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Photoshop Tutorial 3: How To Create A Social Media Advert

February 13, 2020

We’ll be using this image which we cut out in our previous video. Now, it’s time to turn it into an advert. First off – let’s change the background colour to something more eye-catching. Start by creating a new layer: go to the Colour Picker – bottom left – and pick a colour. I’m going hot pink. Then click ‘OK’. Select the Paint Bucket tool, then click to apply the selected colour. Now, change the name of the layer to ‘BG’ for background. Then lock it. Now, you’ll need to add text to your advert. So, go to the Type tool. Click anywhere on the canvas and type! The text is pink too, this is why you can’t see it. So, go to colour in ‘Type Layer Properties’ and change it – so you can see it. Use the Transform controls, the little handles round the edges to change the size and move the text around Then click and drag the text layer so it drops down one layer and moves behind the woman in the foreground. Next, you want a second line of text in a different font. So, type your text… …then go into ‘Type Layer Properties’, click the drop-down and choose your new font. Then resize and reposition the text – exactly as before. Again, you want to move that text layer behind the woman and adjust it so it’s more legible. You also want the colour to be different. So, into ‘Type Layer Properties’ again, let’s go for black. For this ad, duplicate this text. To do that, you select the item you want to duplicate by clicking it Hold option and you get the Duplicate Cursor Whilst still holding option – click and drag. Once your duplicate is in place, let go of the mouse and option. It’s that easy. Let’s do it again, why not? Option, click and drag And there’s your advert, ready to export – which we’ll tell you all about in our next exciting video! Leave a comment, like and subscribe. Then you too can join our tribe.

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