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Plan Rendering in Photoshop

January 23, 2020

I am Iftakher Uddin Ahmed and this is my first tutorial. The main topic of our tutorial is to Rendering plan with photoshop those we are the student of Architecture or do some Architectural Presentation work it very important for them. Also important during Architecture Student life, make your design more understandable or beautiful to Enhance the beauty of sheet or your Presentation sheet it very important So today we gonna learn how to Render an Autocad plan to Photoshop So the first thing we need to do is Suppose we have rendered a plan in autocad but we want to Render it with Photoshop To Render in Photoshop we must Clean the drawing like this one If There are any hatches or tree we should remove, because we will add them in photoshop LIke there is some hatch of Pedestrian, all we will add in photoshop After all we need a Clean Autocad Drawing Be aware! we should not have any gap like this one, If there is any gap it will be problematic on our Photoshop Selection so I am closing this gap, I hope there is no more gap left. So we should remember that we must not have any gap in the drawing So if I want to import this plan to photoshop with proper Scale Working on Scale is Very important In Architectural Presentation we must work on a scale everytime If I want to put it on a preferred scale, assume we want to take it on 1′-0″=1/8″ and paper size is 30″x40# so what we need to do is, got to layout in layout we can see, nothing is drawn here. we will draw a sheet of 30″x40″. Enter L than 30″ by 40″ Then we need to do is, create a window Dubble click at the inside of the window Here is showing the default Scale So i will make it 1′-0″=1/8″ Just take the position you need Dubble Click on outside maybe something on the top Now go to Print, We are not actually Printing. Just converting to pdf to import in Photoshop Set here Dwg to pdf So if we want to add a size of 30″x40″ There is no preset of this size So we need to add Custom Paper Size Go to Properties Click Custom paper Size Add next We are no working on mm so change it to Inch, our with is 30″ and Height is 40″ Click Next Finish Click OK Select any of this and click ok Now here we need to Select 1:1 scale. If not found just set similar one 1′-0″=1′-0″ is the same Then Select window from here, Select the area Drag and drop Tick mark the Centre to Plot Don’t Click on fit to Paper, Because we are working on Scale Click on Preview Must set to Portrait because our sheet is in portrait alignment we will make it black & white, so select on monochrome, you can also use grayscale as per your need Click on Preview Plot Set a Name and Save it’s asking to open the file, don’t need it now Open Photoshop first and then drag and drop the pdf to photoshop do not change anything here. just remember this should be 300 dpi also when we will work on the presentation sheet, this will also be in 300 So our rendered plan will be automatically adjusted on our presentation sheet as both will be 300dpi again do not change anything here Click OK So we imported our Drawing as its a pdf the background is empty by default We will create a solid colour layer at the background, obviously white Put the layer at down side So this is our Drawing here all the line looks clear, if the thing doesn’t show clearly here. we need to add a Level. Lower the first to point of the level to darker the Drawing we will be working step by step We will work with Group and Masking So create a Group Select the Magic tool and make sure not new selection selected, should be(add to selection) is selected and here you don’t need to change much, sample all layers and contagious must be tick if contagious is not selected it will select all the white area but we don’t want to select all the white undo select contagious we will select the grass area now after selecting all grass area click on the mask icon and will create the mask for this group I am explaining about the mask, but one thing, you need to know is(how I am zooming in and out) Press hold Control+k here go to tools, tick zoom with scroll wheel. so it will be easier to zoom in and out ok Now I am explaining about mask Clicking on this arrow will maximise and minimize Your group, the group is still blank And the masking is on top of the group Hold Alt and Left click on the mask You can see the masking. Remember! the meaning of masking is white=Visible & Black=Invisible Again hold Alt & click to see the layers Normaly I will create a Solid layer inside this masked group (white colour) Sorry not white, taking a grey colour. Later will make it white if you click on the arrow you can see the solid layer is inside our group It’s slightly on the right side than any other Layer The goal of the grey colour is to see if our green area is selected properly I missed this little area the missing is inside of this masking this area is black, so we have to select and Invert (Hold Cntrl+I) invert means to make the black to white and white means visible So press Hold Control+D so the selection will be deselected whatever you do inside this area, like you may do some mistake on selected grass area or pedestrian areas just go to masking and edit this you can also do brushing to fix those areas, it’s not mandatory that you need to work only with magic tool it will be drawn on a mask, I am pressing Cntrl+z The technique of masking may feel a bit critical But I will recommend you to always use masking Many people do plan rendering without masking, but I will ask u to use masking as my selection is okay! Double click on this and make it white again Now we have to add a grass texture on this layer To add grass texture, what we need to do is Here are some grass texture, just drop it to photoshop blank area Press Hold Cntrl+A Go to Edit, Select define a pattern then click okay You must remember that the texture we are using should be a seamless texture You may Search on the internet by writing “Seamless Grass Texture” etc Back to our Plan, right click on the mouse, click blending option then pattern overlay Select our pattern Now we can easily scale from here I am taking a proportionate scale Change opacity we will not be using 100% opacity Click ok So this is our grass pattern The way I have added the grass texture, we will add the other road, pedestrian, Swiming pool etc all in the same way So if I minimize the group this is our grass if we switch off this our grass layer will be off Other things will also be in the same way Because I have shown the grass, I will only show one more Road or pedestrian Create a Group again double click to rename Now we will make masking of the Road Select the areas with Magic tool So our road is selected Now click on the Mask icon Our masking for this group is created Now you can see this group is also empty And inside this we had our grass layer So in the same way, By clicking here we will create a solid layer again Drag and drop it inside Road Group it will not affect the other area now So Rename this to asphalt as it is our road Create Asphalt pattern in just the way we did with grass Press Cntrl+A , edit , Define pattern Go back to the Previous File, Righ click here Blending option, Pattern Overlay and select the road pattern if want to make is real scale, the asphalt will look too small So sometimes we need to fake it to look visible in the presentation You can see some line here, because the texture is not seamless You must use a seamless texure here you will define the opacity and here the Scale So we have added our Road and grasses all thing is very simple, the first thing we did is imported the pdf here, then added a solid layer and added level to darker the drawing then we created a group, masking inside masking, we added a solid layer with a pattern overlay in the same way, we did the road In the same way, we will add the pedestrian and waterbody because the way is the same, I am not repeating the same thing you will add pedestrian in the same way and then the waterbody So you can see I have already added the pedestrian and the waterbody After Creating all masking and Group, our work is to Brush and add variation to the textures or adding more depth to do this I will show it with the grass we will apply This technique to the road and others also If we open the grass group Select the upper layer Create a new layer Rename this layer to brush darker we will be doing a darker brushing we are taking a brown color So now select brush tool i use some watercolor brush Change the opacity a bit lower, not 100% We can see the brush looks too much repetitive we don’t want to repeat this we want our brush to be a bit random to make random, got to toggle brush tick shape dynamics shape dynamics Chez Panisse the English
liquor really the colostrum random increase the angle zliter Now the brush is rotating randomly so i will brush the areas very simply, will not do too much detail so i am just brushing to teach you. when you will be doing your own project, you may take some more time to brush zooming in and out i will end with very rough brushing change the opacity to bit lower set to 80% create another new layer, rename to brush brighter Now brush with a brighter brush, set the color to more bright Brushing randomly So our brushing is almost done instead of two types of brush, we do more thing you may change some color tone if we want to add little more variation, though there is a lot of variation now we will be adding texture for variation to do this, I have downloaded some texture So, try this one if it works Drop it on a blank area Sorry, press Cntrl+A. Just like the previous click define pattern okay Now I will again create a solid layer here it’s only to add some variation Right click on the mouse, Blending option>Pattern overlay how many way to change this into local
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