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Photoshop Tutorial #1 : Using Color Range To Separate Color / For Screen Printing (Eng Subtitles)

November 9, 2019

Today I am going to make a tutorial video how to separate solid color in Photoshop as you can see this design has four colors this is not Simulated or CMYK may be a reference for those of you who are less skilled in Photoshop or less skilled in color separation let’s do it we will separate color by using color range open your artwork this design is in Jpeg format set the document size to the size you want to print in this case I set A3+ look at the Layer section on the right I will copy this layer. Press Ctrl + J to copy or just drag the design to create a new layer you will see Background and Layer 1 I will hide Background layer and use Layer 1 only we going to use Layer 1 to doing the process go to Sellect and choose Color Range after selecting the color range you will see this panel this design has four colors I just click on the yellow color adjust the fuzziness accordingly in this case I will pull to the right you should try playing the fuzziness as it depends on the design when you’re done with fuzziness then press OK after pressing OK button you will see the active line next step I hide Layer 1 then I create a new layer rename to YELLOW then press Alt + Delete or Alt + Backspace tu put the color or to paste the color other than that you can use Paint Bucket Tool now we got YELLOW color now hide the YELLOW layer open Layer 1 now we will separate Blue color same step, go to Select and choose Color Range just repeat the same process as we did the Yellow color hide layer 1 create new layer and rename to Blue press Alt + Delete / Alt + Backspace to fill the color to remove the active line press Ctrl + D or go to Select and click Deselect do the same process to other color for Gray color we need to make some adjustments make some adjustments to the fuzziness if necessary hide Layer 1 create a new layer rename to Gray press Alt + Delete / Alt + Backspace unhide all layer after that create new layer change the name to Shirt color. For example I use Black because I’m going to print on a black tshirt pick Black from color picker press Alt + Delete / Alt + Backspace now we’re done with the solid color separation process simple and easy it takes about 15 – 20 minutes depending on your design double check to make sure everything is correct if you want to compare just duplicate the file and put side by side original image on the right side separation file on the left side in this video I only show you the separation process if you wanted to print film, just put the Marking and change all layer color to Black to do that, go to Add a layer style choose Color Overlay and pick Black do the same to other layer I hope you guys enjoy this video see you in the next video

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