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Photoshop Tutorial: Exploding Text Effect

October 30, 2019

Lets get started. All stock download links are in the description. Lets start off by heading up to File – New. Width: 1900 Pixels by Height 1280 Pixels. Change the background contents: Black. Then hit ok. Ok again. Select the Type Tool. (T) I’ll use a stock font. Calibri Bold. Font size: 83pt. I’m going to type EXPLODE. Select your Move Tool. (V) Position the text in the center. Head down and select Mask. Make sure your foreground color is set to black. Select the Brush Tool. (B) I’m going to select a brush for blending some of the text. Download link for brushes are in the description. I want to blend/fade some of the text, like so. I’m going to head up to the brush picker and rotate the brush for the bottom of the text. Start fading the bottom like so. Once you’re done. Select a different exposion brush. Start adding the effect like so. Be sure to use different size brushes. Create a new layer, Rename it to effect. Change our foreground color to white. Zoom in using your Zoom Tool. (Z) Now, lets start adding the effect. Select the Brush Tool. (B) Select one of the explosion brushes. Increase Brush Size: ]
Decreae Brush Size: [ Take your time on this part! Increase Brush Size: ]
Decreae Brush Size: [ Use different brushes, so it does not look like a pattern. This part I will speed up to save you some time! CTRL + 0 to zoom back out. That’s starting to look good! Lets select another brush, this time make sure it’s much larger. I’m going to add larger particles. Rotate the brush if needed. Next thing I’m going to do, is add a cracked texture. Using your Move Tool. Drag and drop onto our main project. Make sure it’s below the “Effect” layer. CTRL + T to select the texture. Resize the texture as needed. Hit enter when you’re done. ALT + Click between the two layer to create a clipping mask. Use your Move Tool if you need to adjust the texture position. Lets duplicate the texture, CTRL + J. Or drag the texture onto create a new layer. Move the new texture above the “Effect” layer. CTRL + T to select the texture. Increase the size. The size should be as big as the explosion. When you’re done. Hit Enter. ALT + click between the two layers to create a clipping mask. As you can see, it makes a great difference. You can also move the texture, by selecting the Move Tool. I’m going to add a stardust image I created. Using your Move Tool. Drag and drop onto our main project. Position the stardust image in the center. CTRL + T to select the image. ALT + SHIFT while dragging the corners outwards. Enter when done. Right click on the stardust image. Convert to a Smart Object. I’m going to rename this layer to Space/Dust. I’m going to change the Blending Mode to Screen. Head up to Filter – Blur – Radial Blur. Blur Method: Zoom Quality: Best I’m going to blur it about 7. Then lets hit ok. Bring down the opacity level to about -62 I’m going to select the top texture. Create a new adjustment layer. Select Gradient Map. Click on the Gradient Presets. Select a nice gradient. I’m going to select a purple to blue. First Color code: 6367f9 Hit ok when done. Blue Color Code: 14e1de Hit ok when done. Ok again. Change the Blending Mode to Soft Light. Bring the opacity to about 40%. I’m going to add one more dust image. Using your Move Tool. Drag and drop onto our main project. Position it however you’d like. That’s it!


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