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PixelTone: Gierad Laput demonstrates voice-activated image editing

August 16, 2019

My name is Gierad Laput, and I’m going to
talk about my project as an intern at Adobe Research — PixelTone. Everyone takes pictures, but photo editing
can be hard. Say, have you do things, such as learning
how to adjust colors. select objects and improve the lighting. But we’ve created a system that allows you
to talk to your computer and tell it what you want to do with your image. For example, you could say something like
“darken the midtones at the top.” And so that the effect is only applied to
the top and to that tonal range, which is midtones. Then a slider allows you to adjust the results. Then you could also say “increase the contrast
at the bottom” and then it will improve the contrast only to the bottom part of that image. You can also use touch gestures to describe
where to edit. “Blur in this direction.” S o you can even use words that are not specific
to photo editing. Now let’s do some work on this picture of
my friends, Sara and John. One thing you could do is teach the system
what’s in the image. This is a shirt. And so the system tags it as a shirt and it
will remember it. With face detection, you could tap on a face
and say “this is Sara” and “this is John.”
and the system will remember Sara and John and will only apply the effect to both Sara
and John. So you could say
“change the color of the shirt” and adjust it using the slider. Then you could say
“decrease the saturation on Sara” and as you can see, the effect is only localized
to Sara’s face. Both of them look a little dark, and you could
say “brighten Sara and John.” And you can see the effect is only localized
to Sara and John. You can use a few gesture marks here and there
and say “crop to here.” You know, crop it based on those gesture marks. And apply popular effects, such as “make it
retro.” So that was PixelTone. It was a way for you to edit your images using
your voice and a couple of touch gestures. And the idea is to converge the simplicity
of the applications that you see on your mobile phones with the richness of desktop applications,
such as Photoshop.

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