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Photoshop Tutorial: Steal the Color & Tone of an Image with Match Color -HD-

August 23, 2019

Hello and welcome back to another Photoshop
tutorial. Today I’m going to be showing you how you
can steal the color and tone of one image, and use it on another. So here I have two images that have a drastically
different color tone and feel. So what if we wanted this first image of this
path to look a lot more like the color and tone of the second image of the barn? Now your initial thought might be to spend
a decent chunk of time with a few different adjustment layers, or you could go ahead and
start by trying out the match color adjustment, which is what we’re going to be doing today. So I’m just going to flip back over to the
first image here, and then go up to “Image”, down to “Adjustments”, and then down to “Match
Color.” Now the first thing that we’re going to look
at in this dialog box is this option called “Source” down here under “Image Statistics.” Now this is where you’re actually going to
select your second image that you want to steal the color and tone from. So we’re going to select that image, and mine
is going to be that bottom image right here, another file that’s open. And you’ll immediately see that it pulls up
the picture here and starts to apply the effect to your image. Now some images will look good right off the
bat. This one is not one of those images, so we’re
going to need to use some of these image options to really refine this effect. So with these effects we have luminance here,
and luminance is going to control the perceived brightness of the image. The color intensity is going to control the
vibrance. And the fade is going to control how the color
is faded from the new image we brought over of the barn onto the original image of the
path. Now with all of these image options, when
we adjust these we’re actually adjusting the properties of the new image since we selected
a source. If we hadn’t selected a source, then these
image options would then apply to our old original image of the path, but since we do
have a source, then they’re going to apply to how the color is brought over and blended
from the image of the barn. So, lastly we have this “Neutralize” checkbox,
and this is going to neutralize the main color that is being cast by the selected photo,
which is the barn. So it’s going to neutralize any kind of major
color that’s being cast over that photo. So I’m just going to go ahead and set some
of these. So I’m just going to put this one at about
125. I’m going to put the color intensity at about
70, and I’m going to put the fade at about 45, and then I’m to go ahead and check the
neutralize color box. So if we then go up to the preview we can
see how this change has taken effect on our image. So you can see the before and after, and that’s
a pretty drastic change. So if we go ahead and click “ok” we can flip
between these images after its gone ahead and taken effect. And you can see that these images now seem
like they fit a lot better into the same kind of feel. It seems like they have the same tone to them,
and a lot of the same colors have been matched from the original image. So this is a great tool for stealing the tone
of an image. It’s not always going to be perfect, but you
can refine it and even use it as a huge head start before going ahead and diving into other
adjustment layers. So that’s my time, but as always, if you enjoyed
this tutorial, be sure to subscribe, rate, and comment for more.


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  • Reply Udi Assaf March 27, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Excellent tutorial. One thing though: It might be a better option to leave the Fade slider at zero, since there is no going back once you set it to a different parameter. You can simply use opacity to get the same effect and that is an option you always have (of course – duplicate your layer before).

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