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Photoshop Tutorial: GHOST RIDER – How to Create the Terrifying, Flaming Skull!

November 8, 2019

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
For fans of horror and the macabre, I’m going to show you how to create a flaming
skull. For your convenience, I provided this skull PNG file for you download. It’s link
is in my video’s description or project files. If you prefer to use your own photo, just
cut the face out from its background and copy it to its own layer. I covered how to cut
and copy images in many of my tutorials. I also provided this image of flames that we’ll
use later. Open the skull file. If your foreground and background colors aren’t black and white,
click this icon or press “D” on your keyboard. Invert the colors by clicking this icon or
by pressing “x”. Click the Adjustment layer icon and click “Gradient”. Open your Gradient presets. If you don’t see this set, click the gear icon and click “Reset Gradients”. Click this thumbnail. Make the Style: Linear, the Angle: 90 degrees and the the Scale: 20%. Check “Reverse” and drag the gradient up approximately this much. Then,
click OK. To remove any of the white gradient that may be inside the eye sockets, click
the layer mask to make it active and open your Brush Tool. Make the brush size 125 pixels
with a Hardness of 0. Make sure the Opacity and Flow are both 100%. Brush inside the eye
sockets to reveal back those areas of the skull. Click the Adjustment layer icon and
click “Hue/Saturation”. Check “Colorize” and make the Hue: 200 and the Saturation: 40.
We’ll convert our image into a Smart Object, so we can continue to modify it nondestructively,
as well as allow us to replace our subject with a different one without having to redo
the effects that we’ll be adding to it. To do this, Shift-click on the skull to make
all the layers active and click the icon at the upper, right of the Layers panel. Click
“Convert to Smart object”. Make 2 copies of the layer by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J twice.
Name the top layer “Blur” and click the eyeball icon to hide the layer. Rename the middle
layer, ” Multiply” and change the Blend Mode to “Multiply”. Make the top layer visible
and active and change its Blend Mode to “Overlay”. Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Make
the Radius: 5 pixels and click OK. Go back to Filter, Blur and “Motion Blur”. Make the
Angle: 90 degrees and the Distance: 100 pixels. To save space in the Layers panel, let’s collapse
the blur effects by clicking the small arrow on the right. Click the New Layer icon to
make a new layer. We’ll fill the empty layer with white and since the foreground color
is white, press Alt or Option + Delete. Change its Blend Mode to “Overlay”. Make a copy of
the layer and change its Blend Mode to “Difference”. Name the top layer, “Difference” and name
the second layer, “Overlay”. Click the Adjustment layer icon and click “Color Balance”. In “Midtones”,
make the Yellow / Blue: 30. Open the Tones and click “Highlights”. This time, make the
Yellow / Blue: 50. This makes the midtones and highlights warmer in color. We’re ready
to add the flames. Make the top layer active and open the flames image I provided or you
can open your own flames image. To place it onto your skull document, press “v” to open
your Move Tool and drag it onto the skull tab. Without releasing your mouse or pen,
drag it down onto the skull and release. Change the Blend Mode to “Screen”. Click the Layer
mask icon to make a layer mask next to the flames. We’ll be making a few copies of the
flames layer, but first, let’s place the flames and its layer mask into a folder by pressing
Ctrl or Cmd + G. Name the folder, “Flames”. Make the flames layer active and make 3 or
4 copies of it. Hide all the flame layers except for the bottom one, which we’ll make
active. Drag the flames over the eye sockets and forehead. To resize it, open your Transform
Tool by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + T. Go to a corner and when you see a diagonal, double-arrow,
press and hold Shift” as you drag it in or out. Holding Shift kept the flames retain
its aspect ratio.To reposition it, go inside the Transform and drag it. Then, press Enter
or Return. To remove areas of the flames, make the layer mask active and make sure your
foreground color is black. Press “B” to open your Brush Tool. To make your brush bigger
or smaller, press the right or left bracket key on your keyboard and then brush over areas
to mask them out. We’ll place more flames over that area to finesse it. Make the next
flames layer visible and active. Open your Move Tool and drag an area of the flames over the part you want to finesse. Make the corresponding layer mask active, open your Brush Tool and brush over the areas of those flames you want to mask out. Make the next flames layer visible
and active. Open your Move Tool and drag an areas of the flames to the bottom, left. If
you want to resize it, open your Transform Tool and drag it over to resize it. Then, press Enter or Return. Continue these steps for your other flames until you’re happy with your image. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!


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