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Photoshop Tutorial || Styles Poster /Birthday Poster

February 14, 2020

Like & Subscribe Our channal Final Output Sample Image PNG text image Background image if want to use any of this images Link is in Description so feel free to use it ! Go to the File and select New I already crop this image from Sample images To crop Model Image So select your fourth number tool which is quick selection tool Want to make Brush Bigger than use You [ ] kyes you can use Q key to see how many part of you selected after the selection is done then go and select refine edge option which is on up side. So it will allow you to make edges really softer. then go to Your Main Tab. And Past Your Selected Photo Just Like That Make Copy Of this Layar ( Ctrl+J ) Just Like That After that go To Orange Background Tab Press Ctrl+A to select All And after use Ctrl+C to make Copy of it! and Paste it on this tab. (Ctrl+v) to adjust this Use Shift+Alt Make the main Layer on Top of this Orange Layer select marquee tools which is hear select rectangular marquee too and draw it like this create new Blank Layer make copy of it The Select marquee tools and draw In selected marquee area fill it with color by selecting paint bucket Select White Colour and fill it Now again Repeat same process for lower part now we want lower part of orange background over the model’s leg area for that you can select from here or also select from there tab. for that select Quick Selection Tool Go the the orange image tab. and select their lower part by using Quick selection Tools Select it and make Copy and paste it on the main tab. and set now again do the same process of marquee tool and fill it with the White


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    Awesome editing

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    there is no link

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