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September 4, 2019

– [Glyn] Hi folks, Glyn here
and in this short video, I just wanna take a few minutes
to talk about the Pen tool or as it’s commonly called,
the Dreaded Pen tool, because if you’re anything like me, when you first encountered the Pen tool, it just seemed really
confusing, it was intimidating, I used to get frustrated
with it to the point that for a long time, I
avoided using the Pen tool, but if you’re around this
kind of stuff long enough, all this kind of retouching
stuff in Photoshop, you’ll hear it all the time, people telling you that the
Pen tool is the ultimate way to make crisp, clean, sharp selections, now I’m not talking
about making selections on things like hair,
you know, flyaway hair, because within Photoshop,
we have so many ways that we can use to make
great selections of hair, for example, the Refine
Edge and Refine Mask does a brilliant job most of the time, when I come to talking about the Pen tool, we’re talking about making
selections of things that have got straight
lines or curves in them, you cannot get better than it, so my goal by the end of
this very short video, is just to give you a couple of pointers, that I’m really hoping will help clear up a few of the questions and frustrations, that you have about using the Pen tool. Now there’s a lot you
can do with the Pen tool, you can make shapes, you can make paths and all kinds of stuff,
but all I want to do in this short video is talk about using the Pen tool for making selections. So when you first open up your
Pen tool from the Toolbar, make sure in the Options at the top here, you have it saying Path,
you can either say Shape, Path or Pixels, we’re gonna choose a Path, now when you started using it, you realised that you could put dots down and the Pen tool would
just join them together and that’s pretty damn good,
but that’s no different to using something like
the Polygonal Lasso tool, the Pen tool comes into its own, when we start making curves, but that’s where the confusion comes in, because we know again, we put
a dot down, another dot down, then we start being able
to pull these handles out, when we’re going round
a particular object, but it’s pulling these handles around, that starts to make things go
all kind of funky and weird and we kind of lose track of where we are, so we end up deleting
it and just carrying on using another method of the Pen tool, once we’ve got frustrated with it. So, one thing I want you to do, before you start using the Pen tool, come over to your Toolbar
and in the Toolbar, choose the Path Selection tool, that’s got a keyboard shortcut of A, now when you go to that, in the top, you’ll have some options available to you and it all depends what version
of Photoshop you’re using, now I’m using Photoshop CC, people who are using CS6 also might notice that the Constrain Path Dragging, which is the one that
we wanna look at here, there’s no tick in the box, if
you’re using CS5 and beyond, sorry, before then, you’ll probably notice that it already is ticked,
well, we need it to be ticked, in the newer versions,
they’ve stopped putting a tick in there, which changes things and makes them go a little bit funny, so before you do anything,
put a little tick where it says Constrain Path Dragging and that’s gonna make a
massive difference now to how you use the Pen tool. So for example, recently
I did this picture of an Aston Martin and I’ve
done a couple of videos, you might have seen them
on my YouTube channel, where I’ve done like this
cartoonish kind of look, but another one where I
showed how I put in the sky and to do the sky, which
wasn’t the original sky in the picture, I had to
make a selection of the car, not an easy thing to select, I couldn’t use the Quick Selection tool and the reason being is it
made a pretty good selection, until it got to the roof
line, ’cause the contrast between the sky and the
roof was pretty similar, so it did struggle to do it, so the Pen tool is the
way that I went with it. So look, here’s how we’re gonna do it, we know we need to know when
we’re using the Pen tool, two keys on your keyboard,
that’s all I want you to know and whether you’re using Windows or Mac, the first key you need to know
is the Command or Control key and the other key, Alt or Option key, those are the only two
keys that you need to know, whoops, turn that off, only
keys that you need to know be able to master the Pen tool, it’s also worth knowing how
you can kind of step backwards, if you do something wrong,
so know the keyboard shortcut or you can just come to
the menu at the top here and go the long way round
be able to step backwards, but here now is how I’m
gonna make a selection of this roof line, which
is slightly curved, but make it easy using the Pen tool. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna put a little dot just at the bottom of this aerial and I’m gonna choose a
part on the roof line here and experience will tell you
how far along you can go, but I’ll choose maybe around about here, so before I let go, I
need to tell Photoshop which way to go, because when
we’re using the Pen tool, we’re in control, Photoshop
wants to be clever, but we’re gonna tell it
exactly where we want it to go, so before I let go, I’m
gonna tell Photoshop we need to move over,
carry on coming this way, we need to come to the
right, so what I’m gonna do is drag out just a small
line to tell Photoshop this curve carries on going
round to the right-hand side, now once I’ve done that, obviously if I look at the line I’ve laid down, it’s virtually straight and it doesn’t follow
the line of the roof, but to make it follow
the line of the roof, all I need to do is hold down
my Command or my Control key and click on the line
and then drag upwards and you’ll notice that it starts to curve, what you’ll also notice
is over on this side here, this bar is extended, now
that’s what you would have done, if you were very familiar
in using Photoshop, you’d have just put that dot
down and dragged that out, got another dot, dragged it out and you’d do it automatically, so this is like a way you can learn to see how those bars affect the curve by us clicking and dragging
up in the middle of it, so once you’ve done
that quite a few times, you’ll move on and just start
dragging out these bars here, so that you can create your
curves a lot, lot quicker, but let’s just carry
on making the selection of the roof line, so I’ve
done that little curve there, I’m gonna choose maybe over
here and then before I let go, I’m gonna tell Photoshop
we’re gonna carry on going this way to the right-hand side, again that bar there needs to be curved to follow the line of the roof, so I’m gonna hold down my Command key, click in the middle and drag it upwards and you can see that it starts to curve and those bars on the
dots the other side of it come outwards, so let’s just carry on making the selection of this roof line, so I’m gonna click, Photoshop
needs to go that way, drag it in the middle, click up and drag and I’ll just carry on working
my way round like this, now I’ll just keep going, keep going round to the right-hand side, click in the middle,
pull up to make it curve, I’m gonna carry on
coming all the way down, until I reach the wing
mirror, so click, drag it, tell it we’re coming down this way here, that line needs to be made
to curve just a little bit, hold down my Command or Control key, click in the middle and drag it upwards, until eventually it follows
the line of the roof, all the way down here,
it’s not too curved now, but I’m gonna still keep telling Photoshop which way we’re going, click in the middle,
drag it up to curve it, until eventually we’re gonna come to the bit at the bottom here, now, where the wing mirror
is, there is no curve, this line here needs to take
a sudden turn to the left, so that we can go upwards, so
now I need to tell Photoshop, right, hold on a second, we’ve
got to make a sharp turn here and this is where we use
Alt or our Option key, so rather than us dragging off the direction of the
curve, we need to say, right, put your brakes on,
hold down your Option key, click on that dot and tell it, we’re not gonna go down that way, we’re gonna come round this way and you can see when you hold down your Alt or your Option key, you can create very, very sharp turns, so again, I’m gonna bring
it round to tell Photoshop we’re gonna continue up this
way, up the wing mirror, so I only need to drag just
a little bit like that, I’ve come up a little bit
further on the wing mirror, I’ll say right, click there and the curve continues
round the wing mirror to the right and just
up a little bit like so and again, I can come in with
my Command or Control key, click and move this curve out
and that’s all you need to do, just take control of Photoshop by dragging out a little
bit on these lines here to say which way your
curve’s gonna continue to go, then use your Command or Control key to click in the middle
and drag it upwards, so that you can line it up
exactly where you want it to be, something like that. Okay, so just to recap then, we know that when we’re using the Pen tool to keep things nice and simple, we just need to know two
keys on our keyboard, the Command or Control key
and the Alt or the Option key, now when we’re using the
Alt or the Option key, we know that we can create
really tight corners now, so if I hold that Alt or Option key, click on the little point, we can tell it we need
to make a sharp turn, we know when we use the
Command or Control key, I can use that if I hold it down, I can click on the line
and change the curve and just map it to where I’m trying to make a good selection around, another use of the Command or Control key is if you find that you put a
dot down in the wrong place, you can hold down your
Command or Control key, click on one of those dots
and you can reposition it, so that’s really, really handy and a flexible and easy way to work. Now let me just make a very,
very quick path around here, just to join these two ends up and just to say that
whenever you make a path around an object within Photoshop, that path will show up in the Paths panel over on the right-hand side here, when you’ve got the default
layout within Photoshop and just like in layers, you
can double-click on the name and you can rename it, now if you wanted this path here to be turned into a familiar selection, where you have those marching ants, just at the bottom of
the Paths panel here, we’ve got this icon, the third
one from the left-hand side, if I click on that, you’ll see that it becomes
the familiar marching ants, now as a little side note,
the great thing about that is if you’re the kind of person, that only works on JPEG images and you like to save
your images as a JPEG, if you want to make sure that any time that you’ve spent making a
selection is nice and safe, you can actually save your
selections in the JPEG, now you’re not normally able to do that, however, if you do make a selection, like you’ve got the marching ants now, you then come to the Paths panel and then click on the fourth
icon from the left-hand side, that’ll turn your selection into a path and you can then save that in your JPEG file for use later on, so you can also work non-destructively in your JPEG images. So there you go, just a quick
video, hope that’s handy, any questions you have
for me, drop me a line to Glyn at,
otherwise I’ll see you next time. Oh and before I go, don’t
forget if you haven’t already, make sure you click on the
big Subscribe button now, so you don’t miss out on any videos, any short ones like this that I put out and also the weekly episodes of my Photography, Photoshop
and Lightroom podcast. Right, I shall see you next time.


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