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Photoshop Tutorial: How to make a POP ART portrait from a Photo!

August 6, 2019

Hi, this is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Over a year ago, I did a tutorial showing how to make this pop art portrait of Lady Gaga based on the iconic, silkscreens of celebrities and other famous people by Andy Warhol. Due to its popularity, I’ll show you how to make another one using techniques that are quicker and simpler.
Choose a photo of someone you’d like to make into a portrait. If it’s in color, desaturate it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + U on a PC or Comd + Shift + U on a Mac. Make sure it’s cropped, so it
just shows the subject’s head and the top on the shoulders. We need to
make sure that its size and resolution will be the most effective for the
filters we’ll be using. So, go to “Image”…and “Image Size”. Click on the chainlink to lock its aspect ratio. This will keep its proportions intact.
Type in… 500 pixels for the Width and 72 pixels
per inch. Then, click OK. To fit it back onto your
screen, press Ctrl or Cmd + 0. To make its darkest areas black and lightest areas white, invoke Auto-Tone by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + Shift + L. We need to make a selection around the subject to separate it from its background. There are many ways to do this and I covered them in many of my tutorials. For this example, I’ll use the pencil tool. Make the Size, 10 pixels and the Hardness, 100%. If your foreground and background colors aren’t black and white, respectively, press “D” on your keyboard. Click the Quickmask button, so we can draw a quickmask. Draw loosely around the head and shoulders and make sure there are no openings in your quickmask. Open your Paint Bucket tool… and click down anywhere inside the quickmask. Press “Q” to change the quickmask into a selection and press Ctrl or Cmd + Delete to fill it with white, which is your background color. To delete the selection, Ctrl or Cmd + D. Make a copy of your image by pressing
Ctrl… or Cmd + J. Go to “Filter”… and “Filter Gallery”. Open the “Sketch” folder and click “Halftone Pattern”. Make the Size, 1… the Contrast, 40 and the Pattern Type, Dot. Depending on the characteristics of YOUR photo, you may want to adjust the Contrast amount. There should be a good balance of
shadow and highlight with just enough midtones as halftone
dots. Click OK to accept it. Go to “Filter”… “Sharpen”..and “Smart Sharpen”. Make the Amount, 500%… the Radius, 1 pixel…keep the Reduce Noise to 0%…and remove Gaussian Blur. Then, click OK. We now have a crisp,
black-and-white halftone-dot, portrait. Change the blend
mode to “Multiply”. Go to the New Layer icon and Ctrl-click it on a PC or Cmd-click it on a Mac to make a new layer below the active layer. We’ll fill the empty layer with a color by clicking on your foreground color to open the Color Picker. Pick a color you like for your background. I’ll pick a dark turquoise. Then, press Enter
or Return. Press Alt or Opt + Delete to fill it the color. We’ll do the skin next. Click on the
foreground color box. For this example, I’ll type in F 7 C E B 7.

Open your Pencil tool by pressing “B” on your keyboard. To increase its size, press the Right bracket key. Now paint in areas of the skin on your
subject. Don’t be concerned right now with the colors of other areas of the face and neck like the eyes, lips, clothing or jewelry. We’ll paint them in over the skin. If you want to paint back in a color, press “i” on your keyboard to open the Eyedropper tool. Click on the color, press “B” again to open your Pencil tool and paint over those areas. To paint in white for the eyes and jewelry, I’ll invert the foreground and
background colors by pressing “X” on my keyboard. Now, I have white as my foreground color. To decrease the size of your pencil, press the Left bracket key. I’ll paint over the eyes, earrings and necklace and then, pick different colors for the lips and eye shadow. Have fun transforming photos of someone you know into pop art portraits. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!


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