&B we were staying in
whilst we were moving into the and we had both at the
same time and kind of moved over okay so have you guys have moved in right yeah
two days ago we properly moved in alright yeah it’s not that ref it’s
still new it’s the the fridge there you guys go
yes I’ll see you yeah very we we saw we were looking online for a long time
beforehand looked at a lot places did some viewings and this one this one just
stood out it was clean it was modern new fridge new TV everything was new yeah
got really lucky it was set up well you were saying all right so this is one of
their subscribers who had the privilege to meet you guys how did it happen
as you guys were saying she messaged she sent me a DM on Instagram because we she
sends me stuff anywhere we chat sometimes anyway two of on Manila meet
yeah she’s always pretty sweet and she had this list and stuff and she does
sent me a message saying is there any chance I could interview you I mean like
yeah of course like we’d love to it sounds great yeah and we weren’t we knew
we were in Manila for a bit we were moving around she’s we know that she
loves our content and our videos and stuff so I thought yeah why not I mean
we have we do have other requests for things like this but I know sometimes
someone people get through and yeah you know she’s she’s very friendly she’s
very polite how many questions were there Oh 45-minute video yeah and I
think we left most of it in I think yeah she planned her questions and yeah I
think she was a bit nervous but she did so so well yeah I saw are you guys open
to other subscribers meeting you as well or is this something that you’ve done
you’re only planning to do very seldom it depends it honestly depends
case-by-case like if we resonate with someone if we get on with someone then
we have no problem with doing things like this we also were able to upload
this ourselves so you know it was a video for us to use as well yeah so
there’s that but yeah absolutely I mean we we meet people
all the time you know just walking around the streets and stuff and we’ll
always stop and say hi and take so you’re very open you’re very open and
someone wants to say hi someone wants to take a picture I think because the only
reason we can do what we do is because of the audience okay so without them
without them you if we couldn’t do it so we yeah always have time so there are no
moments that you would say that’s a little off base and maybe don’t approach
them if they knocked on our front door and if we don’t know if we’re eating
maybe or something if we’re eating people generally wait until we finish
and say like I didn’t want to interrupt your dinner but can I have a selfie or
something but I don’t know you like this exceptions yeah if someone says passing
us and they don’t live in the area in it they’re surprised to see us of course
come over like yeah yeah all right but have you guys ever been blogging and
then you’re you’re in a rhythm you’re really telling them about the place and
all of a sudden someone jumps in and saying yeah logs are very just let the
camera roll whatever happens happens and yeah that’s quite funny people just Yelp
juicy people yeah in the background just turn around wave and then continue
vlogging so that’s the best way to get your attention daily juice we get because we call our
videos daily juice we get yelled at a lot
so how how is your stay in BGC so far we love BGC yeah what’s the one thing that
really resonates with you guys we’re staying here in BGC for me it’s how
green it is there’s a lot of like huge skyscrapers shopping malls and stuff but
yeah it’s so green and there’s so many plants and like open areas and
restaurants and coffee shops the cats oh that’s my aunt so sorry
take the cat the cat yeah there are a lot there are a lot yeah but where did
yes tea before what was the first spot that you guys visited in Manila was it
bgz or did you guys go somewhere else it was more
the popular Shan area I think in McCarthy yeah yeah it’s like so busy and
crazy because we we found a hotel that we kind of liked it was a good price it
was at the time when we were trying to spend the least amount of money on
accommodation yeah we were because we’d come from Thailand and Cambodia and
stuff we were spending like ten pounds a night on and we were just trying to keep
our costs low because we weren’t really earning any money when we started so
we’re trying to keep the costs very very low so we booked into a cheaper hotel
okay stay there for a while yes I Makati was kind of the general that was the
first one that was first I don’t we discovered BGC and we really liked it so
when we wanted to get a base here yeah we thought our less looking BGC see if
we can find something now we did so the first impression of Manila was Makati I
guess so yeah all the drive from the airport
really yeah I think we struggled to get a grab the first time so we’re stood in
the heat for a lot because it was very very busy you know I think we flew in
late there’s like to hear more something stupid yeah and yeah so we had like a
long drive but then the grab drivers really friendly made us welcome hotel
staff and ice and it’s okay so as the people always say it’s the people that
keep us coming back to the Philippines Georgia taking me out of my element I
just want to listen to you tell your story you can listen to our podcast when
we start yeah yeah you guys should really have a podcast but what video
really picked up as you guys were saying a while ago that you only had like 500
views you were happy if you reach a thousand which which one of the videos
that did you guys have the really picked up I would say that there was no single
video that suddenly did it yeah big which I which I like because it means
that there’s kind of some consistency across our channel which I really like
but there is one video that has got 1.3 million views now I think which is the
if you filter by most popular at the top right you will be able to see it and
it’s our it’s our one when we came back to the Philippines from London in
January London to Manila 1.3 million views so that the
then we’ve got a few more videos that are big as well so this video is some
reason picked up yeah up big time I don’t we don’t know why that’s the thing
with YouTube you never know why you can create a video that you think is gonna
do really well and then one that you always get many views and it’s fine and
that’s but that’s another reason why we try not to care much about that kind of
thing actually very very good advice for people who are starting yeah yeah if you
get into the numbers you won’t enjoy it and you’ll just upload something you’ll
love what you’ve created it doesn’t get the views you’ll get upset and you won’t
create again people get I know how that feels
yeah well people get caught up in it way too much yeah I see people on Instagram
and stuff they get and this is bigger creators as well this as well not just
people starting out so if someone gets eight sorry eight thousand likes instead
of fifteen thousand likes I only got eight thousand likes what about those
eight thousand players that’s right your photo
yeah I think people at this day and age of social media people start to forget
how to quantify numbers when they get a hundred they feel like I only got a
hundred the problem is people don’t think of numbers as people numbers as
numbers but numbers are people there’s no real people all right yeah that’s how
we know that is true people tend to forget that there are people watching
all they see are numbers and sometimes well that’s the problem with content
creators now we really get obsessed with numbers and a hundred and a thousand
isn’t enough and it stops people from creating yeah people would rather not
post because they think it’s not going to get likes that’s true well that many
likes is better than zero likes surely if that’s where your mind says that’s
the whole thing of being daily as well we upload pretty much every day
if one video doesn’t get as many as we thought the next day might it might not
it’s just like if you were every day you’re just putting everything you can
into it forget the numbers I look at it like touring musician you know you’re
you’re vlogging you’re on tour you’re playing to a new crowd every night some
night one night you’re playing Wembley Stadium
so many people the next night you play a small gig a nice theater there’s less
people but they still love what you’re doing that’s how I can that’s a good
perspective I came up with that about a month ago
quite happy there’s a very good perspective how if someone wanted to
create if there’s someone who wants to be a content creator and it’s been six
months and he’s still not getting any traction there’s like zero mileage on
this on his videos I know I think we started that way like six months we were
just getting 30 videos oh yes four years before you guys really started picking
up yeah you can’t you’ve got to love what you do and do it because you enjoy
it and cause it’s the passion because you want to get views or you want to
make money or you want to be famous to be because you love it and if you get
views in over four years great if you don’t try another four years cuz if our
lives changed quite dramatically in the in the past year now that we’re doing
this full-time living life completely on our own terms making an income but if
we’d given up after three and a half years yeah which is still a long time
yes if we’ve given up after a year and said all that we’ve done this for a
whole year now nothing’s really happening nothing’s going on let’s stop
but we just we were just enjoying it so we never we never thought are when is
this gonna take off we just like off when’s the next video let’s edit upload
are cool we’ve got 20 comments great let’s reply to these people thanks so
much for watching the video I think people might look at us and say oh it’s
all very well than saying that because they have they do get using their videos
yeah but then if you look back we never had one video that went viral in the
past and we gained lo the subscribers from that and then that’s how we get our
audience it’s been so like slow and organic then actually it has taken time
that and that’s not a whole four years behind us that’s the best way a lot of
people when they’re trying to grow they try and hop on trends and things like we
know much of that we always just made videos that we wanted to make and I
think that’s how you make your most genuine content actually wanting to make
it you gave such good examples for for content creators especially those people
who want to start because you’re right I mean you don’t try to make a viral
video be consistent with it keep uploading and
eventually things are gonna work out and be smart with it you you know you can be
searchable so when we used to make videos like what to do in when we were
traveling yeah making more content about a place now our content has kind of gone
back to where it started more about us and what we’re up to but we did try
doing some you know top 10 things to do in yeah and then people are searching
for that because I want to go on vacation there or something so you can
be smart on how you attract an audience but I think you have to sit you have to
stay consistent to you even if you even if you change you have to you just have
to stay consistent to you I think that’s the best way to do it you’re full of
chords I love a quote the hardest thing on YouTube is to be consistent right
just anything alone just shooting there’s so many things that go into it
and the fact that you guys were able to do it with full time jobs and and still
pursue it and then eventually just let go of everything and dive into it that’s
that’s pretty amazing and people call us lucky people call us we’re not no one
gave us this job you have to make it happen for yourself you have to make it
happen for yourself yeah you do if there is a quantity creator right now who’s
who hasn’t even started yet but has several videos I know a lot of people
actually you have a lot of videos but are just so hesitant to upload it
there’s just so worried that you know what will people think what’s gonna
happen you upload it into people watch it that’s true let it sit online you
make another video this is why you have to enjoy making you have to enjoy the
process of making style because if you are worrying and caring about other
people’s opinions is the thing yeah that we speak about the most or think about
the most you just you just can’t like yeah so so what you’re gonna not you’re
not gonna not make videos because you care about things and you don’t even
know that person you’ve never met yeah they won’t even watch your next
video so they’ll disappear anyway why would you make decisions based on other
people’s opinions that you don’t even know but it happens every day people
care so much it changes the way they live their lives it’s like people that
their parents tell them to do a job in something they do that their whole lives
they did enjoy their job their whole life they retire and they’re like oh
well that’s it my mom wanted me to do that job and I
haven’t enjoyed my life because of it because you care about their opinion too
much so now with opportunities like the internet mmm you can you know you can
create a clothing brand or whatever it is you think you love and enjoy you can
market it yourself on social media you can create content around it you can
build up an audience you can create stuff for yourself online now and that’s
not everyone’s dream that’s not everyone’s goal but for a lot of people
it is a lot of people I think the number one most desired career now is a
youtuber is it amongst young people I read that stat somewhere so we’ll check maybe that’s just in the UK or something
but it’s one of the most desired careers wow I didn’t know that yeah I don’t know
that you guys are so focused when I see you guys work there’s a lot of synergy
to it before you guys became such a good working unit what was the biggest
challenge what’s that what’s what has been your biggest challenges content
creators time totally time in the day and especially when we did it with our
full-time jobs how long was that like was that three years yeah how did you do
it with with full-time jobs how did how did it work basically we just made
sacrifices if you want something bad enough you have to make sacrifices you
can’t make excuses we didn’t go out marching evenings we edited in the
evenings or filmed in evenings weekends we were out filming vlogs we didn’t we
saved money to first go on a trip and go traveling create travel and we didn’t
buy fancy stuff wouldn’t buy clothes yeah you just have to your actions have
to match up with your ambition yeah that’s true you can’t you can’t have
your cake and eat or whatever that phrase is you have
if you want something you have to look at the things that you can do to get
there even if it’s gonna take time but the kids now it’s all about instant
gratification they want everything all of it at once and if they can’t have it
then they stop but I like what you guys are saying that you really just have to
be very consistent about it and and when you guys were working at least you still
were able to pursue the dream right so for aside from YouTube are you guys
also on other platforms yeah it’s Graham yeah and this comes
back to the time thing like we’re maxed out currently with the daily vlogs
Instagram interacting with the community going out filming editing Facebook page
we got Facebook page so we we want to level up even now a lot of people might
think that we do a lot but for us it’s like that’s normal to us that’s like a
baseline we’ve got our ideas that we can’t do because we haven’t got the time
to do it we need to figure out ways to create more time or be more efficient
with our times we can do more and like cover more so your YouTube and Instagram
is both juicy vlog or you have separate Instagram accounts Instagram account I
think so yeah we’ve got the juicy vlog juicy blob match and then my personal
and George’s personal as well and we probably focus on our personal ones the
most when we’re not putting out nearly as much content on Instagram than I how
do I do this it’s just difficult enough to add it on YouTube me and lesser have
such a hard time we can’t even we can’t even do Instagram so there’s four
accounts yeah their LinkedIn yeah that’s me that all right so if subscriber wants
to I don’t know maybe get closer to you guys get to know you more which account
should they go to try they’re all try them all when we browse through we
browse through our DMS daily so reply to every single one but we try our best to
alright so there’s a merge right so that’s what George is wearing right
now if they want to avail of it how do they go about that Wow glad you asked
yeah no there’s the Instagram Higa so this is the website but if you go on at
juicy vlog merch I did at juicy vlog merch on Instagram there’s a link there
and we’ve got the white t-shirts and this is do the thing by the way if you
don’t know who we are or don’t know what this phrase means it’s basically do the
thing you love but to add you love was too expensive we’ve been using this
phrase do the thing for a couple years now and it was whilst we were building
our channel and we had a we had a bigger vision of what we wanted to do we we
were in jobs that we enjoyed but we knew we didn’t want to do forever yeah so we
had this kind of tunnel vision of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do
and do the thing I don’t know we came up with somehow the other thing it was at
some point yeah I think what I liked about it is that it it’s applicable to
everyone in their own way so it’s do the thing do your thing do the thing you
love not not what don’t try and do what we do you know do what you do what you
want to do and there’s not enough people doing what they want to do we see it all
the time so this is why we kind of created this brand if you like yeah to
try to encourage and inspire people to actually do the thing they want to do or
at least give it a go because as we were saying a minute ago what a lot of people
don’t even try let’s talk about putting out a video or doing something and that
now people are gonna make fun of me but you just have to do it if if you want to
like yeah it’s so simple you have to do it if you want to yeah all right let me
see if I can keep up so there’s a there’s a youtube account there’s four
Instagram accounts are you guys on Facebook yeah yup Facebook page Facebook
page any other platform patreon no I don’t hate you
so my question is how do you guys have time for each other it’s just so you
even have the merch which yeah it’s almost the technically it’s very similar
to running a business yeah this is why we have to make our daily vlogs about
our lives because it’s kind of like we’re living and we film it yeah it’s
that way around it’s not we film we need to film a video what do we do yeah so
this is so you know during the day and also the audience are seeing
20 minute version of a 24 hour day so there’s certain cameras aren’t always on
but but yeah I think generally day today we we are just living our lives yeah so
well you have a lot of time for each other we spend all our time with each
other do you guys like you watch a movie
what’s your quality of being away mmm genuinely we watched one film and that’s
not exactly we didn’t watch any series of anything we didn’t even watch like
YouTube videos of people we enjoy watching ourselves yeah we were like
this is our shot we’re gonna go for it we’re gonna go in like full steam ahead
yes and it’s kind of paid off now really glad we did sacrifice our sort of spare
time or naughty things because we were just like plowing in yeah but now we’ve
kind of weird getting better at taking a step back if we need to if we think
we’ve working and working working and we feel tired or we feel burnout or
anything okay let’s take a day off because we can of course we can take a
day off if we need to take a day off say when your daily vlog you get scared of
not uploading yeah and nothing happens yeah will the people be there the next
day but it’s fine it’s always it’s always fine yeah oh I see it so it’s
like instinct you’re like okay then and then upload anything yeah because people
are waiting for the vlog if there’s no we didn’t upload last night and then get
messages any where’s the vlog tonight where’s the vlog are you guys okay
special we’re traveling like what’s happened where’s the vlog Wow so if you
really have to be consistent alright doing as a couple and vlogging would you
guys recommend because with how you you guys are it’s kind of rare that you
really find a partner where you you like the same thing there are a lot of times
there’s a lot of differences would you recommend that to start up content
creators to be you know they just became a couple a month ago it was safe I
absolutely loved YouTube and filming videos and editing them and George I was
like ah well let’s do YouTube together and he’s like yeah okay but it’s not
really got the passion behind it yeah he’s a bit do you have to film that or I
don’t want to need it tonight if both people on the same wavelength which is
it’s quite lucky that we are on the same way than with it all go for it but if
one person’s more into it than the other listen maybe have them as a guest
sometimes on it but maybe don’t info them fully but it depends you both need
to be on the same page to work I see your video it’s very much like 5050 on
on the camera time yeah they come out that way that’s not
intentional really yeah they just kind of come out like that
yeah and a couple channels aren’t that common really like there are couple
channels but they’re not I mean the majority of youtubers you’ve heard of
our individuals individuals or if there’s a couple usually one person that
takes a backseat it’s amazing how you guys do it it’s a very few channels that
you can really do it do you guys have one video that was very challenging as a
couple where you guys had a hard time just shooting you


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