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Pixlr Tutorial and Analysis

September 10, 2019

We’ll begin this video with the question
what is Pixlr? Pixlr is an easy to use photo editor app mostly made for desktop
that has powerful features like masking double exposure and blending Pixlr for
both artists and everyday people the app is also used for 3d enthusiasts,
video bloggers, interior design junkies and makers of anything and everything
hand-made. Although some pros might use it, only kind of previous knowledge is
simple editing ideas. I tried and tried to learn Photoshop for years even with all
the online tutorials and workshops I still couldn’t get it. Pixlr is the simplified version, without the intimidating features and softwares. You then have to
just know how to save an image to the desktop and upload it to various social
media platforms but I think we’re all familiar with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter right?
Pixar stands out from the other image design and editing tool features because it combines the tools of most paint programs with the high quality features of imaging editing features and programs. It’s free and you don’t even need to download it to your computer. This makes it convenient to edit anything wherever you are. Right now we’re going to explore the Pixlr tools on pictures from our library here we have
the app open up on the Internet editing applications like Photoshop,
Illustrator and InDesign free of cost only need an internet connection you don’t need to
purchase any of the software to make your pictures look stylized and sophisticated. We found pictures from my library and then saved the image. We then adjust the brightness and
contrast for pictures. We then adjusted the saturation and lightness. The vignette filter darkens the edges of the picture making the focus more centralized and prominent Feel free to play around with the filters and tools like I did. You can always click Undo on the Edit bar and adjust the exposure and brush size on the top toolbar. Explore Pixlr’s capabilities by putting some text on the picture. Scroll through till you see the fonts and colors you want. Then, choose the move tool on the left toolbar to move the text wherever you want. Once you’re happy with how the image looks you can save it. Pixlr doesn’t have the best exporting capabilities. It requires users to save the image to the hard drive before it can be uploaded. Because Pixlr doesn’t allow you to upload the images straight to the social media websites, it won’t let you edit and upload more than one photo at a time. This filters what and where you’re posting something. The highly skilled photo editing tools are so convenient on the app that is almost encourages you to make you’re photo highly stylized. A highly stylized photo would be better suited on somewhere like Instagram rather than Facebook. So in that way again, it filters where you’re posting your pictures. This will definitely be difficult or even prevent the user from sharing their work across social media platforms. Pixlr’s also doesn’t provide a lot of help or tutorials on their website. I had to go to Youtube to learn more about it. This might prohibit someone from utilizing Pixlr’s full potential. This picture isn’t the most stylized image we could probably make on Pixlr since it’s an example but we’re going to upload it to twitter anyway just so you can see how it’s done. And voila! We have our first experience with Pixlr. Let me know what you think.

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