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Photoshop Tutorial 2: How To Cut Out A Person

February 8, 2020

You start by placing your chosen image on the canvas you’ve already prepared. Resize the image by dragging the Transform Controls – these are the little handles at the corners. If you click on ‘Show Transform Controls’ at the top – you’ll be able to see these controls throughout. Not essential – but useful! Select ‘Layer’ – so you know you’re working on the right layer. Then, go to the Quick Selection Tool Make sure you choose the ‘Add To Selection’ – that’s the plus at the top. Then hit ‘Select Subject’ which automatically selects the most prominent object in the image in this case, the woman. Then go to Add Layer Mask – and the background disappears. Now, the edge of the mask needs refining! So, double-click the thumbnail – and you can now edit the ‘Layer Mask’! Select the Refine Edge brush tool. Then zoom in to clearly see what you’re doing – using ‘⌘ +’. ‘⌘ -’ will zoom out again! So, using the Refine Edge Tool, you click and hold while you move it over the area you want to change. A lot of the hard work is done for you. Now you select ‘OK’ which takes you out of the ‘Layer Mask’. And you’re done. Happy? Good. You’ve cut out your person and refined her edges! No photo is safe from you, now! Plus – you’re ready to create your social media advert which we’ll talk you through – in our next video! Leave a comment, like and subscribe. Then you too can join our tribe.

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