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Pixlr: Marquee Tool, Brightness and Contrast, Text Tool tutorial

October 7, 2019

Welcome to which is a free
browser based image editor. Let’s click open image editor and get rid of this
front screen and get started. Today we’re going to create a small ad for a flower
shop. We’re going to be using a couple of tools: the marquee tool which is right
here in the toolbox the adjustment menu where we’ll be working with brightness and contrast. and then the text tool right here. So let’s get started I’ll go to
File, Open, I’m here at my desktop and I’ll open the sunflower.jpg and there it
is. We’ll begin by using the cropping tool right here to create a smaller version
of this picture here in the center and as always you can move the grid around
with a left click and a drag and you can change the size of it by using these
sizing boxes in the corner, and once you like your image, double click in the
center and that creates your crop. If we look in the lower left-hand corner of
this picture we can see that this is only twenty percent of the actual size
of our picture so will next resize. I’ll go to Image, Image size make sure I have
constrain proportions check and I’ll take this down to a more reasonable 300
pixels. Click OK. The image gets very small so I’ll go to View and actual
Pixels to take it up to regular size again. l’ll next define the area where we
want our text to go by using the marquee tool here in the tool box. I’ll click it
and before I draw it I’m going to move my feathering up to a rather large 45,
just you can see it very clearly, and i’ll then left click and drag to create
the marquee box. And then let go…here’s my marquee area. I’ll now go to
adjustments and brightness and contrast. Our goal here is to keep the picture
from interfering with our text so we’re going to gray out this center. I’ll first
crank up my brightness and that’s rather extreme and garish, so
I’ll then lower way down my contrast so it’s a fairly neutral effect I think.
We’ll go with that, click ok, then to get rid of this marquee – these marching ants – go to edit and deselect all. We’ll next add our text so I’ll choose the text
tool right here, this giant A. I click it then I’ll click on my image somewhere.
Before I start let me point out that over here on the layers palette we’ve
now started creating a second layer. So this background is our picture with that
marquee there in the center and then our second layer will be this text. The text
goes in this box. I’ve typed in my text here in the text box on the right and as
I type my text in I can see it show up here on my image in a preview. At any
time you can change any of these variables, you can change your font to
whatever you like, you can change the size of your text, you can change the
style to bold, italics, bold italics and so on, and you can change the color here
either by using this palette or by sampling one of the colors in your
picture. So if I click my eyedropper here I sample that actual color on the
poster. I’ll click OK and you can also change exactly where you want the
text to go by left-clicking and dragging. Once you have it exactly the way you
want it, click OK, and you now have an ad. Our final step is to save it. We’ll go to
File, Save, we’re going to save it to our own computer, we’re going to save it as a
JPEG, and we’re going to go to highest quality. Click OK and we’ve now saved.
I’ll rename it here so we don’t overwrite the old one we’ve now saved
this poster on to our own desktop.

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