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Photoshop Tutorial: Squeeze Page Design Tutorial

January 15, 2020

Hey what is up guys, my name is Cosmin
and in today’s video tutorial I’ll be creating a short landing page inside
Photoshop I will be using Illustrator but just for a bit so let’s go ahead and
get started. I’ll be doing this landing page for Icon, they’re a construction company
not exactly a construction company but they want to test interest with 3d
printed houses. The first thing I am going to do is create a new document and
read body of the actual landing page for that I just created a rectangle let me
just fill up the background with a darker color you can do that use by holding
down command and backspace, it fills that layer up with the color that’s in the
background, now let me just select a different color because I want to use
some blue so let’s select that blue we can command + backspace to fill it up and
now I’m just going to start adding elements for the first thing I’m going
to do is just paste the icon in place. I’ll double click on it and select the
color overlay white just to make it look better and by hitting command + T you can
transform that element and holding down shift you can keep the aspect ratio and
just I just placed it in that top left corner. Now I’m going to add the headline
just hit “T” for a text element, I’ll select this color and let me just place it
here so it doesn’t be so it doesn’t get placed inside the shape right away and now I’m going to break it down because it’s pretty it’s a pretty long headline
a pretty long value proposition so I’m going to break it down in three
separate lines, let me just select yes and adjust it of course these are just
small adjustments and I’m not sure how it will end up I’ll probably do more
changes, but for now just these elements and just eyeball them I don’t have any
particular sizes in mind. I said in the beginning of the video
that I’ll be using Illustrator for a bit, this is that particular bit i will had
this idea of creating some random shapes and using the direct selection tool to
adjust its corner radius and just place them inside the page, for example on this
right hand side i want to place an image something that’s relevant to what this
company is offering, so I just placed it and now i want to have some guides just
so i can hide that top white part of the main body using command + T you can just
adjust it and transform it and of course I’ll be doing the same thing with this
one as well but this one I want to place it behind the main body, okay and holding
down shift and alt you can make sure the aspect ratio when you transform it it
remains the same and you don’t have a distorted element, let me just place
this here but I don’t like it I feel like on the top side it’s way too it’s
way too sharp so I have to do some small adjustments again the direct selection
tool and make sure those corner radiuses are the way you like them, I’ve just
placed by just copying and pasting using command C and command V. Once I’ve place it
now I have an element behind that and this element I’ll be using on the right
hand side I’m not sure if I’m going to be placing it on the far right or on the
bottom right I’m still thinking about it but what I
want to do with this element is just just add some color to them and make
them stand out. I want, I want to make sure that I have everything centered and taligned so that’s what I did there I just selected every element and align them
and now double click on that background element and let’s select a lighter color, a
lighter shade of blue. It’s time to place the image, this is an
image I got from, so I just placed it on top of that shape and using
a clipping mask I’m going to try first I’m going to duplicate it but using a
clipping mask I’m going to try to make it contained by that particular shape ,I’m
not sure why I can’t see it out because I have that on top so let’s create
clipping mask maybe maybe the other way around, guess not. for some reason I I can’t seem to I can’t
seem to create this clipping mask so let me just try again with this one on top
let’s go ahead and heat right-click create clipping mask and of course it
doesn’t work and it was because it had color overlay that I had a color overlay,
so was I disable that all of was good. Since we are pretty much at the end of
the video I wanted to give this, give this landing page a bit more depth when
it comes to the background, so I’ve placed the exact same image and just did small
adjustments and using a mask and a gradient and I’m using a black gradient
I’m just trying to mask the edges and somehow had have the image come through but
just a bit just just a couple of details so I’m playing around with the opacity
and the blending mode of this image just to give it some details, hopefully you
liked this tutorial it was a pretty quick one and hopefully you got a couple
of tips and some techniques you can use in your own project let me know if you
have any questions of course you can download this, you can find the link in
the description and until next time take care guys, see ya!


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