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August 7, 2019

Did you like that clip ? and if I say that most of
the photos are taken from my iphone and edited on itself yes it is possible because of the adobe
PS express app the ps express app is a king of all photo editing tools in
the app store and you don’t need to learn the photo shops or just open the pc to
edit your photos it’s just on your hand and you just
access it very easily and and I’m excited about it let’s check out the app this is the ps express app and and the UI is very
descent i must say that and I will take an example this peacock and Looks
premium looks and my looks looks having a set of three filters and for
the premium looks you just need to make an account with a adobe and I already
abode account so this is the premium look filter and other feature is just
crop your image just take a mirror picture of your image and up right down and this
section is also good you just cut your image according to the fb cover or a
particular dimension you need and this section is very similar or you must
know about clarity, sharpen your pic and I just need to sharpen this feather
and shadow option is very good and it gives you an auto option so it automatically done
everything Red eye and sorry this peacock does not have any red eye next is frames and basic is just a basic things and edges is just you need
rounded edges or you just need and effect on your edges you can choose on
this frames and frames is you know that this put put this image into your frame
and blemish blemish means just brighten your
picture when you touch a particular part of your photo and my pic is ready and there is
also a auto enhance feature just yeah auto enhance feature is enable and
i will just save this photo and show you how it is edited yeah this is my edited photo and
this is my original photo yes it has a lot of difference in it and
it looked very good and more brighter and more detail image then the original
photo so thats it thank you PS express is a great app i must say that
and i would recommend to on the iphone photographers for my other videos the link or here am confused about it and for connected to every sundays please subscribe my channel
hope you liked my video please like comment and subscribe and happy sunday
and enjoy hard thank you *music*

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