Photoshop Tutorial – Realistic Sparkler Photoshop Effect

November 13, 2019

What You’ll Be Learning! Let’s get started First, go to Image>Adjustment>Desaturate, then, Invert To create a brush from any image, convert the needed part color to black color on a white background. Great! Let’s remove the unneeded parts using a white brush Let’s speed things up After painting with a white brush, you can see here a grey color. You can remove it with Levels I want the background color is completely white. Go to Edit>Define Brush Preset to add create a new brush Let’s test it. Make sure that foreground color is white. Great! Create another new brushes from these tiny sparkles Use any selection tool to select the needed part then Edit>Define Brush Preset I’ve created 9 brushes for this tutorial. You can download them from the description below. Use a thin font to create a sparkle line. You can also draw what you want with a thin brush to apply the effect on Create a Solid Color layer with 85% Opacity Rasterize Type Hold CTRL and move cursor over the Road layer’s thumbnail, then, click once you see your cursor looks like mine Grab any selection tool and Right-click inside the selection and choose Make Work Path You can check the path from Paths Panel that you can get from Window>Paths Create 9 new layers We will stroke the path with 9 brushes over every layer of them Select brush 1 and go to Window>Brush Settings to to open its panel The settings here will be almost the same for the 9 brushes Change both Size and Spacing Select Shape Dynamics and make both Size Jitter and Angle Jitter 100%. This will randomize both brush size and angle. Select Transfer and make Opacity Jitter:40% to randomize opacity too Let’s test Great! Select “layer 1” and with the brush selected go to Paths and Right-click the path and choose Stroke Path The path now is stroked with the brush that we’ve created. Hide “Layer 1” and select “Layer 2”. Then, select bush 2. Adjust settings as before Change both size and spacing to a reasonable values Size Jitter: 100% & Angle Jitter:100% Great! Stroke the path with this brush over “Layer 2” Make sure that “Layer 2” is selected before stroking Repeat again with brush 3 over “Layer 3” Size and Spacing Size Jitter and Angle Jitter Opacity Jitter Stroke Path Repeat again with brush 4 over “Layer 4” Note 1: you can stroke the 9 brushes on a single layer but I’ve created 9 layers for better control. Note 2: You can Undo and change the brush size then stroke again.
You should choose a Brush Size depending on the document size Unhide all layers to see the result Well, Repeat the same process with “Layer 5” Spacing: 20% with a small brush size to work as a thick base layer for the sparkle. Let’s see! Go ahead and stroke Layers from 6 to 9 with a proper brush size and spacing more than 100% “to add more details to the sparkle”. I skipped them as they’re as same as others. Duplicate the group with CTRL+J then merge it Double-click to open Layer Style to add Color Overlay Choose a suitable yellow color Duplicate that layer, then Clear Layer Style Hold CTRL and click over the top layer’s thumbnail to make selection… With this selection, create a layer mask. Select both layers and duplicate and merge Change Blend Mode of that layer to Linear Burn to get the final sparkle tone. Decrease Opacity if you want. Duplicate again the base layer to add a glow Clear Layer Style Double-click it to open Layer Style and add Outer Glow. Make Fill:0 to hide the white sparkle layer and keep only the outer glow. Duplicate the glow to add another one around the text Adjust Opacity for both layers Great! Select all to group them Add H/S layer to enrich the sparkle color from the Saturation slider. You can also change the sparkle color from the Hue slider Keep Hue 0 or -5 or +5 that depends on the color you’ve picked in the color overlay step. Try to simulate the real sparkle color. Add Color Balance to add an atmospheric tone to the whole image Now, Select the mask of the black color layer Grab your Soft Round brush and decrease both Opacity and Flow Make sure that foreground color is black,then, start painting. This is what you can create with the same previous technique! Go ahead and import both action and brushes This action is free for a limited time. You can download it now from the description below. Make sure that your background name is “Background”. Do this from Layer>New>Background from Layer. To create the sparkle line: Create a text with thin font or draw what you want with a 7~10px brush You can use the text as it is, or stroke it with 10px stroke and make Fill:0. This works also on logos and shapes very well. Rasterize the layer and rename it “sparkle” all lower case letters. So, Before running the action make sure that Bg name is “Background” and the layer name is “sparkle” (IMPORTANT) Now, run the action Great! Use move tool to move the light to the floor Adjust opacity of Layer “Change Opacity” if you want. You can also change the sparkle color and also the ground light color Undo this for now. Select the mask of “Change Opacity” layer Pick the brush and decrease both Opacity and Flow Use Soft Round Brush Start painting over the mask with black color to reveal some light spots. Don’t forget to LIKE The Video and SUBSCRIBE for more tutorials.

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