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Photoshop Speedpaint – VISLA 포토샵 스피드 페인팅 – 비즐라

September 7, 2019

… my deers… how are you… ? Sharp Deers…. I’m sorry… Today’s video is recorded during my class. It was a demonstration. So in case my voice got recorded I turned up the volume and listened to it The art academy I am working in also got a YouTube channel. If you search ‘ego arts’ it will show up please watch them! But of course most of my videos will be posted on my channel. The character I am working on is an original character ‘Visla’. She is related to an old work I did called ‘Black Fox’ Black Fox is a name of an organization, the character name that is featured in the drawing Black Fox is I.B. Visla and I.B are in the same team. Visla uses psychokinesis. Visla is a hunting dog name. So of course Visla is not her real name just a code name ‘v’ I wanted to draw a black twin tailed girl even if it kills me so that is how I came up with this girl because my maplestory character has a black twin….tail… narrative maple From here on I will have less subtitles so watch comfortably! While working on details, I find some places that I feel like needs more work on so I make a copy and make a revision layer. But lately I think that its not a good method to learn/study It doesn’t matter as long as the end result is good but, I just go back and forth to my previous layers, and if I’m lucky I find one i like the most. There are times when I don’t find something I like, and when that happens I feel like I’m trapped in a corner.
So in the mean time I am trying to use the main layer to do my details. and throughout the video I am constantly fixing the face. Before I did not know physique of the face so I just kind of drew them without knowing anything. as I kept doing that I got tired very easily and it did not look very natural. I wanted to learn properly. Do you see the green highlighted layer?
I did not know there was that kind of feature.
If you right click on the layer you can change the layer colors. One of my students taught me it.
If you change the color it looks like you are a pro or not… While drawing this I learned something good.
How to make the lips more … puckered up? Putting a highlight on the top of the lips and putting a small light right on top of it makes it look like the lips are more out For those who are sharp eyes look at it closely, you will know what I mean. Ah… I was eating ice cream and it melted while I was editing Isn’t this the ice creams fault? It’s very weak. This wouldn’t have happened if it was ‘adultscream(어른스크림)’ (korean word/sound play 어른 is close to 어름 which means ice (I’m not too sure myself)) Heh. I also learned this method from this drawing.
This is to make a natural shadow to fit the face’s complexion.
It is best to put in sharp shadows and then going in to blur/blend it out. Doesn’t it look soft and natural? For the jacket, drawing in a silhouette helped me a lot. It’s not always, but If the characters silhouette is straight, having an item that has a horizontal silhouette can make the mood more intense. If there wasn’t a jacket or if the jacket was slim, the drawing will probably have looked empty. I drew the jacket with the feeling of it being crushed rather than being folded. Because her inner clothing is very smooth and shiny, I thought that having a rough jacket would fit better. See you my deers in the next video ! !


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    step 1: Open Shareit
    step 2: Click Send
    step 3: Choose "My Skill in Art" App
    step 4: Click send
    step 5: choose my id.

    Now you've shared your talent to me.

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