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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Awesome, FAUX 3-D Text

October 28, 2019

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’ve done many tutorials showing how to use the 3-D filter in Photoshop to create the
look of powerful and effective 3-D images. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how
to create the look of 3-D text with deep shadows and bright reflections without using the 3-D
filter. We’ll begin by creating a new document. Press Ctrl + N on Windows or Cmd + N on a
Mac. Give your document a name and make its Width: 1550 pixels, its Height: 870 pixels
and its Resolution: 300 pixels per inch. The Color Mode is RBG and 8 bits per channel.
Click the small box to open the Color Picker. In the Brightness field, type in 5% and click OK on both windows. Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer. We’ll fill the empty
layer with black. To do this, press Shift + F5 at the top of your keyboard to open the Fill window. Open the flyout list. Click Black and click OK. Change the Blend Mode to “Screen”. Go to FIlter, Render and Lens Flare. Make the Brightness: 125% and the Lens Type: 50-300mm Zoom. Drag the lens flare approximately here in the preview window and click OK. Click the icon at the upper, right of the Layers panel and click “Convert to Smart Object”. The reason for this is so we can adjust, change or remove the effects that we’ll be adding
to it. Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Make the Radius: 90 pixels and click OK or
press Enter or Return. We’re ready to set our text. Open your Horizontal Type Tool and
pick a font. I’m using “Agency FB Regular”. If you’d like to use it, I provided its link
in my video’s description or project files. I’ll make its size: 100 points, but you may
want to adjust this amount based on the font you choose and the amount of characters in your text. The aliasing is Sharp and the Alignment is centered. Click the color box. In the Brightness
field, type in 35%. Then, click OK. Click on your doucment and type out your text. To
center it on your document, click your Move Tool and press Ctrl or Cmd + A. Click the “Align Horizontal Centers” icon and the “Align Vertical Centers” icon. Then, deselect it
by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + D. SInce, we’ll be adding deep shadows to the bottom of the
text, let’s slide it up a bit by pressing the “Up” arrow key on your keyboard approximately
this much. Convert the text into a Smart Object. Click the “fx” icon and click “Bevel & Emboss”. Make the Style: Inner Bevel, the Technique: Chisel Hard and the Depth: 100% . Make the Direction: Up and the Size: 3 pixels. Make the Angle: 135 degrees and the Altitude: 50
degrees. The Highlight mode is Screen with an Opacity of 75% and the Shadow mode is
Linear Burn and its opacity is also 75%. Then, click OK. Make the lens flare layer active
and make a copy of it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J. Drag the copy above your text layer
and hide its blur filter. Presently, the lens flare is showing through the text and the
background, however, we want it to only show through the text and NOT the background. To
do this, we’ll make the lens flare copy into a clipping mask, which will clip it to the
one layer below it, which is the text. To do this, press Ctrl + Alt + G on Windows or
Cmd + Option + G on a Mac. Next, we’ll begin the process of making the deep, 3-dimentional shadows. Ctrl-click or Cmd-click the thumbnail of your text to make a selection of it. Hide
the text layer and make Layer 1 active. Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer above
the active layer. In this empty layer, we’ll fill the selection with black. Open the Fill
window. It remembers the last Fill content, which was black, so just press Enter or Return. Then, deselect it. Next, we’ll create an action to build our deep shadow. Open your Action panel. If you don’t see it, go to Window and Actions. Click the icon on the right and click “New Set”. Name it, “Shadows” and click OK or press Enter or Return. Immediately, a new
action set was added to your Actions panel. Click the icon again and this time, click
“New Action”. The New Action window will pop up. Click the “Record” button. Now, every
step you do will be added to this action. It doesn’t record the time between your steps;
it only records the steps themselves, so take your time. The first step in your action is
to make a copy of Layer 2 which is the selection of our text that we filled with black. Press
Ctrl or Cmd + J to make the copy. Double-click the copy to open its Layer Style window. Click Drop Shadow. The Blend Mode is Multipy and the Opacity is 100%. Uncheck Global Light
and make the angle: 135 degrees. The Distance is 2 pixels and the Spread and Size is 0. Then click OK. Merge the Layer 2 copy with Layer 2 by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + E. Then, click the “Stop” button to stop recording your actions. Click the Action to make it
active and click the “Play” button. Each time you click the Play button, it will add 2 more
pixels to the depth of your shadow. I’ll click it approximately 30 times to make a solid
shadow this deep. Let’s rename this layer, “3-D shadow”. Make a copy of it by pressing
Ctrl or Cmd + J. Name the copy, “Blur shadow” and reduce its opacity to 60%. Make your text
layer visible, but keep your Blur shadow layer active. Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur.
Blur it 10 pixels and click OK. Drag the blurred shadow down and to the right. Next, Ill show
you how to change its colors. Scroll to the top and make your top layer active. Click
the Adjustment Layer icon and click, “Color Balance”. There are 3 tonal ranges: Shadow,
Midtones and Highlights. Within each tonal range, there are 3 color bars that show the
color changes for the red, green, and blue channels. By dragging a slider toward a color,
you’ll increase that color in the image. Have fun experimenting with various color combinations in all three tonal ranges until you get the look you want. This is Marty from Blue Lightning
TV. Thanks for watching!


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