Pixee Fox And Justin Jedlica Are The Real Life Barbie And Ken: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

January 29, 2020

Lady: Oh my god! Justin Jedlica: Let’s get married.
Pixee: I found you finally! You’re my soulmate. COMM: 26-year-old Pixee Fox is one of the world’s most famous plastic surgery addicts.
But her journey to becoming a real-life Barbie has been without a real-life Ken. Until now. COMM: The new man in her life is none other than surgery legend, Justin Jedlica. Pixee
and 35-year-old Justin have undergone more than 450 cosmetic procedures between them. PIXEE FOX: It’s fun to just play around with your body.
JUSTIN JEDLICA: It’s like a world of possibilities to be able to like design your own body, just
people do their clothes. PIXEE: FOX: You have to have like a creative
mind JUSTIN JEDLICA: I do, I definitely look at
it like my art. PIXEE FOX: I removed 6 ribs, did lipo on inner and outer thighs.
JUSTIN JEDLICA: I’ve done the chest implants, my shoulders front, middle, back, four surgeries.
I did biceps 3 times now. I have 16 pieces of plastic in me.
PIXEE FOX: I have my eye colour changed, I have eye lash transplant, done my nose 3 times,
fillers in my lips. I’ve done my boobs 4 times, Brazilian butt lift. COMM: Although they’re not romantically attached, the pair are happy to have found
one another, as both of their love lives have suffered in their pursuit of their perfect
bodies. Pixee has been single for a while and Justin is finalising his divorce from
his husband of three years. PIXEE FOX: We’re both single. It’s so hard finding someone, it’s not like it’s
hard… JUSTIN JEDLICA: To get the attention, just
hard to find somebody who actually is willing to like, who’s interested in that type of
a lifestyle. Because what we are really is kind of a lifestyle.
PIXEE FOX: Yeah, we are a lifestyle. Like people see us, and then they don’t really
like realise… JUSTIN JEDLICA: The commitment that it takes
to look like that. PIXEE FOX: Yeah, there is a lot of people
who come up to us and they are like super attracted to us, but then when we say we have
plastic surgery then they get like, “Oh, well I don’t want that.”
JUSTIN JEDLICA: Well, they don’t want you to talk about it. COMM: Although they’re just friends, they have each other and have vowed to live as the
real-life Barbie and Ken. But what’s the verdict on the Las Vegas strip? Lady: You’re Barbie and Ken! Pixee Fox: Yes!
Lady: My god I love you guys! Lady 2: Oh my god! Oh my god! Let me take
a picture, my best friend is gonna freak out! Do you goys not know who these people are?
No, they’re not pornstars! Oh my god! Lady: You guys are awesome! Pixee Fox: Oh thank you.
Justin Jedlica: Thank you so much. Lady 2: Baby you look good here, I’m trying
to be like that for next year’s summer, okay? Pixee Fox: We’ve been walking up and down the strip and it’s…
Justin Jedlica: It’s been insane! Pixee Fox: Pretty crazy, everyone‘s coming
up and like, “There’s Barbie and Ken”. So, that’s pretty fun.
Justin Jedlica: Yeah. Pixee Fox: We actually do resemble Barbie and Ken. Justin Jedlica: I guess, it wasn’t intentional, right? But… Pixee Fox: No.
Justin Jedlica: But the fact that we found each other. it’s like a pretty cool, it’s
like Pixee and Justin take over the world! We’re Ken and Barbie. Girl: It’s crazy, but I feel like it’s your body and you feel the necessity to change
it, to make yourself happy, then go for it. Lady: I don’t want to do it like that, it’s
not that beautiful. Lady 2: I think it’s very unhealthy to have
that much plastic surgery, I think there is something wrong in their brain!
Pixee Fox: Let’s get married! Justin Jedlica: Let’s get married!
Pixee Fox: I found you finally! You’re my soul mate. It’s the start of something spectacular.
Justin Jedlica: It’s definitely the start of a beautiful relationship.
Pixee Fox: Yeah! Justin Jedlica: Together!
Pixee Fox: Plastic love.

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