Pixlr: the Filter Menu tutorial

October 8, 2019

Hi today we’re at Pixlr –
We’re going to be working with the filters menu to create artistic effects
so I’ll click Open Image Editor. To get started I’ll choose Open Image from
computer and I’ll choose this leaves.jpg and click Open. The first thing we’ll do
is resize our image this looks like a fairly reasonable size but if we go down
here in the lower left-hand corner we’ll see this is a thirty percent, so this is
actually a gigantic photo and it’ll take a long time to process if we put a
filter on it. So the first thing I’m going to do is go to my image image size
and I’m going to take this down to 800 pixels wide. Because constrain
proportions is check marked the height will follow suit and change
proportionally. We’ll go to view Actual Pixels and here’s the actual size of our
picture before I start applying filters. I’m first going to use the marquee tool
and draw a marquee for this filter to take place in that way it’ll be easier
for you to tell the difference between the filtered image and the unfiltered
image. And with that done we’ll go to the filter menu and we’ll start with blur.
Now the first time I click it you’ll probably see nothing happened you’ve got to apply blur several times for it to really be a noticeable effect but after
I do this about 10 times you’ll see that this marqueed each section is a little more blurry than the surrounding area and the way to really see the difference of
course is to go to the history menu and go back to our original photo and you’ll
see the sharpness of that image. I’ll go back to my blurred version and you’ll
see that middle area we’re out quite a bit. Let’s go next to the sharpen tool
and the sharpen tool is similar in that we need to apply it two or three
times before you can see any kind of a change here in the image, but after I go
to edit and choose deselect you can clearly see the change between this
middle section and the surrounding picture. I’ve used the history panel to
go back to our original image. I’ll click the marquee tool again
and draw a little square here in the center to apply an effect. I’ll go to
filter and bring up noise and you can see right away there’s some noise
appearing here in this part of the picture. I’ve got a slider here for less
noise and for a whole bunch of noise. I’ll hit cancel our marquee stays there.
So i’ll get a filter we’ll try a couple of more of these. diffuse does the same
thing. You make a not very diffuse picture or a very diffuse picture. That’s
a real nice effect right there. Click cancel filter and we’ll work with
let’s work with pixelate and this allows you to pixelate a picture from really
extreme to barely noticeable. I don’t need to go through everything in the
filter menu for you to get the idea. It’s fun to play around with on your own and
I suggest you do just that. I’ll throw a couple more at you here because it’s so
much fun. The kaleidoscope effect is particularly cool, you can change the
size of the kaleidoscope and work with the horizontal axis and the vertical
axis you can create a heatmap effect and the amount of heat map that you’re
working with. And let’s do one more here let’s go with pastels – you can make it
look a little more like a painting and I’ll click cancel. I’ll leave you to
explore the rest on your own. I’ll hit edit and deselect all here to get rid of
my marquee. Just to remind you that just because I applied the filter to a
specific part of your picture you can apply your filters in the entire picture
as well, so I can create the old photo effect on my entire photo, or a water
swirl effect on my entire photo so I suggest you bring a photo into Pixlr
pull down the filter menu and start having fun.

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