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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform Yourself into an Animal!

August 6, 2019

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’m going to show you how to add animal features to a human face. I provided this image of a tiger, so you can follow along. Its link is located in the video description or project
files. Choose a high resolution, focused photo of a person looking straight into the camera.
I downloaded this one from We need to make a selection just around the
face. To zoom in closer, press “z” on your keyboard to open your Zoom Tool and drag a
rectangle over the area. There are many ways to make selections, but for this example,
I’ll use the Magnetic Lasso Tool. I’ll carefully drag the Tool over the edge of the cheeks and chin and continue over the hair. The path over over hair doesn’t have to be that accurate.
Once it connects to the first anchor point, it’ll turn into a selection. To refine the
selection over the hair, go to Select and Refine Edge. I did an in-depth tutorial
on Refine Edge, so I won’t be going over all the details here. Check Smart Radius and increase
the Radius to approximately 7 pixels. Brush over the hairline and release. Choose “Selection” and click OK. The quick mask instantly reverts to a selection. Go to Select and Save Selection.
Type in “Face” and click OK or press Enter or Return. Press Ctrl or Cmd + D to deselect
it. To see your saved selection, open the Channels panel. If you don’t see it, go to
Windows and Channels. At the bottom of the panel, you should see a black and white thumbnail
of your shape with the word, “Face” next to it. We’ll be using this channel later. Open
your Layers panel. We’ll make your subject’s face into a displacement map which we’ll use
to wrap the animal’s fur around your subject’s face. To do this, click the icon at the upper,
right of the Layers panel and click “Duplicate Layer”. Click New and type in “Displacement”. Then, click OK. Since Displacement maps look best when they’re slightly blurred, go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. I’ll blur it 5 pixels, however, you may want to use
a different amount based on your photo’s resolution. Then, click OK or press Enter or Return. Go to File and Save As. Save it to your Desktop as a .PSD file. Then, click “Save” and close the file. Open the tiger photo I provided. Just as we did for the person’s face, we need
to make a selection around it. This time, I’ll use the Lasso Tool. Draw a path around
the face and go to Select and Refine Edge. Check Smart Radius and drag the Radius all
the way to the right. Make the Contrast: 20% and output it as a New Layer. Let’s make a selection around the whiskers, so we can add it as a separate layer. Click off the eyeball
of the cut-out face to hide it and click the thumbnail of the original tiger to make the
layer active. Open your Zoom Tool and zoom into the whiskers. Go to Select and Color
Range. Select “Highlights” and click OK. Press “Q” to convert the selection into a quick mask. Open your Brush Tool and use a small size brush with an opacity of 100%. Carefully
brush over the areas around the whiskers until only the whiskers are showing. Convert the
quick mask into a selection and as before, go to Select and Refine Edge. Feather it .5 pixels. Save it as a Selection and click OK. Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer.
Let’s rename it, “Whiskers”. We’ll fill the selection of the whiskers with white and since white is the background color, press Ctrl or Cmd + Delete. Then, deselect it. To place the cut-out tiger face and the
whiskers into your subject’s document, make the top layer visible and Shift-click on the
thumbnail to highlight both layers. Press “v” to open your Move Tool. Drag the layers
up onto the tab of your subject’s face and without releasing your computer mouse or pen, drag
it down onto the subject and release. Press Ctrl of Cmd + T to open your Transform Tool.
Before we size and position the tiger, let’s reduce its opacity, so we can see the person’s
face behind it. Go to a corner and when you see a diagonal, double-arrow, press and hold
Alt or Option + Shift as you drag it in or out. Position it so the noses and the mouths are
lined up. Then, press Enter or Return. Click the thumbnail of the tiger to make the layer
active. Open back your Transform Tool and click the Warp icon. The Warp command lets
you drag control points to manipulate the shape of images, shapes and paths. We’re going
to warp the face of the tiger to align itself with the features of the person’s face. Drag
the control points so the pupils are positioned over each eye of your subject. Drag the control
points at the top and the corners, so the fur extends a bit past the person’s hairline.
Make sure the eyes are aligned correctly after you warp other areas of the tiger’s face.
Press Ctrl or Cmd + 0 to see the entire bounding box. Continue to align the tiger’s face to
your subject. Then, press Enter or Return. Increase the opacity back to 100%. I’m sure you noticed that the name of my tiger layer is different than yours. When I was doing
this video, I made some modifications and forgot to change the name back, however, it
doesn’t affect the layer itself. Make a copy of the tiger by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J. Temporarily, hide the Whiskers layer. Let’s rename the lower tiger, “Chin” and hide the layer. Make the top tiger active. Go to Filter, Distort and Displace. Make the
Horizontal and Vertical Scales 5 each, Stretch to Fit and Repeat Edge Pixels. Then, click
OK. Click the Displacement file and click “Open”. The animal’s face made a subtle, but
important shift in its contours. Change the Blend Mode to Multiply. Open the Channels panel and Ctrl-click or Cmd-click on the black and white thumbnail to make a selection of
the face shape that you saved earlier. Open back up the Layers panel and click the Layer
mask icon to make a layer mask of the selection next to the active layer. Next, we’ll reveal
your subject’s eyes and mouth. Open your Brush Tool and make the brush size approximately
30 pixels and the Hardness: 0%. The Opacity is 100%. Open your Zoom Tool and zoom into
the eyes. To move the image, press and hold the Space bar as you drag your document. Press
“B” to open back your Brush Tool and brush inside the eyes. Drag your image up to see
the mouth. Reduce the brush’s opacity to 50% and brush over the lips. To brush back in areas of the tiger fur, press “x” on your keyboard to invert the foreground and background
colors and then brush back in the fur. To fit your entire image back on your canvas,
press Ctrl or Cmd + 0. Make the Chin layer visible and active. Drag the layer to the
top of the Layers panel. Click the Layer mask icon to make a layer mask next to it. Invert
the layer mask by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + I. Adjust your brush size and brush over the
chin revealing the fur through the layer mask. To mask out the fur from the chin, press “x”
to invert your foreground and background colors and brush over those areas. Make the Whiskers
layer visible and active. Drag it to the top. Hide the layer and open your Channels panel.
Ctrl-click or Cmd-click on the face shape to make a selection of it and open back up
the Layers panel. Make the lower, tiger face active and zoom into the whiskers. Open your Spot Healing Brush and make its size 10 pixels with a Hardness of 100%. Brush over the whiskers
to fill them in the surrounding pixels. It doesn’t have to be perfect, since we’re going to replace them with the whiskers we saved earlier. Delete the selection and fit your
image back onto your canvas. Make the Whiskers visible and active. Make its opacity 70% and make a copy of it. Go to Edit, Transform and Flip Horizontal. Press “v” to open your Move
Tool and press and hold Shift as you drag it to to the left. Make your subject’s face
active and make a copy of it. Drag the copy to the top and change its Blend Mode to Soft
Light. Go to the face layer mask and press and Alt or Option as you drag a copy of it
next to your subject. As I toggle back and forth, you can see how much brighter it is. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!


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