Photoshop Tutorial | How to make poster ( free template)

September 8, 2019

Today I will show you how to make poster in photoshop, with easy technique! Letstart Ok, now in photoshop, and here is my previous artwork before I make tutorial I always test myself to make sure how it work Now let go to new project – file and new and you also use with shortcut key ctrl+n Or command + n. so the artwork paper that I use is 16 centimes and height 20cm 16*20 and resolution 150 And color mode RGB And my background is white but you can choose whatever you like This video will be more detail I want to explain to beginner so may you excuse me! So in our background for give some effect to the background We need to unlock it first let double click on the lock Then I will right click on the layer and choose blending option I will give it some color So we will use gradient overlay because this is my previous preset color that I used So it will automatically apply color like that, If we click on gradient, so I use color Color that have code like that and choose linear And we use blending mode normal if we use screen it mean, our gradient will blend with our fill background (white), We dont want it to blend so we choose normal and 100% after we got background We start to bring our footage here is my footage I have city photo I will use this city I will use that one I wanna tell you that this artwork template, I also give you free And link download is in video description you can download this artwork and use their footage in psd So let bring our footage, and this city I download from google You can search for the new one ok and let position it to the place you like Then we need to hide some area at the top to make it blend with background now I name it Bg So in order to hide it, we will use mask So for you guy who not know what is mask, let me explain in brief I create new project, create, ok so for example I create new layer Ok, I will bring the photo in for example in this photo, if I wanna hide some part by using mask I can create mask, in mask have 2 color, white and black, when it black it mean you hide, When it white, mean you reveal footage how to create mask you can select on layer and go to layer layer mask and reveal all, Reveal all mean you not hide anything And here is our mask is completely white, so our footage is clear not hide anything So if you want it to hide all, you need to change mask from white to black So you need to select layer mask, when you select layer mask, you will see foreground/background change to black and white So we can fill layer mask with black ( alt+backspace) Alt + backspace=foreground fill, ctr + backspace=background fill
But now we not use this technique if we wanna hide some part in this photo We can use any tool that can bring black color to layer mask so we can use brush and brush mode we use soft Soft is make Kinna of blur edge At that moment, it cap lock that why you see like that Now I give some color to background so if we want to hide some part, we can use brush And we need to make sure the foreground is black when brush is black when we brush it, you see it will hide It hide some part that mask is black and some grey is hide a little bit We not always used brush, sometime we used gradient (black and white )to hide it black is hide, white is reveal If you dont want create it by go to layer – layer mask You just click on the layer and click on this icon It will Automatically create reveal mask ( white) And we can use brush ( black) to hide it on layer mask and how it completely hide also according to opacity of brush soft we can some of blur, but if we bring hardness to 100, you will see something like that
Sofe If you wanna reveal it, you can use brush (white) and start paint it You can choose any mode of brush through your favorite so using brush give us more creative space to create some cool effect So let take a look back to our tutorial, ok I will create layer mask ok, now we got our reveal mask (white) and then I go to brush, and I change brush mode to soft Hardness 0 and I adjust opacity and adjust size of brush small=[ / brush big=] After I hide some part We can see our city is too bright, so I will adjust the color i click on the layer and choose this button And I choose curves, or you can go by layer- new adjustment layer then I need to clipping mask to city photo To make sure effect curve only effect of city photo I select curve and press ctrl+alt+g After we got our city, now let create background overlay Then I will fill it with foreground, let me adjust color first Ok, then I dont want this background to full around like that, so I will hide it bottom part So I will create layer mask then we can use gradient tool Use black and white ( black : hide, white : reveal) then we can use brush tool, and paint on the area (line) To make it blend to gather

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