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Photoshop Tutorial 4: How To Save An Image

February 8, 2020

You’ve created your brilliant advert. How do you export it so you can use it in social media? Firstly, you go to the File Menu and choose ‘Export’ Then you select ‘Save for Web’ Now, you have some options to choose from. We want this to be a ‘JPEG’. For ‘Image Quality’ always use 100% for social media. Nowadays, ‘Optimized Encoding’ is standard because most everyone is on broadband. Convert to ‘sRGB’ – these are “Web Safe Colours”. Because, online is always RGB. The image size is 1080 pixels, because that’s the size we made our canvas. 1080 is the perfect size for social media! And ‘Save’. That’s it, you’re done. The world of social media advertising is now your plaything. So, go play. Leave a comment, like and subscribe. Then you too can join our tribe.

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