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Pixlr Editor Tutorial: Using’s Templates

September 11, 2019

as you know you probably have been around the web and every single one of these sites wants you to
set up a background image like this one at Google+ and have a profile picture and they have their
specific pixel dimensions plus Google+ has the events that if you want to do an
event you have to create a a banner of a specific size that will become this [smaller version] plus it will become, on the events page, its banner and if you do hangouts on air: let’s go ahead now well if you do hangouts on the air there is this thing they call the “lower third” — now I don’t see
anybody here using one so I can… there we go — like this person here, he’s using Mrquark 71 — he has designed a
lower third — he’s got his picture on it plus his name and and name yeah a little piece about him or a title. OK, so you have to create those and those have specific dimensions.
Alright and of course go to YouTube where they want a
banner behind you in a thing and it has different dimensions of course.
Then you go to LinkedIn and they want a profile pic and they like to have a
background thing (I don’t have one) — different dimensions again — and at Twitter’s page you have a big background
picture and you’ve got a cover photo and your profile pic, and those are different dimensions
once again and go to Facebook and they want a cover and
your profile pic and different dimensions again. So, how do
you deal with all this? Well, I created a page that has automated banner and display ad
templates and I’ve even thrown in an 8-1/2 by 11
flyer template, but like here you you have your
Google+ image formats for the cover, the lower third, the profile pic, the event header, the YouTube image format for
the banner LinkedIn image format for the banner, and the profile pic, the Twitter background header image and profile pic
and Facebook formats with the cover image and profile pic and is
also “app” image size in there plus I do Google AdWords and so I have all the different AdWords in
all the ad formats that can be used and at the very bottom even a WordPress banner – a standard 940 X 198 banner for wordpress. And so, how these
things work, what do they do, what am I talking about? well what these do is they allow you to quickly
make one of these by simply clicking on the
link and it opens up in Pixlr — at PI XLR com in their editor and it’s a pretty high-end editor with
layers and all kinds of things, and you see it’s
already got the images in the right size 2120 pixels by
1192 so it’s the right size for Google+ …Immediately! So the best way to
use it used… Well there are two ways: you could go to
File and you could open image or image URL or use an image that from your library — but it’s
easier to go to layer and do the same thing open images layer
URL’s layer or open something from the library as a
layer, because that opens it as a layer right in here so you
can start fiddling with layers. so let’s
go ahead and open an image in a layer from my computer an artist have been using
things from me audubon preserve pictures so for instance here’s a photo of a how nice dramatic picture house you know
6-2 Big making click on this to lapierre or hit
the letter V net loss 0 click it for the move two all
beef remove and I can direct the surrounding
position it however only this bottom part is going
to be typically visible if you go to Google+ page the full screen version is going to be
shown on TV sets okay the love the bottom part is going
to be used for where your picture will show up circle over here and some text and they
can ascend to the whole operation here go ahead now began in a Google+ page need to get my profile page and you say it’s just the bottom section
which picture and depending on the size and the
monitor has a different way that it kinda lays out this
information but if you scroll up you see shows the
whole picture it also shows that whole picture if you
hover over persons name it has this thing called
the card and you’ll notice said in the card at
the top it shows the full picture shrunk down and your picture so here basically
picking a picture that going to did have these
malty tasking is going to several things so in this case I pry won’t shrink it
down so I can go to Edit and you know it a a control ti will
bring up the free transform it’s also in most browsers hey open a
new tab so doesn’t work in all browsers had to
drag this so you can see the handles and hold down
the Shift key and drag any corner handle middle shrink the image proportionately okay if you clicked sides it won’t work
people are distorted I’m even with the ship’s Kia so you go gonna have to crop this for a
little bit but a insane have a great picture for for your thing we are just trying to see
how you’re going to get the picture in here UK head enter it now crops a picture you notice in his crop to into the
viewing area to a quick controls eat put it back or
you can click on the history here here you notice it is two layers you
have the invisible original layer and you have another where I could also write some kind of text in here we just
don’t forget this lower area is already going to be popularly would text and in the card for Google+ is going to have the
circle with your picture and K so be mindful that when your place in
the text but you could go ahead and click the a click anywhere to make some text carey’s great Google class p ago and go ahead and make a nice and big tapping me boulder up and I you can pick a different font had anything at Erica and now United States in its own layer
so anything to bring it this point is going to be in its own layer I can do that letter V can I keep or get
the move tool again and move this thing around. as I please
okay and that you can also bring in other
pictures like to bring in any layer again thank you
say open damages layer and I could bring in
a portion over picture is find something that doesn’t
involve people’s faces you know perhaps a detail here now mind you this is I can act NRS but I am I can take a lasso and circle to assess par system roughest mask you’ve ever seen in
your life hoops and then Haiti and layer mask
button and I got a layer and I can move around
and I can free transforming hadn’t read transform and hair again movie so I can see the
Aeros he knows it moving around inside
Damascus her cat mask selected here its had escaped get at I would have had the image selected
appear you have the mask on the image belief I can now free
transform and removing partner can and way so mask will be moved as a separate
thing once I finish with free transfer so go ahead and put to San and enlarge it and looks like I’m stuck with my future
my my things size I had it so practice Free Transform
again so say is one that much an hour call-in shrink it down I
disappeared event on go alrighty an ASO we can take the move
tool and move this whole assembly around King II to make this mask smaller I would
have to transform that somehow and I’m sure how
I can never tried it back you getting the basic idea you can move
things on layers around as what I want you to see okay and yes total crap I do that because no artist just technician I alright so went to do do that you got
several layers go ahead and save first is the Save button and save it as
a layered Pixar file to be alone in his
layers again and give it a name and save it to your computer set this is giving you a backup and you
can come back in and and do some work on eliminate a
layer chain to lay a ram and then when you done doing there come
back and save it has a drape ache for these gigantic things like this Google+ picture alright and eighties a good enough quality size and you’ll have something
to get upload right into your Google Plus now google also has
another I think Nick called the lower third and you should probably too little
article about a its I know it looks about the same size as
nyse: 1280 by 720 and with that the idea is that you can get your name inside a box for instance
I Mia let’s go ahead make a box rectangle now feel that was some color with the
paint bucket tool and I’m effect landfill wears a yeah I
just over the color soul make a little bit color here kinda pink and feel that up and then I get my text
or clicking here and always wonder and okay so angle definitely don’t want be
the same color you have it and this would show up underneath my video
anywhere we see the check a box is transparent and I see you see through that where the
video is okay Meyer have two layers here I probably if I want to move stuff
around term the %um happy me there to control d to get rid of the
marching ants you see here you see there mom little
like lines there to control the to get rid of those and
an who appear to layer and flatness thing right there flatten
image and now you can grab this thing and move around and trusted get lower
for instance and and I can had a profile pic Orica and you know do
anything I can add a graphic to this bringing out for everything will show up
on different layers like a more around here you can your idea and then I can finally
flat net I and but before you flat now usually save my layers as that PXT file first big deal here though is that when you’re
saving the transparent version for Google+ which 1i feel see
the video through that’s when you want to select a PNG not
Jay pag and will be for quality so you’ll
probably want a flattening and I have because it’s so much
transparency the fire will stay nice and small okay if this were full photograph in
your savings a PNG would be a pretty big file in multiples makes so but for any doing the transparency no
got a little bit have image content in it then it’s small
enough to be viable alright to save as PNG format which
allows a class a checkerboard actually work NJ
pig pieces just turned into a white space just become white hit save you know
given a name it’s a and then you can upload that as
the lower third in New Google+ Hangouts thing using all
that is subject for different video but I just fine you see how to use all
this with the pics editor so I hope I’m giving
enough staff attacks again rolling in using these
templates you know again you just simply click I
and takes UN and you’re going okay so you 646 by 2:20 banner for a LinkedIn boom there you go
I just again layer open images a layer and I will take it in has a layer
uncanny and you simply use your move to alter
the letter V new keyboard to move stuff around and you can crop and all that so I hope this is enough info to get you going on where you feel on
like you can get somewhere with this alright so take care and doing any kind
of feedback on what more you need to know and I’ll
make more videos or replaces video take care


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    cool video thanks for the templates! worked like a charm thumbs up

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    Thanks for doing the video tutorials. They're great!

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