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Photoshop Tutorial – Cartoon/Anime Effect + Change of Scenery

August 28, 2019

What’s up guys I come to bring an effect where I was not getting how to name it so I put the name of the techniques that I researched and used in the video A little Cartoon/Anime so go there First we will make a copy here with Ctrl + J then we will convert the layer for intelligent object, so we can later modify something if we want to. Then we go in filters>Blur>Surface Blur here it does not exist
accurate values the goal is to get most of the details, almost making a cleansing the skin. Another reason to use this blur is because it manages to preserve the corners, so improving the idea of the effect Then we go into Filters>filter gallery here at Brush Strokes we go in Crosshatch here again the values are not exact here we will make the changes with
the purpose of bringing a texture back to the image. Depending on the PC’s configuration or image size, the effects here may take a while to appear So guys, here’s the idea of the effect. But I will continue here making an edit, I will change the background of the image I’m going to make a cut out, I have two videos about cut out here on the channel, so I’ll skip that part here. Ready, done cut out, now let’s go to the editing. Let’s now make some changes using Camera Raw I’m going to zoom in on his face to see the modifications better to increase the Clarity and Vibrance a little, thus increasing the texture and giving more color It’s okay now I’m going to get a background that I like the style of the effect. An anime / painting style and set the background here Let’s now adjust the color of him, to fit the scenery better let’s create a new layer, link in the layer below then go to Edit>Fill Color, and let’s choose a color that has dominance in the scenery I liked the dark blue here, I’ll just get a little lighter and press ok Then we change the layer mode to Multiply and decrease the opacity a bit. we will lighten it here using a curve and click there to link in the layer below Increase the brightness here a bit. Reminding again to link in the layer below I will decrease the opacity of the brightness a little Let’s now go a little further here in relation to light let’s create a new
layer and link down again let’s get a color here that would be light. Let’s use a common brush with zero hardness increase the size of the brush and let’s paint like that Then use the Gaussian blur to spread the light to try some mode here … I’ll use the normal, and decrease the opacity. Let’s do the same thing here, just that with a different color, coming from that other light. Now I’m going to create a new layer and use a technique with a different brush here
Photoshop CC 2015 you can find other brush very similar in other versions from photoshop And what we are going to do is this, paint only the edges I use this brush more for not having a tablet, which would be right for to do this technique Defocus with gaussian blur I’ll use the Vivid Light mode here and decrease the opacity. Let’s create a new layer and do the same thing down there Here i’ll use normal mode Let’s here make small adjustments in the opacity of the layers of light Now let’s blur the background, using the Gaussian blur. The reason for the blur in the background is for the focus to be most on the character. Now let’s fix the edges of the Sheldon let’s create a new layer and come here in the
Blur tool make sure it’s marked here to work on all layers, and I’ll use 25% even and now just go around him, with the idea of ​​making him interact better with the background that is out of focus Let’s apply a curve here to make a slight modification, decreasing the contrast. Let’s go here now on the layers that are being linked, and create one over here and link below then go to Edit>Fill>50% gray and we’ll change the mode to Overlay now let’s use the normal brush change the flow to 2% and use the colors here black and white let’s start here by painting in black those areas that are not beating light even very light, with the idea of ​​darkening these areas You can apply this same technique to make a dodge and burn I use it to darken or clear certain areas Now let’s lighten the other areas, using the white color, and painting the parts that hit the light. Let’s now decrease the opacity. Ready, a very simple ambiance plus half cartoon / anime effect. Thank’s for watching

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