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Pixlr Editor 2019⚠️How To Add A Glow Effect Using Pixlr ⚠️ (NO PHOTOSHOP)

August 13, 2019

Hey everybody its Rick here. Hey in this video I want to talk about Where I kind of left off on the last video which was how to remove a background of a picture I showed you guys the tool that I use to do that and in this video I want to follow up with that and say Now, what do you do with that picture? You know how you put it over an image? How do you overlay that over an image and put that? Glow around the whatever the object is in that image And in this video, I’m going to show you another free tool That will get that job done for you and then you know will place it over a different photo Yeah If you guys are a subscriber of this channel Then you already know who I am and you probably watched some of my videos and that’s why you subscribe But if you don’t know who I am, my name is Rick Obviously, this is my channel and you know if you guys are into You know free tools online paid tools product reviews just affiliate marketing Different ways that you can make money online and that’s what this channel is about if that’s what you guys like then please consider subscribing to the channel and Checking out all videos to see you know, if some of this stuff can’t help you out in your online journey so with that being said Let’s check this out and this is Basically what I use to to put that glow around an image and this is all I use it for my main editor is CyberLink PowerDirector But I do use this one just basically for that That glow that goes around the image and that’s really it. I could probably use it for about anything that I need But I’m so used to my other one that I just use it So what we’re going to do is we’re going to open up an image from the computer You know use this one here. It looks like – well, let’s go ahead and use this one again You go over here once you get it pulled up And you go to this layer style right here Then you go to inner Now you pick the color that you want, let’s say we’re gonna do a I don’t know let’s just go with let’s go with green Move that all the way over, okay Now you can see right here you Can see the globe already is around the image, right? So, you know I can make that this is the inside inner glow I can make that Bigger And kind of feather it in so it’s not such a hard line Well if I want to make it a hard line, and I just do that Well, it closes me in and we don’t want to do that. So We want to try to keep that to a minimum And just have a nice soft glow there. I don’t want to make it too big So we’re going to do something like that Nice soft glow Then we’re going to go over here to outer glow. We’re going to click that and then we’re going to do the same Pretty much the same color. I don’t know if it’s going to be exact but close enough for this example it okay And we’re going to do the same thing here We’re gonna create that glow I’m gonna scale that up Let’s try out Let’s try about 85 You can harden that up to where it’s more of a hard line you see how that’s that glows more of a Big giant thick line. I Don’t really like that myself. I just would prefer glow like that. I think that’s pretty good Because this is actually going on a smaller image Because it’s kind of most likely it’s going to go on thumbnail, which is going to be a small image when you first see it Here and as we’re viewing it it looks Larger, the the glow does in the picture because it is but once it goes on you transfer that to a smaller picture then you know it you don’t notice the glow or the Color around the outline as much so we’re going to go with that Again, it looks big now. But once it goes onto that thumbnail, it’ll look good. So I’m going to hit. Okay, and then we’re going to take and go just Save it I thought it was a save as Okay, let’s just go save I Want to save this see you can already tell that you know, that below almost just looks like a hard line Because it’s smaller here, but we’re gonna go with that Actually, I don’t know if I want to I think I wanted to look bigger Yeah, that’s a little bit better Okay, so I’m gonna go back here we’re gonna go ahead and save it We want to save it as a PNG then I’ll go ahead and name it Bowling Green Not really gonna care what that says I know what it is And then we hit OK And we’re just gonna save it here with the other PNG photos of me PNG pics of me and there it is. So we’ll go ahead and open that up. There’s the picture. All right, I Really don’t want to Show you the other tool right now. I want to save it for a different video and that tool is basically a free online editor that we can overlay and We can Oh take this picture and overlay over a different picture. I’ve got a few different ones that I use This one that I’m going to show you guys is free now I have a couple other ones that I use that are that I pay for I really like them because There’s more options with the paid versions there are different tools, but this particular These two particular paid tools that I use they just have more options for you You know, whereas the free tool that I’m going to show you to place this over You know in a different photo for a thumbnail or whatever it just doesn’t have as many options what I do like about it though is it is pretty It is pretty basic for what I need it for with my Instagram page Because I don’t need anything real fancy with that I have kind of a couple of different software’s that I use for it as well that are free And that’s how I make my Instagram photos and They work really easy. So I’ve got kind of a system down with that with those two softwares so I use those two free software’s for Instagram the other two software’s that are paid for I Use those for my YouTube thumbnails Because they have more options more templates and just More more design tools and stuff within the tool So anyways, this is a picture that we’ve got with the glow So on the next video, I want to show you the other tools and how we take these Images these PNG images and we layer them over You know, whatever photo that we’re doing whether it’s going to be for an Instagram or you know thumbnails for YouTube. So Well that being said Make sure you guys subscribe to the channel and like the video if you liked it leave me a comment. Let me know you know what you think about the tools that are long gone and Check out the next video to see how we take these images now that we put the glow around them and put them over other images so With that being said guys That’s all I have for right now, and I’ll catch you guys in the next video See ya


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