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pixlr app – simple double exposure photo edit tutorial

August 4, 2019

In this pixlr app tutorial we’re gonna
play with some double exposure techniques. let’s get started. First step
is to remove the color of this image and make it a black and white image. the
quickest way to do this, you tap on this little icon right here and select a
splash filter. Select a color in the image that you want to choose in this
case black and you’ll remove everything else. I’m going to leave the default
settings the way they are and hit apply Next step is to apply a filter. we
will apply to our dark areas. in this case we’re going to select the overlay
section. we’re gonna select this little circle right here it’s called acquest.
Now select purgatory now the filter is applied to our image and
we need to remove it from the areas that we do not want. To remove it from the
areas that we do not want we click on on this button right. Make sure
the eraser is selected with zoom in complete with the size over brush and in
the feather. in this case this works fine and we’re gonna wipe off the elements
from the face that we do not need or want in our picture. so once you delete them you can check before and after to see
our progress. Apply it and then apply it again. Now we’re going to apply
another filter on top of this one called, we go back to the overlay section and
then this circle right here acquest and now we’re gonna select Cursed see
that section on their neck, you can see the clouds. And now we are gonna select the eraser. we’re gonna increase its size and we’re gonna
wipe off from the entire image everything else that we don’t need
everything else about the area of a neck so we’re gonna remove this like so
because we want just the area on the neck to be applied. if you go over you
click on the brush again and you put it back on the areas that you you missed. in
this case you see how it gives it some darkness to the neck area if it’s too
strong you can always just if it’s too strong you apply it then you remove the
intensity of it so just gonna play like that it gives the impression of a shadow
on its neck and see before and after you can see the light it almost feels like
the light is hitting the face so I’m happy with this result we’re gonna apply
it and now here we are. The next step is to apply a filter to bring the color of
the skin up and give a specific look. to do this we’re gonna click on the on the
layers button we’re gonna look for I believe is called
in this section right here this one on the settle section we’re gonna select
Ian filter. I like this it just look see how it applies it brings color to our
image and blend all the elements together nicely we can you can you know
you can play with this and try and find a little filter that fits your needs in
this case I’m happy with ion and then you can so adjust its intensity I’m
happy with that result I’m gonna apply it and we’re done basically where image
is now nice and and with the results that we want it let’s go and review our
process first step we decide to rate all the colors then we apply a filter on the
black areas or an image and remove it from the face then we apply another
filter on the neck area to give the impression that the light is hitting
from above lastly we apply a filter to the overall image to bring the color
back on it on the skin and just to give a certain look and we’re done thank you
for watching

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  • Reply wondwossen Kebede March 25, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Thank you for the Pixlr tutorial. I am happy to find someone who explains what they are doing while they are doing it.

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